How to Speed up your Jio 4G Internet? Solution of Slow Speed Problem of Jio

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When the Reliance Jio launched for the First time in India and then Offering Unlimited 4G Internet across the Country for 1 Long Year. At that time, Reliance Jio was giving approx 2-3 Mbps of Download Speed, If you can remember those days. But now, Many of the Jio Customers are Complaining that the Speed of Reliance Jio not even Touching 1 Mbps, Forget about 2-3 Mbps. It is a bit Understandable because at that time, Jio was on its Initial Stage of Launching and the Customers of Jio was very Less if you compare it with Today’s Numbers. So the Over-all Bandwidth Usage was also very low and that’s the Main Reason that we got Speed like 2-3 Mbps easily. But things now have Changed and Jio’s Customer base is Huge now. Because almost everyone in this Country has at least 1 Reliance Jio SIM Card. If you don’t have a Jio SIM Card yet, You can Read this Article to get your Jio SIM Card at your Door Step [Free Home Delivery]

I think now you have a proper idea what is going on which is causing your Slow Internet Speed of Reliance Jio. But I can assure you that this is not the only reason. Because, based on the Customer Usage, Reliance Jio is also Increasing their Bandwidth Limits. So that their Users do not affect much in this circumstances. And to Improve this Situation better and Limit their Bandwidth Usage, Reliance Jio introduced the Daily High-Speed 4G Data Limits. Like right now, Jio is giving 1.5 GB of High-Speed Internet daily and after that, they cap the Speed Limit to 65 Kbps. That’s how everyone gets their Data Limits for what they are paying for. Jio Recharge Plans are the Best Example of that. If you don’t know about the Recharge Plans are Currently Available with Reliance Jio, then you can Read this Article where I’ve mentioned all the Prepaid Jio Recharge 4G Plans.

If you are in your Daily High-Speed 4G Internet Balance of your Jio SIM Card, then you should have got the 1 Gbps Internet Speed. But if you are not getting that Speed, then there can be many Reasons. You need to identify your reason. Because there would be none who can tell you what the exact reason is. The 1st Reason can be the Local Network Provider. Sometimes because of the Poor Quality Machine & Short Height Tower causes Low-Speed Issues. Then in too much Populated Area under a Particular Network Zone can cause Low Bandwidth and Slow Internet Speed. If you are among those Cities which is so much Crowded but very Less Number of Mobile Tower then that might be the reason.

Sometimes because of Poor Quality of Mobile Phone, the Signal doesn’t receive properly and this causes you very low Internet Speed of Reliance Jio. If you are using a Brand that is not renowned and offers Cheap Quality Mobile Phone, then I’ll Suggest you buy a Good Quality Branded Mobile Phone. Recently many Mobile Phone Vendor like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus Offering very good Quality Mobile Phones and the Signal Receiving Capacity is also very Strong.

And the Last Reason can be the Network Settings of your Mobile Phone. Under the Network Settings, you always get an APN Settings from where the Internet Connection being controlled. If you Configure this APN (Access Point Name) wrongly, then you can’t even access your Internet Connection. It is the Protocol that controls your Mobile Phone’s Internet. So you need to make sure that the APN Settings in your Mobile Phone is Correctly Changed for Reliance Jio.

How to Configure Jio APN Settings?

  1. Go to the Settings of your Android Mobile.
  2. In Settings, you will find the Wireless & Networks Option. Click on that.
  3. In Wireless & Networks, Click on the Mobile Networks.
  4. Then you can see that the Access Point Name (APN) Option will be here.
  5. Click on the 3 Dots in the Bottom Right Corner of the Screen to Create a New Jio APN Settings.
  6. Follow the below Settings to Create a New APN Settings.
    • Name: Jio
    • APN: jionet
    • Server:
    • APN Type: Default, SUPL
  7. Now you can save the Jio APN Settings and Activate this Newly Created APN.

So these are all the reasons that can cause Slow Internet Speed of your Reliance Jio Internet. You need to Identify your issue and rectify that in Order to get High-Speed Internet Connection. And if you Like this Article Please Share it in Facebook or Whatsapp or Twitter. This will help us to grow. Thanks.

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