Jio WiFi Calling: Supported Smartphones List & All You Need To Know

Jio Wifi Calling Launch

Wi-Fi calling is the new battleground for telecom companies. The war of voice over Wi-Fi calling intensifies as jio and Airtel equally prepare for the grand launch of the service. Jio WiFi calling feature is one of the latest features of Reliance which is in news lately. The company has not yet confirmed the official launch of the Jio Vo Wifi service. However, reports suggest that the service is already available in some parts of the country. So are you eagerly waiting for the launch of the Wi-Fi calling feature and want to know the list of devices that support jio Wi-Fi calling? We are going to explain each and everything about voice over Wi-Fi calling and particularly about jio voice over Wi-Fi.

Voice Over Wifi Calling

Jio Wifi Calling Android

Most people are not yet aware of the voice-over calling feature which is one of the trending technologies in the current telecom sector. You might be thinking that what exactly is voice over calling. Jio and Airtel for the two prominent telecom Indian companies which are involved in the intense war of VOWifi Calling. So what exactly is voice over Wi-Fi? In simple words, this latest telecom feature will allow you to make a call to your friends or family members directly over Wi-Fi without incurring calling or data charges. Isn’t it a cool feature?

The voice-over call feature is a trending technology in the current scenario and is going to completely change the way we call our friends and family. Now, you can call anyone across India connected to a Wi-Fi network without incurring any data or calling charges. This means that you will not have to pay anything for calling your friend. There are many people who do not understand how this voice-over Wi-Fi feature works. Well, we are going to explain it.

How does VOWiFi work?

In simple words, you can make calls when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Can this call be made to anyone across the country? Yes, you can call anyone across India provided that he is connected to a Wi-Fi network and his smartphone supports the voice-over wi-fi service. For example, if you are using the jio Giga fiber wi-fi service, you can simply use the voice-over Wi-Fi feature to make a call to your friend who is also connected to a Wi-Fi network. Another interesting fact about this new feature is that you can call anyone irrespective of the internet service provider they are connected to.

Initially, Airtel allowed users to call only those people who were connected to the Airtel broadband Wi-Fi network and not to any other network. However, after jio announced that it will allow voice over Wi-Fi calling feature across all the Internet service providers in India, Airtel also enabled the future across all the Internet service providers in India. Hence, both Airtel and Jio WiFi calling feature is available for any internet service provider. This means that you can call anyone who is connected to a Wi-Fi network and has a voice-over wifi feature enabled on his device.

Jio WiFi Calling

Jio 4g Voice Call Apps

Jio is working aggressively on Wi-Fi calling feature and it is evident from the fact that users across three circles have already got access to this premium feature. The company has not yet officially announced the launch of the service. Airtel is the only Indian telecom company that has officially launched a Wi-Fi calling feature in Delhi. The Airtel Wi-Fi calling feature is now available in the south belt which includes Karnataka and Mumbai. It has also started the service in Kolkata lately.

Reliance jio has officially announced the launch of Giga fiber a few months ago and the Wi-Fi calling feature will be powered by jio Giga fiber. This is one prominent feature that all the smart homes powered by jio Giga fiber are going to enjoy. The company has already promised that it will allow unlimited voice calling for free with jio Giga fiber and this jio Wi-Fi calling feature is going to be integrated and an important part of Giga fiber. You can call any friend of yours who is connected to a Wi-Fi network even if he is not using Giga fiber but other networks like Airtel or Vodafone.

Where is Jio VO Wifi Calling Feature available?

The jio WiFi calling feature is reportedly available in three circles across India which includes Delhi, Kolkata and the southern belt. Kolkata is the only circle in India which has both Airtel and jio WiFi calling feature enabled already. However, jio has not officially announced the launch of this feature in any of the circles across India. However, users have reported that they are being able to make calls over Wi-Fi on the jio network. This means that the company is carrying out the testing and is going to officially launch the features.

Jio Wi-Fi Calling: Supported Smartphone

Jio 4g Voice Call App Download

Many users are anxious about the list of supported devices. The reason behind this is that Airtel initially launched the Wi-Fi calling feature only for a limited number of premium smartphones like the iPhone and others. However, jio has made it sure that the service will be available for each and every smartphone which has VO Wifi technology-enabled irrespective of the brand. Hence, all the latest smartphones will have access to this new voice calling feature of jio. Moreover, Airtel has also now made this feature available across all the brands and devices which have the technology in-built.

How to activate Jio WiFi Calling Feature?

The feature does not come preactivated in the smartphones and has to be done manually. Follow the simple steps given below in order to enable the jio WiFi calling feature on your device.

  1. Go to the settings on your device and select the network and connectivity menu.
  2. Now enable VoLTE on your device.
  3. It also enables VoWifi.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. VoWifi symbol will be added to the notification menu and this is going to signify that the feature is now activated on my device.

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