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jio gigatv booking

Jio Giga TV Booking Online

Reliance Jio has just Launched the Jio GigaTV Set Top Box for all the Jio Customers. And the Booking or the Registration will be Started very soon. Everyone will get a Chance to buy Jio GigaTV Set Top Box from their Most Beloved Brand which is Reliance Jio. The Reliance Jio CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani looked very happy when announced the Launch of Jio Giga TV, The Set Top Box by which you can Watch all Indian TV Channels in HD Format at very Nominal Cost. The Plans of Jio GigaTV will be so affordable that even a Poor Class Family can buy this Jio GigaTV Set Top Box. But for that, you all have to wait for the Booking of Jio GigaTV or the Registration Form to be Filled Online to Buy your First Jio Giga TV Device. Jio GigaTV will allow everyone to get the Best TV Watching Experience in India by its Full HD 1080p Resolution Channel Quality at very Cheap Price.

Book your Jio GigaTV Set-Top Box Online from and MyJio App

Jio Giga TV launch

Yes, It is announced that everyone can buy Jio GigaTV from the Official Website of Reliance Jio which is and also from their Official Mobile App which is MyJio. The Booking of Jio GigaTV will Start from 15th August 2018 on the day when India got its Freedom. You will also get Freedom from various other DTH Operators who are working in the Market now and Charging you way more than what is expected. After the Launch of Jio GigaTV on 15th Aug 2018, Every Other DTH Operators will get Tough Competition from Reliance Jio Giga TV. Because it is very Obvious that Reliance will go for very Aggressive Pricing for it’s newly launched Product Jio GigaTV Set Top Box and also with the Monthly Packages.

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What are the Highlighted Features of Jio GigaTV?

Jio Giga TV Set Top Box

The Main Highlighted Feature of the New Jio GigaTV is Obviously the Video Calling Feature. So far, We all used to do Video Calls using our Mobile Phones. But from the day of the Launch of Jio Giga TV, everything will be Changed. We would be able to do Video Calls using our Television Sets. Do u believe it? We can see our Loved Ones talking to us Live in a Giant TV Screen using the Jio GigaTV Set Top Box and Jio High-Speed Internet Connection from Jio GigaFiber Broadband. Let me Clear this to all of you. After you have Booked your Jio GigaTV, The Jio Engineers will Install a Digital Set Top Box with your Television. That Set Top Box can Call another Jio GigaTV Set Top box using Jio GigaFiber. So that means….now if your Loved Ones will also have the Jio GigaTV Set Top Box, then you can call them using your Jio GigaTV.

Another Innovative and very Awesome Feature of Jio GigaTV is its Remote Control. This GigaTV Set Top Box comes with a Voice Navigation Supported Remote Control System. What does that mean? Well, If you have held the Remote Control and Speak the Command you want it to follow, then the Remote Control will act to the Command and Perform the Task for you. Like if you ask it to play a Particular Channel for you, then it will Automatically Change the Channel for you. The Jio GigaTV has a Smart Remote Control which has a Pre-Installed Microphone that can Listen to your Command and its Processor can perform that Task for you. Isn’t it Smart? This is the New Technology at it’s Rising. Soon, you will see many Other DTH Operators will come up with the same kind of a Technology.

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Specifications of Jio GigaTV?

Jio GigaTV will be the Most Advanced DTH Device among all the other DTH Connections available Online. The Advancement of the Jio Giga TV can be proved by the Futuristic Specifications available in this Device. The Other DTH Operators can’t even think of that. At the same time, the GigaTV of Reliance Jio will also provide you with the Best Experience of Watching TV. Here you can find all the Detailed Specifications of Jio GigaTV Listed below.

  • Jio GigaTV will bring the IPTV Watching Experience to your Home for the First time in India.
  • IPTV will give you the Best Experience Watching TV because all the Channels are in Full HD and it uses ur Internet Connection to Live Stream all the TV Channels.
  • The Price of Jio GigaTV will be very less.
  • The Jio GigaTV will bring you the Highest Number of HD Channels in India.
  • Jio GigaTV allows you to make Video Calls to your Loved Ones using the Jio Giga Router.
  • The Remote Device is Voice Navigation Enabled which can Listen your Commands and Perform the Task Automatically.

Still Wondering Why to Register and Buy Jio Giga TV?

