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JIO Phone Next Mobile

Jio phone new registration

Jio Phone next mobile, RIL AGM 2021 has been launched. Reliance has announced and confirmed the new Jio phone launch. Jio phone received a warm welcome in India in the past years. The massive profit of Jio Phone compelled the reliance to launch a new Jio Phone. The model called RIL AGM 2021 is a 4G. This article will give you an insight into the next Jio Phone mobile.

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance, confirmed the launch of the next JioPhone Mobile. He also informed that the launch is in partnership with Google. This next Jiophone has been synchronized to function as an optimized variant of Android. In his address, Mr. Ambani stated “I am pleased to announce that Google and team Jio have jointly developed a truly breakthrough smartphone JioPhone Next. It is a fully-featured smartphone supporting the entire suite of applications from both Google and Jio”.

Features of JioPhone Next

jio phone new launch

The most notable feature of this Jiophone next mobile is that it is a full touchscreen. The display is just like any smartphone. A full touch. On the occasion of its launch, Reliance has shared an image of the Jiophone new model.

The design of the new JioPhone launch is just like the previous one, boxy. On the right side of this boxy JioPhone will you find the volume and the power button. This latest Jio Phone comes with a camera on the back of the JioPhone next. The camera is just like the previous JioPhone based on a single sensor. But on this  Jio Phone new model, you get a camera that has AR filters. Hence, an upgrade to the last one. On opening the Jiophone 2021 you will find loads of preinstalled apps. These apps are like Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Mart, Google Play Store, etc. This Jiophone 4G gives you all these apps installed for free beforehand. In addition to these apps, you get new AI features. These include Read Aloud and it can even translate for you. Hence, the latest Jio Phone is AI optimized as well.

You can even ask Google Assistant all sorts of questions like cricket score on this Jio Phone 4G. If you want to play music on the JioPhone new model, you can simply ask the assistant to play music as well.

JioPhone Next: Price

Jio Phone Next

The JioPhone New launch is assumed to be on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in September 2021. Reliance announced the JioPhone Launch date to be September 10th. Coming to the price, the company is yet to confirm the price of JioPhone Next. However, to assure the customers of JioPhone Next Mobile, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai stated:

“Our vision was to bring affordable access to information for Indians in their own language, to build new products and services for India’s Unique needs, and to empower businesses with technology. I’m excited that today, we can announce the next steps in this vision, starting with a new, affordable Jio smartphone, created with Google. Our teams have optimized a version of our Android OS, especially for this device. It will offer language and translation features, a great camera, and support for the latest Android updates. It is built for India and it will open up new possibilities for millions of new users who will experience the internet for the very first time. And we can’t wait to show you the device later this year”.

Jio Phone Next


The company has administered a growth of 45% when it comes to data usage in India. Google has invested in the company buying a 7.7% stake in Reliance. With these numbers, this giant company in India is set to grow with the launch of the new Jiophone launch. The Jio Phone next 2021 mobile Reliance expects to have 200 million customers joining the company as well. The New JioPhone Next launch 2021 will be a major step for the company to becoming a global tech giant.

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