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Latest Updates of Jio IPTV: Registration Link, Price, Launch Date, Plans


Hey Friends, Few Days before, Reliance Jio has announced the Jio Broadband Service in India. I’ve already updated the News about the Jio Fiber Broadband Launch in my other Article. You can read that from here. I’ll Suggest you to Read that Article or atleast the Updated part first, and then Read this Article about the Jio IPTV.


Okay, So I am assuming that you have read the Jio Broadband Article. Then you have just came to know that Reliance Jio is Planing to Launch the Jio Broadband Services in all over India after June this Year. And to Receive the Broadband Connection, you have to Deposit the Security Fee only which is completely Refundable just like the case of Jio Phone. Now you might be thinking that why I’m discussing about Jio Broadband here in this Jio IPTV Post. Right? Then let me tell you that Jio Broadband has a Direct connection with the Jio IPTV Connection. How?

When you will Book for the Jio Broadband Connection, You will receive a Router at the time of Installation. This is not the Normal Router, you used to see in your House. This is a Hybrid Router which has Capability to Provide Internet Connection as well as work as an IPTV for your Television. Yes, You have heard it right. To get the Jio IPTV, You don’t need to buy any Machinery Separately. If you will book for the Jio Broadband, you will get all the Instrument to Play the Jio IPTV in your House.

Why Jio IPTV is Better than DTH Connection?


You might know that the IPTV is not similar like a DTH Connection. Because DTH Connection Receive Analog Signal Directly from the Satellite through the Dish Placed in your Roof but the IPTV Function Different that the Jio DTH Connection. It is always connected with a High Speed Internet Connection. In this Case, the Internet Connection will be from Jio Broadband. So using Internet Connect, You will see all the Indian TV Channels that is called IPTV.

Picture Quality of Jio IPTV

Jio IPTV Price

There are many Advantages of an IPTV than a Typical DTH Connection. The First and the Most Important is the Picture Quality. Yes, You are Watching a TV so the Quality of the Channel always matters. IPTV will provide you a Cristal Clear Television Watching Experience. It is even more Clearer than a HD Channel. It will be such a pleasure to Watch IPTV Channels.

The Second Advantage of an IPTV is that it is a Future Technology. DTH Technology is very old now and all the TV Media in Western Countries already shifted to IPTV Connections. And we need to Thank Reliance Jio to Bring this Future Technology in India for the First Time. I am very Sure that the Indian Consumers will love the Experience of Watching IPTV in their Home and they also adopt this Technology very Fast.

The Third Benefit of an IPTV is the Availability of Channels. You might have seen lags or prevention of Services when there are Dark Clouds in the sky. Your DTH Connection lose it’s Signal causes no Channel available in your TV. But if you are connected through an IPTV, Your Connection will never lose. As long as the Jio Broadband is working, you will be able to Watch all your Favorite TV Channels in your House.

Jio IPTV Price:

Booking Link of Jio IPTV

Finally the Major Benefits will be from the Monthly Subscription. What you are doing now? You are paying your Monthly Broadband Bill as well as the DTH Connection Monthly Recharges. Means you are Spending Double. What if you are only playing the Broadband Bill and Get the DTH Service for Free? Yes, With Jio IPTV, you will get all the Channels for Free of Cost. If you have Installed the Jio TV App, then you might know that you can watch all the Live Indian TV Channels using the Jio TV App in your Mobile for Free of Cost. This is the same case and the Only Difference is that using the IPTV, Now you can watch all the Live TV Channels in your Television Sets for Free of Cost. You don’t need to buy any DTH Set Top Boxes or pay any Monthly Subscription Fees. You will get all the Indian Live TV Channels for Free of Cost. This is the Best Advantage that you can get with Jio IPTV.

How to Register or Book Jio IPTV?

As I have mentioned earlier, you don’t need to book or Register for Jio IPTV separately. You just need to wait for the Launch of Jio Broadband. And when the Official Link to book Jio Broadband will be Live, you have to Register for it as early possible. That’s it. When the Technicians will come to your House to Install the Jio Fiber Broadband, you will get the Router as well. Just ask them to Connect the Routers IPTV Port with your Latest LED Television and you are ready to watch all the Live TV Channels in your TV using Jio IPTV.

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