Buy Jio GigaTV

Jio has offered this Jio Giga TV with Jio GigaFiber Broadband which is an FTTH Based Broadband Service and you might already know that the FTTH Based Broadband Service is launching for the First time in India by Reliance Jio. So what the FTTH Based Broadband which Provides you? It will Provide you High Speed of Fiber-Based Internet Connection Speed. And your Jio GigaFiber Device will take the same High-Speed Internet Connection to Play it’s Full HD Channels. Means go those days with a DTH Antenna in your Roof, Now you can Watch all your Favorite TV Channels in HD without paying any Extra Money using your Jio Internet Connection.

And with the Reliance Jio Set Top Box you can Watch Full HD TV Channels in India (As the Maximum Full HD Channels are available in India) but the Set Top Box of Jio GigaTV will also Support the Ultra HD (4k) Resolution as well. Means if you have a Pendrive then you can Play your 4K Videos using the Jio GigaTV Set Top Box. And also you can Watch Youtube’s 4k Resolution Videos in your Jio Giga TV Set Top Box. And when the 4k Channels will Launch in India, You can also Watch them Live in your Jio GigaTV.

When will Jio GigaTV be Launched?

The Jio GigaTV will be Launched on 15th August 2018 as per the announcement on the Annual Meeting or AGM of Reliance Jio. The Launch Date has already been announced so it is just waiting for few days when you can finally get your hands on the new Jio GigaTV. After you have Booked or Registered for the new DTH Service of Reliance Jio which is called Jio GigaTV, You can watch Unlimited Indian TV Channels in Full HD Format by using your Internet Connection. And you don’t even need to worry about the Internet Connection as well, because the Internet will be Provided by Reliance Jio only by its Jio Router. And as the Channels will be Displayed using the Internet, There is a Chance that you don’t need to pay for separately DTH and Internet. Maybe you will be paid for Internet only and the DTH Channels will be Free for Lifetime. All these will be happening from 15th of August 2018. So everyone needs to wait for that date to launch the Jio GigaTV.

How to Book, Register or Buy Jio GigaTV?

Though the actual Booking Process and After Booking, the Selling Process has not yet Revealed in the Annual Meeting of Reliance Jio, So it’s not Confirmed how you can Book or Register for your Jio GigaTV Set Top Box. But still, we have a Clear Idea of Reliance Jio Feature Phone Booking and Sale Previously. So we can imagine that the Booking Process of the Jio GigaTV will be the same as the Jio Phone. I’m mentioning here how you can Book or Register for your Jio Giga TV and then get the Delivery of the Device.

  1. Firstly if you are an Android Mobile User then Download the MyJio App and Signup using your Jio Mobile Number or If you already have an account then Sign in.
  2. If you are a Desktop OR Laptop user then Browse to the Website which is the Official Website of Reliance Jio. And then Login using your Jio Mobile Number and Password.
  3. After Login, You can see that the Jio GigaTV Booking Banner Should be there on the Homepage.
  4. You need to Click on that Banner after which you will be redirected to the Original Registration Form to booking your Jio GigaTV.
  5. Enter all your Data like your Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number etc.
  6. Finally when the Fill up has been done, just Submit that Form.
  7. At the time of Registration for Jio Giga TV, A Nominal Security Deposit should be taken so that the Registrant can’t Cancel the Booking in Future.
  8. After the Security Deposit Payment will be done, you will get Eligible to Receive your Jio GigaTV.
  9. The Remaining Money will be taken at the time of Installation.

What is the Price of Jio Giga TV?

Jio Giga TV Specification

The Price of Jio GigaFiber has kept Secret because of the Market Competitors. At the Launching Event, Reliance Jio doesn’t reveal the Price and Monthly Package Details in-front of us. However, with the Previous Record of Reliance Jio, We can assume very easily that the Price would have been very aggressive from the Market Point of View. But We will update the Accurate Price of the Jio Set Top Box and Jio Giga Fiber Smart Voice Navigational Remote Control, very soon in our Blog. But still, I can assume that the Jio GigaTV will come as the part of Jio Smart Home Package which also Includes Other Devices like Jio Router, Jio Security Camera etc. So the Price will be based on all the Devices together. It can’t be less than at least Rs. 5000/- So maybe at the Time of the Registration of Jio GigaFiber, You can have to deposit an amount of Rs. 2000 as Security Deposit and after the Full Installation at your Home, you can have to pay the remaining Rs. 3000/- Please note that the Monthly Package Price will be Different from this amount.

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