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How you can Track your Jio Phone And How to Cancel Jio Phone Order?


cancel your jio phone order

So you are one of the few who have finally able to Order your Jio Phone? So you might already know that at the time of Booking your Jio Phone, you have to pay the Advance Rs. 500/- and the Remaining Rs. 1000 at the time of Receiving the Jio phone Delivery. But if you are wondering that you are getting the Jio Phone from Reliance Jio Company by Courier then it will not be the case. Actually after the Phone is ready against your Order, You will get SMS in your Mobile Phone that your Jio Phone is ready and you have to Collect it from the Nearest Jio Store. You also have to Bring all the Necessary Documents like Aadhar Card, Address Proof like Voter Card and a Passport Size Photo with you at the time of Receiving the Mobile Phone. So you don’t need to Track the Jio Phone Physically. Instead just Wait for the SMS and after you got the SMS, Keep it with you and Go to the Jio Store, Show them the SMS and the Remaining Rs. 1000/- And they will provide you your Brand New Jio Phone.

How to Track your Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly Go to the Jio Phone Website or you can also Login the MyJio App.
  2. After you have Ordered your Jio Phone,s Just Wait for a SMS that your Jio Phone is Ready for Pick up.
  3. And after you Received the SMS, Visit the Nearest Jio Store to get the Delivery of your Jio Phone.
  4. At the Time of taking the Delivery of your Jio Phone, you will need to show the Aadhar Card and Provide the Bio-metrics.
  5. That’s it, Pay the Remaining Rs. 1000/- to them and take the Delivery of your Jio Phone.

How to Cancel your Jio Phone Order?

Jio Phone Order Track

If you don’t know yet, then let me tell you that you can also Order Jio Phone from Amazon.in Website. Here I’m Providing you the Amazon Buy Link for the Jio Phone. You can Order your Jio Phone Online, Paying the Full Rs. 1500/- through Online Payment Methods and you can also make it Full COD. Means you don’t need to Prepay for the Jio Phone Order. Instead pay the Full Rs. 1500 at the time of Home Delivery. Yes, If you Order your Jio Phone from Amazon, then you will get the Home Delivery of your Jio Phone. There’s no need to visit the Jio Store.

And you can also Cancel the Jio Phone Order anytime if you change your Mind and don’t want to buy the Jio Phone again. To Cancel the Jio Phone Order, Just Login to your Amazon Account and Go to the Orders Section. You will see that the Recent Orders are Showing. Click on the Jio Phone Order. You will get the Return and Cancel Option just at the Right Side of the Order. Click on that Cancel and Return Button and Confirm it. That will be done to Cancel your Jio Phone Order. So it’s obvious that you would like to order it from Online Amazon Store because you will get much more Flexibility there.

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