Jio Celebration Pack: Get FREE 2 GB Extra 4G Data in this IPL Session

Jio Celebration Pack Free Jio InternetHello Friends, Reliance Jio is well known for its Surprizes. What Surprizes Reliance Jio can give you? Well, if you are a User of Reliance Jio from quite a long time, then you must know what I’m talking about. Yes, you guess it right. This Surprize is related to Free 4G Data Offering by Reliance Jio. This Free Internet Data can be used at High-Speed Downloads and Browsing. But the Catch here is that not everyone will get the Free 2 GB Internet Data from Reliance Jio, instead only Random Jio Prime Users going to get this Free 4G Data in their Jio Prime Account.

The Purpose of Crediting the Free Data under Jio Celebration Pack is because it is Reliance Jio’s 2nd Year Anniversary. And there’s another Special reason too. The Other Special Reason is the IPL Session. And you also know that the CEO of Reliance Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani has his own IPL Team Mumbai Indians. So IPL Session is very much Special for the Company as well.

Highlights of Jio Celebration Pack:

  • Free 2 GB High-Speed 4G Data per Day to Random Reliance Jio User.
  • This Offer is Valid till 17th March 2019.
  • MyJio App Account Section will Reflect this Extra Data belonging to Jio Celebration Pack.
  • Reliance Jio can bring back the same Jio Celebration Offer next Month on IPL 2019.

Benefits to get Under Jio Celebration Pack:

Firstly let me confirm you all that Jio Celebration Pack is not a Recharge Pack that you can Recharge anytime. So anyone do not need to pay anything for this Pack. It’s a Complimentary Jio Pack which can only be credited to your Account by Reliance Jio as a Goodwill Gesture. And Jio Celebration Pack Giveaway must have a reason right? So as I’ve mentioned before that it’s 2nd Anniversary of Reliance Jio. This is the main reason for this Giveaway and there’s another reason which is the beginning of IPL 2019. This Plan will give you 2 GB Daily Data for Free (Including your 1.5 GB Data under the Jio Rs. 399 Recharge) So you are getting a total of 3.50 GB Daily Free Data from Reliance Jio. This Pack is valid until 17th March 2019. Means a total of 3 Days you will get to enjoy the Benefit of Daily 3.50 GB Data. In these 3 Days, Download as more Data and Video and Surfing as 3.5 GB Internet. A total of 6 GB Data to get in these 3 Days under Jio Celebration Pack.

How to find if you’ve got Free 2 GB Data under Jio Celebration Pack?

  1. Firstly Install MyJio App if you haven’t Installed it.
  2. Then Login to your MyJio Account using your Jio Mobile Number. If No Account is there, Sign up for one.
  3. Then on the Dashboard, You will get the “My Plans” Section. Click on that.
  4. In the “My Plan” section, all your Recharged Plans should be showing.
  5. There you can find the Jio Celebration Pack is listed. Just like the below Screenshot.

Jio Celebration Pack

What to do if you haven’t received the Jio Celebration Pack?

After Checking the My Plans Section, if you find that you haven’t received the Jio Celebration Pack then you need to Wait until the Jio Celebration Pack has been activated in your Account. Other than waiting, there’s nothing you can do as this is a Random Activation. So no one knows who will get the Jio Celebration Pack and who will miss it. There is no other way to Manually Credit this Pack from Jio or you can not even Register yourself to get the Free Recharge of this Jio Celebration Pack.

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