How to Use Jio Phone NFC to Transfer Money using Jio Pay App

Jio Phone NFC

Hey Friends, As you know, at the time of Launching the Jio Phone, it was announced that you can use NFC in your Jio Phone. And every Experts were Praising this Decision to include the NFC Technology in Jio Phone Which is even not there in many Leading Brand’s Android Smartphones also. But at that time, it was also mentioned that Currently you will not been able to use the Jio Phone NFC Feature because the Development on Jio Phone NFC is still going on. It is a long time passed now but yet all the Customers are waiting for Jio Phone’s NFC Feature to Come. An Official Update is expecting by us in some near future from Reliance Jio where all the Major Issues in Jio Phone will be Solved and as well as few New Features like NFC, App Installs, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc can also be Introduced in the New Update.

In this Post, I will tell you what is NFC and How you can use this NFC in your Jio Phone to Transfer Money and POS Centers or Anywhere using the Jio Pay Mobile App.

What is NFC?

nfc in jio phone use

The Full Form of NFC is Near-field communication. And the Innovations using this Technology is still going on. So NFC seems to be very useful Feature for Future Days. Basically you will be able to Communicate with your Nearby NFC Devices using your NFC Device without any Pairing or Such type of Hassles. You just need to Put both the Devices as Closer as possible, you would be able to do things like Transfer Money, Pay for some good etc without any issue. To use NFC, a Small Antenna Type of thing is necessary and if you open your Jio Phone’s Back Cover, then you can see the Antenna in the Back Panel of your Jio Phone. It looks like a Double Dot in your Jio Phone’s Back.

What you can do with NFC?

jio phone nfc payment

Using NFC, If you are Travelling from a Bus and want to Pay the Ticket, you can just do it using your Jio Phone within 2 Seconds. Just put your Jio Phone near the Bus Conductor’s Electronic Payment Device and Enter the Amount, that it, the payment will be done and a Payment Slip will come out. Like the same way, If you are in a Grossery Store or in a Shopping Mall, You can just put your Jio Phone under their POS Machine, and when they enter the Amount for Deduction, it will be deducted from your Jio Money Account and You will also Receive a Paper Slip just like you receive a Bill. So Jio Phone is very useful for all your Transactions.

How to Use NFC in Jio Phone?

what is nfc in jio phone in hindi

  1. When you Open the Settings, You could see the NFC Option in your Jio Phone. But even if you Click on the NFC Option, Nothing will happen because Officially Jio do not Support NFC yet. But it will get Featured very soon.
  2. To use NFC, Firstly you need to have Money in your Jio Money App.
  3. You can Add any Amount of Money in your Jio Money Mobile App using Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card etc.
  4. To use Jio Money App, You have to do KYC Verification of yourself.
  5. So after you add money in your Jio Money App, it will be reflected in your Jio Pay App in Jio Phone.
  6. So after the NFC will be Officially available, you just need to open the Menu and Click on the Jio Pay App.
  7. Then bring the Mobile phone as close to the Receiver Device, that can be a POS Machine or another Mobile Phone with NFC.
  8. On that Receiver’s Device, Enter the Amount to Transfer, and the Money will be Debited from your Account and will be Credited to the Receivers Device.
  9. You can also Transfer Money from One Jio Phone to Another Jio Phone using NFC within just 2-3 Seconds.

So that’s how you can use NFC in your Jio Phone. I hope now you have a Clear Idea about the Jio Phone’s NFC Feature. We can’t do anything now because the Feature is not yet Provided by Reliance Jio. But when it launch the NFC, you will save a lot of time on Payments. and Transferring Money will get a lot easier. If you have any Doubts yet, You can Comment us and I’ll try to Reply to all the Queries.

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    • August 19, 2018

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    • Ashwin kumar
    • October 8, 2019

    Three years since launch Jio bad not done any thing on NFC Payments and on multimedia cable to connect TV vIA phone. . Why can’t it make the phone powerful so people use it for payments rather than just use it for calling or watch TV.

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