How To Go Live On Facebook Using Jio Phone?

Go Live On Facebook Using Jio Phone

Jio phone has been a primary tool for promoting digital India campaign. It is one device which has bought the tier 3 market up in India. According to a survey, 60% of the Jio phone users reside in non-urban areas. This directly means that rural people are using this low-cost device to get access to the internet and get connected to the masses. They can use Facebook on Jio phone and even WhatsApp and other social media applications. Facebook has become a source of information and is helping me when online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon to reach out to rural areas.

Online marketplaces are seeing more than 90% growth year on your because of the reach of the advertisements via Facebook to these rural people. Jio Phone has a big hand in this because they took the initiative to produce low-cost devices with internet access. Therefore, you can understand the number of advantages India is having because of this low cost and very effective internet device. It is available for just rupees 1500 and you can avail various offers and get it absolutely free. Below are some interesting facts about Facebook and Jio phone that you need to know.

Facebook On Jio Phone:

JioPhone FB Live

Facebook is the primary social media platform which has been available on Jio phone from day 1. It is the biggest online platform and has become an important source of information and various advertisement related tools. Hence, you can easily connect to the world outside your local area using your Jio phone and Facebook. It has got a lot of features which are all available on Jio phone as well. You can easily run Facebook on Jio phone and get all the features. There are a lot of features and advantages of this application on Jio phone.

Most people think that they cannot get all the features of Facebook that are available on Android Smartphones and other platforms. The reason being that the Facebook app on Jio phone has hardly 1 MB size. Yes, the size of the application is extremely small but this does not restrict the features. You can get each and every feature of Facebook that are available for other platforms on Jio phone as well. Starting with, you can send an accept friend request and search for new friends online. Moreover, you will have a feed just like other platforms.

The users will also be able to upload status and images on the timeline and tagging other people. This covers 80% of the features of Facebook. Besides, Facebook live is a very feature which has become very popular in recent. There are millions of people going live on Facebook every minute. Did you know that you can go live on Facebook using Jio phone? It is absolutely possible to do so and we have discussed the steps below.

How to Download Facebook on Jio Phone?

Facebook Live with Jio Phone

It is extremely easy to download and install Facebook on your Jio phone. The steps to download Facebook on Jio phone has been discussed below and details and you can follow them to get it. The application is very small and it hardly requires any space for functioning on the Jio phone.

  • Launch the settings on your Jio phone and go to the software update section.
  • Make sure that you are updated to the latest version.
  • Close the settings and go to the Jio app store.
  • Find Facebook and click on the description.
  • Go through the details and then click on install.
  • Facebook App will successfully installed on your device and will be available in the app drawer.
  • Now you can simply launch the Facebook app and login into your account and enjoy all the features.

How to go live on Facebook using Jio Phone?

facebook app jiophone

Going live on Facebook using Jio phone has become easy and you can easily do so by following the procedure given below. You can record everything around you and show it live to your friends. So if you are on a vacation or you want to show something special just go live from your jio phone on Facebook and show everything around you to your friends in real-time. You can also read and replied to the comments during the Facebook live session from Jio phone. It is quite similar to what you find on the Facebook website.

  1. Install the latest Facebook app from the Jio app store.
  2. Launch the application and log in to your account.
  3. now click on the upload status option available at the top side of the screen.
  4. There you will find an option to go live on Facebook.
  5. Simply click on the Facebook live option and select continue.
  6. the video recording automatically starts and you will be live on Facebook use in Jio phone.
  7. Everything around you will be recorded life and uploaded on Facebook.

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