Reliance Jio Broadband Speed Test Report: Fiber is Really the FASTEST?

You might already have aware of the fact that Reliance Jio has Announced it’s Fiber Broadband Service Just few Days back. And the News might make you Happier after knowing that Jio Broadband will provide you 1.1 TB Free Internet Data for the 1st Months after your Booking of Jio Broadband. If you don’t yet know all the Recent Updates about the Jio Broadband then Please Check out this Post Written Specially on the Broadband Plans and Update of Jio Fiber Broadband announced recently.

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Jio Broadband Review:

Jio will take Rs. 4500 Refundable Security Deposit at the time of Booking your Jio Broadband. Which you can take back returning your Jio Router after using their Service. But then the Question Arises that Is Jio Broadband really worth to the Money of Rs. 4500/- ? Jio Broadband is Fiber Based which is called the Future Broadband Technology, so is it really the FASTEST Broadband in India? You can’t say it without using the Jio Broadband in your Home. You might be Wondering that How you can get Jio Broadband in your Home? Then let me tell you that to get Jio Broadband, You have to Book it. In the Next Post, I’ll let you know How you can Book Jio Broadband. But as this Post is based on the Speed Test of Jio Broadband, so let’s stick with that.

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Jio Broadband Speed Test:

You know that Google is the Biggest Internet Giant in the Worth and Do you know that Google also use Fiber Based Broadband Service in all the Tier 1 Countries. Google also has announced few years back that it will bring Fiber Based Broadband in India which will be Named at Google Fiber Broadband. But because of some reason, the Project doesn’t even started in India. Now Jio was Working on this Fiber Based Broadband Service from a Long time. Because Jio always focus on the Best Service so it didn’t stick with the Traditional Broadband Services like Other ISP. So after Working a Long time, Jio Finally Developed the Fiber Based Broadband in India. And it will be called Jio FTTH Broadband. As already announced that Jio Broadband Speed will be 100 mbps. Means you can download any of the Data on the Web at 100 mbps speed using Jio Broadband.

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Jio also let few Beta Testers to Test the Jio Broadband at their Apartment. And the Beta Testing Phase has already been Done. And as per the Report, Jio Broadband is giving Constant Download Speed of 100 mbps on any Internet File Download. Which is counted as Super Fast. All the Other Broadband Providers not even Close to the 100 mbps Speed. And to get that much of a Speed, you need to Buy your Own Personal Bandwidth from the ISP which is so much Costly that you Household user will never afford that. Only few Companies and Commercial Users who need maximum speed can buy those Personal Bandwidth. But now if you are a Jio Broadband User, Then you will get 100 mbps speed at your House for spending normal like you do with your other Broadband Plans.

Jio FTTH Broadband:

So after knowing all this, you might also want to book your Jio Broadband now. But before Booking Jio FTTH Broadband, you have to wait because only after June, 2018, you will be able to book Jio Broadband. And I can clearly See that After Jio Broadband will Live, all the Other Broadband Providers in India will get a very Tough time to Compete with Jio. Because Jio always give Premium Services at very affordable Cost all the time. And this time also, Jio will go very aggressive towards it’s Pricing of Jio Broadband Plans. Just like the Telecom Operators are getting a tough job now, All the Broadband Providers will also become ready for the same Situation this year after the Launch of Jio Broadband.

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