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Jio Coin

UPDATE: Recently it came to know that Reliance Jio is very busy making the Jio Laptop. If you don’t know about the Jio Laptop and it’s Specification, then you can click to Check all the Details. Anyways, To Complete this Project within this Year, Jio Decides to delay all the Other Projects including the Jio Coin Launch. Means if our speculation is right then you will not see Jio Coin to Launch atleast in this year. This is a very bad news for them who want to Invest their money in Jio Coin. I’ll suggest you, if you have a strong hold in Marketing field then you should Invest in Jio Stock Market. And as Jio will Grow, you money will also grow. But be safe as the Market is always volatile. And then when the Jio Coin will Launch, you can also Invest in Jio Coin Online. Many Indian Exchanges will likely to List the Jio Coin and everyone from India can buy this Jio Coin. But as the Launch Date of Jio Coin is not fixed, you should not waste the time and find other medium to Invest other than Jio Coin.

In India, cryptocurrencies are setting new trend records everyday. Many Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple and other cryptocurrencies becoming very popular towards the young generation of India. And Reliance has always the record to Grab the opportunity in Trending Indian market. Since people are very much interested and investing a lot of money in several Crypto Coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tron etc. Reliance Jio CEO Mukesh Ambani decided to launch a New Cryptocurrency which will be based on Reliance Jio Network named Jio Coin. Using Jio Coin, you can invest directly as a Jio share holder for that you need to invest thousands or Lakhs of Rupees to buy Jio Coins and after several time when Jio will be a huge brand in India, your money will also get huge and you will get a very big Return out of that Investment. But before that we have to take a look at several other Cryptocurrencies base in India and also the depth about all this cryptocurrencies. Today in this post, we will be discussing about the Jio Coin features and Price so that you can invest your money into Jio Coin and buy Jio Coin for your future Investment.

Firstly you have to know to that there are so many other websites which are claiming that Jio Coin launching date is already fixed but it is not that truth. As per the official notification Jio has not decided any launching date of Jio Coin so far. But we can imagine that Jio Coin will be launched very soon in India. Officially Reliance Jio announced that they will bring their own Cryptocurrency considering the fact that Cryptocurrency is a trending in world wide and as well as in India and people likes to talk about Investing in cryptocurrencies and they also make huge investment in different cryptocurrencies available in India. This ambitious Cryptocurrency project will be launched by Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani, you might know him on the launch of Jio phone. Our sources said that there are a team of 50 engineers and they are working very hard developing Jio’s own blockchain technology to develop the new Jio Coin. The blockchain technology is very much familiar in Cryptocurrency world and this technology is followed by so many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a lot more famous cryptocurrencies. It is actually a very safe technology from hackers and also provide safeguard for Digital wallets to have your own Jio Coins. Jio also planning to use Jio Coin as its supply chain management logistics which is so far a Revolutionary Idea by Reliance Jio.

Jio Coin Launch Date

Bitcoins are very much popular in India and almost all the young generation showing their support to Bitcoin and other popular Cryptocurrency. With an example you can get the popularity of Cryptocurrency market in India. As you know few days before at the time of presenting our budget of 2018, Mr. Arun Jaitley have made a statement on Cryptocurrency and said that the government will make a committee on that to track how blockchain market works. But after the News Media FUD about the banning of Cryptocurrency in India and suddenly the price of all the cryptocurrencies gone down almost 2-3x. With this example you can understand how much popular Cryptocurrency is in India. If a panic spread in India, the overall Cryptocurrency market gone down drastically. Bitcoin has achieved so many records in last few months. Just 2 months before, Bitcoin price reached to $20,000 which proves that Cryptocurrency business is one of the most bullish investment in todays generation. So by using the popularity of cryptocurrencies, Jio want to launch their product is Jio Coin. Jio Coin price is expected not that much COSTLY and as a Jio will also launch the Jio Coin through with Jio Coin ISO, SO YOU CAN EXPECT A VERY LESS PRICE IN THE ICO OF Jio Coin.

Jio Coin Price

Though there are no official announcement of Jio Coin Launching date and Jio Coin ICO price but still some reports are saying that Jio Coin price will be between 0.56$ to $1 which is approximately equals to Rs. 50/- to Rs. 70/- in Indian market.

The launch date of Jio Coin:

As I have mentioned earlier, there is no official statement available on the launch date of a Jio Coin. But our reports or sources are saying that Jio is very much in the track to launch its Jio Coin and it can be launch within next 3 or 4 months. Which is the middle of the Year 2018, you can expect Jio Coin will be launched in India by an ICO or initial coin offering process.

How to buy Jio Coin in India with INR and USD?

  1. The buying process of an ico has the first step of KYC verification. KYC means Know Your Customer registration.
  2.  At first, you need to register your name, mobile number, Email ID, & Address with Jio and then you have to submit all your documents like your Government ID Card, PAN Card, And other Photo Proofs through an ICO Process of Jio Coin.
  3. After Jio approved your Application to join the ICO Process, you will be finally able to Login to your Jio Coin Dashboard at the day of the Pre Sale in the Jio Coin ICO.
  4. You need to mention with a how much Money you want to Join the ICO. So the amount you want to invest in Jio Coin, you will get the Jio Coin of that similar amount in your account.
  5. Now you need to keep all those Jio Coins in your account and when you feel that your target is achieved and you’re getting a very good return from Jio Coin, you can sell the coin anytime and then withdraw all your money to your bank account.

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    I an Indian Citizen but at the moment i am working in Bhutan, so please may i know how can i buy JIO Coin.

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