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Jio Fiber Broadband Preview Offer Leaked: 3 Months Unlimited 100MBPS Speed


Jio Fiber Broadband

Jio Fiber Broadband

In Our Previous Post, We have Declared that Jio Fiber Broadband Service is now under Testing in some Metro Cities. And the Jio Fiber Broadband Beta Testing is at it’s end. From last 3 Months many users are using Jio Broadband Preview Offer from Last 3 Months and now it’ll be live for everyone very soon..

Though Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Preview Offer has not Live yet, Still We have some news that’s been leaked in Internet about Jio Fiber Broadband Service. Reliance Jio will Provide you Jio Preview Offer again but this time with Jio’s Broadband Service. The Condition will be same like it’s Jio Preview Offer for SIM Cards. You will Get 3 Months of Free Internet using Jio Fiber Broadband’s Preview Offer. And you’ll be Amazed to know the Speed you’ll get.

Jio Fiber Broadband Preview Offer

Under Jio Preview Offer for Giga Broadband Service, You will Give you you will get 100 Mbps Downloading Speed with 100 Mbps Uploading Speed. Yes… You don’t need to Calculate whether it’s Byte per Second or Bits per Second. It’s Flat Bytes per Second Unlike Other Broadband Providers will Calculate the Speed as Bits per Second(Which is Lower Unit). Means you’ll get 100 Mbps Download Speed when you Download something from Internet. Just Imagine, You can Download a 700 Mb Movie within only 7 Seconds. Isn’t it Amazing?

Jio Fiber Broadband

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans

If you are thinking that the Offer Ends here, then you are wrong. Jio Preview Broadband Offers have yet got materials to surprise you more. Not only 100 Mbps Connection but you’ll also get 100 GB per Month Data for Absolutely Free for 3 Months. After that 100 GB of Free Data, the Speed will be capped at 1 Mbps. Means you are allowed to Download 100 GB of your Favorite Contents available Online.

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plans also posted in the Previous post. You can Check that Out. With Reliance Jio Broadband, you’ll get a Jio Branded Router in your Home. The Router is fully Featured unlike the Old Ones available in Market for Thousands of Rupees. Jio Router will have 4 Outputs so that you can have the Option to Connect more than 1 PC in your Home.

Do you know at what Cost you are Getting all this under Jio Fiber Broadband?

You will be surprised to know at what price you’ll get all these Services. You already know how much Cost can be a 100 Mbps Connection. Even I can assure you that there’s hardly any plan provided by Broadband Service Providers can give you 100 MBps lat Download Speed. None can do that. And Jio not only Offering you 100 MBps Speed for 3 Months, Jio Broadband will giving you all these for Absolutely Free of Cost.

Yes, You heard it right. I’ve already started with the line that “Just Like Jio Preview Offer for the Previous time”. So yes… this time also Jio is Offering you 100 MBps Broadband Connection Speed with Jio Giga Broadband Service for Free of Cost. You just need to pay the Router Cost of Rs. 4500/- Which is also Refundable after 3 Months, if you want to Surrender the Connection.

Jio Fiber Broadband Preview Offer Video:


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