Exclusive Trick to Get 50GB Jio High Speed 4G Data for just 92/-

Hello Friends, How are you all? After a few days’ intervals, I’m finally here with an Exclusive Trick which can give you 50 GB High-Speed Jio 4G Data for just Rs. 92/- This Trick is not for Jio Phone Users. Even if this Offer Applicable to Jio Phone Users, I’m not 100% sure because I’ve not tried it. If you have Jio Phone and want to apply this trick on your Jio Phone.

Else, Android Users can use this Exclusive Recharge Trick to get Free 50GB 4G Data on your Next Jio Recharge. How? I’ll give you a detailed step-by-step guide in this post.

Reliance Jio Recently brings some Changes to how it was operating so far. Recently Reliance Jio announced that from now-on every Reliance Jio Customer needs to pay 6 paise per minute on Non-Jio Mobile calls. And also Jio has Renewed its Topup Vouchers as well. Like now we can only get 7.47 on 10 Rs. Top up Recharge or 81.75/- on Rs. 100 Recharge. It was Full Talktime previously. Means on Rs. 100 Recharge, we used to get Rs. 100 Balance.

JIO IUC charges

So to Cope up with this Disadvantage, Jio is giving Free 4G Data on every Top-up Recharge. When you Recharge for Rs. 100, you will get Rs. 81.75 as your main balance. You can use this main balance to call Jio to Other Network. Not only that, but you will also get 10GB Free 4G Data.

Jio Free Recharge rs. 100

So the Exclusive Jio Recharge Trick is like this.

  1. Firstly we will Recharge our Jio Number with a Topup Voucher of Rs. 100/-
  2. We would get a Balance of Rs. 81.75/- in our Main Account.
  3. You can Check the Jio Main Account Balance on your MyJio App.
  4. So after the Recharge has done, you would also get a 10GB 4G Data Voucher in your MyJio App.
  5. So we will repeat this process to 5 times means we will recharge Rs. 100 x 5 times.
  6. So in total, we will get the main balance of Rs. 81.75 x 5 = 408.75/-
  7. And also 10 GB x 5 = 50 GB Data Vouchers.
  8. The Validity of the Main Balance is Unlimited.
  9. So when you need to Recharge Rs. Rs. 399 or any other Prime Recharge, you can use this Main Balance to Recharge your Number.
  10. So if I do Recharge Rs. 399 from my main account balance of Rs. 408, I would still have Rs. 9 in my main balance.
  11. Also, I’m getting a 50 GB Free Data Voucher.

Use this Trick only when it required. If you have any questions regarding the recharge method, you can comment down below. Thank you.

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