EXCLUSIVE: Trick to Recharge Jio 399 Plan 2 Times for Almost Free

Hey Guys… In this Article, I’ve revealed the Detailed Trick to Recharge your Jio Mobile Number 2 times for almost Free of Cost. I’ve tried to be to Detailed & Step-by-Step Process to Write this Post. Only 1 Request I’ve for you, Please Share this Post in your Facebook Account to give it some value.

Let me also Clear the Fact that it’s nothing illegal, I’m only using Genuine Offers given by Different Apps. Combining all those Offers very Smartly, I’m getting my 2 Jio Rs. 399 Recharges for almost Free of Cost. So you can follow it without any Worries.

Today is 12th Nov, 2017, Some Offers has their own Validity Period. So I don’t know on which Date, you will read this post, but before doing anything, please check whether the Offer is still live or not.

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So here’s the Detailed & Step by Step Trick to Recharge your Jio Number with Rs. 399/- 2 times for almost Free of Cost:

  1. Firstly, You need to Join Google Tez App & Create an Account(If you don’t have one). Remember, Register with your Bank Linked Mobile Number as it’s a UPI Service from Google. After Login, You need to Link your Bank Account with the Google Tez App.
  2. On Registration of Google Tez from a Refer Link, You will Get Rs. 51 Directly in your Bank Account after doing the 1st Transaction. So in you Dashboard, U must have seeing a Contact already been added named “Jack Sparrow”. You can send any amount (Re. 1 to any further amount) to that contact to get the Rs. 51 Joining Bonus. Here’s my Refer Link: Download Google Tez (You can use my Refer Link to Join Google Tez to get Rs. 51 Directly in you Bank Account)Google Tez Refer Offer
  3. Now that you have got your Rs. 51/- in your Bank Account, Let’s Create an Amazon Account. You might know that Amazon Started it’s Recharge Service. If you have used your Amazon Account Previously to Recharge, then don’t use that account and Create a New One. If you don’t Recharged yet then you can use your Existing Amazon Account also.
  4. Now after Creating the Amazon Account, Go to the Amazon Pay Section & Add Rs. 1000 in your Account. Amazon is running a Promotional Campaign Offer on which Amazon is Giving Rs. 100 on Deposit of Rs. 1000 in Amazon Pay Balance. You will get the Cashback of Rs. 100 within next few Days.
  5. So far you are getting Rs. 51 + Rs. 100 = 151/-
  6. Now you need to Install an App named Niki. On Registration from a Referral, You will get Rs. 10 in Niki Wallet. Here’s the Referral Code: jack27 U can use it to Register.
  7. After Login, in their Chat Section type “Jio” they will display Offer Banners. Choose the banner which is saying “Amazon Pay 25% Cashback Max Rs. 100/-“Niki App Jio Recharge Offer
  8. Now Go Ahead & Select the Options related to Recharge your Jio Number. Recharge with Rs. 399/- Plan.
  9. On the Payment Section You can see you need to Pay Rs. 389/- (Because Rs. 10 will be redeemed from Niki Wallet). then Choose Amazon Pay Balance & it will Redirect you to Amazon Pay Website.
  10. Remember you have added Rs. 1000 there, So now you need to Pay Rs. 389/- from Amazon Pay Balance.
  11. That’s it. Your Jio Number is Recharged. And again you will Get Rs. 100 in your Amazon Pay Account for this Recharge within Next 72 Hours. So In total, So far you have got Rs. 51+100+10+100 = Rs. 261/-

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  1. Now You need to Install Haptik Assistant App. You can Search it on Playstore & Install. If you don’t have an Account, You can Create one. Here’s my Refer Link to Join: TAMMIV
  2. On the Banner Section you can see 50% Cashback on any Recharge from Amazon Pay Balance. Max Cashback Rs. 100/- this App & the Offer this same like the Niki App.Haptik Jio Recharge Offer
  3. Now you can join any Whatsapp or Facebook Buy Sell Group & Pick a Customer who is searching Seller to Recharge in Discount. Do his DTH or Mobile Recharge (Don’t do above Rs. 300-400 Recharge) Use Haptik App to Recharge his Number & Pay from Amazon Pay Balance. So for this Recharge again you will Get Rs. 100 in your Amazon Account within 72 Hours.
  4. So far you have got Rs. 51+100+10+100+100 = Rs. 361/-
  5. Now After you have got all the Cashback, Go to Amazon Recharge Section & Recharge your Jio Number again with 399/- You need to pay only Rs. 39/- to Recharge your Jio Number for the 2nd time. You will get 70+70 = 140 Days Validity.
  6. That’s not the end yet, Amazon will also Reward you again with Rs. 99 on this 2nd Recharge. Why? Check this…Amazon Pay Jio Recharge Offer
  7. So you have Recharged with 2 Jio Rs. 399 Plan Means total Rs. 800 Spent. And How much you got? You have got a total of Rs. 461/- Cashback. Is not that a Great Deal.


Now I think you will definitely share my Article to value my effort. Thanks for the Visit.

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    • February 2, 2018

    We need to use our money.i can recharge this in a shop

    • Free Recharge Tricks
    • March 19, 2018

    These Free Recharge Tricks still working but not completely free but good than going to retailer or doing recharge for paying full amount.

    • Nikhil
    • June 26, 2018

    Nikhil chavan

    • rajesh
    • July 24, 2018

    What is the use of the Google Tez app, nowhere in the process explained by you, u have not used Google Tez app, also the haptik app installation is not required, as amazon is giving the 99/- cash back offer.
    your whole explanation process requires an unwanted installation of apps, using these apps might lead to loss of our privacy

    • Naman Garge
    • August 19, 2018

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    • Sagar Karmakar
    • August 21, 2018

    Sagar karmakars

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    free recarja plyansh

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