How to Play Offline Games in Jio Phone using JioGames App? Is it Possible?

Install Free Games in Jio Phone

Hello Friends, How’s your Jio Phone Experience so far? Jio has also Launched the Jio Phone 2. If you are a Regular Visitor of my Blog, then you might know that you can get the Jio Phone 2 for just Rs. 500/- in Exchange with your Old Jio Phone 1. Anyways, you have come here to know how you can play Offline Game in your Jio Phone using the JioGames App right? Then Read this post carefully to get your Answer.

Firstly it is very important to understand one simple fact is that it is Jio Phone and not a Phone that is in Market from a Long time like Nokia etc. Jio is Comparatively very much New in the Feature Phone Segment. So Developers are not yet that much active with the Latest KaiOS of Jio Phone. Now you must be thinking what is KaiOS? The Platform on which Jio Phone is running is called KaiOS and it is specially Developed and Designed by Reliance Jio.

KaiOS Apps and Games are only Developed by Jio Engineers and it will be on their decision that whether they will Create a Game of such kind that can be played offline. Because Jio Phone has all the specification to Install and Play Games Offline. But if Jio Engineers are not allowing us to use that Feature, then that is their choice and We can’t do anything.

Jio has a Dedicated Games App for all the Game Lovers. The JioGame App is already Installed in your Jio Phone and If you ever Visited or Opened that App then you might have seen that there are so many games listed there for you. You can Click on any of the Game in JioGames App and the Game can be Played Online. Now as per the Complains, I’m getting that users are not happy with Online Games and actually want to Download Games and Play them Offline.

If it was a Nokia Feature Phone, Still I can Suggestion Tricks or Methods to Install Game in that Phone but though it is a Jio Phone and has KaiOS Installed in the Jio Phone, you can’t do anything. And you have to Play Online Games only using the JioGames App.

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    • Naman Garge
    • October 12, 2018

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

    • Deepak Soni
    • October 17, 2018

    Nice information

    • Arif shaikh
    • October 18, 2018

    Jio phone se jio pay app par add money kaise kare ak video

    • Gautham Thampy
    • January 25, 2019

    This post is garbage.
    Reason1. You can play offline games in jio phone.
    Reason2. KaiOS is designed and developed by an USA based company kaiostech, and not by jio.
    Reason3. Your grammar sucks.
    So, here’s how you can play games offline in jio phone using this trick. Open up the jiogames app. Open up a game. This will load the game into the primary mEmory of the phone. Now, press back button twice or thrice and exit the nio games app. Turn off mobile data. Go to nio games again. Select the game you loaded earlier. It will load up and you can continue playing without spending data. Now, you can do anything to your device, even restart it, but it is still going to run that game even if you don’t have internet.
    Note. You can only store one game at a time using this method.

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