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How to Get Internet Data, SMS & Call Details on Jio Phone?


Get Call Details on Jio Phone

Get Call Details of Jio:

After the launch of Jio SIM Card, It’s like a Fairy Tale about the Progress of this SIM Card. Right now, more than 30 Million People all over India using Jio SIM now. Every day more and more people joining Jio Family now. Because Reliance Jio is giving Offer like Crazy. And Other Market Competitors can’t even reach near to Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio has it’s own Management App which is called MyJio. You might have already known about this App. You can use this MyJio App to manage all your Account related Tasks on your own. You don’t need to Contact Customer Care for that.

There can be some reasons, that you need to know some Important Details about like Call List, Sent SMS or even Data Usage. You can actually check that from your Mobile Phone’s Call Records, but what if that Call Details have been deleted or you don’t have access to that Call Records? Well, I’m here to answer this same Question. You can check the Call Details from MyJio App. In Call Details, you can find the date, time, call during, Incoming or Outgoing each and every details. Not only Call Details But also you can find the SMS Details and Data Usage Details as well.

Why MyJio App is Necessary to Get Call Details?

The Only way to get your Call Details is by using MyJio App. The MyJio has a record of your each and every usage details. If the SIM Card is not your’s and you still want to know all the calling details of that Number then also you can use this MyJio App. The only thing is that you need to Log in to MyJio App using the Jio Number. For that, an OTP will be required. If you can manage that OTP then you can Log yourself into the Account of that Particular Jio Number. Now just follow the below method to find all the Voice Call, SMS and Data Usage Details of that Particular Number using my Jio App.

How to Find Call Details on your Jio Phone?

  1. Install MyJio App from this Link.
  2. Open and Login using the SIM Card of which Details you want.
  3. You will get an OTP in order to Login to that Jio Number.
  4. After Logging in, Click on “My Statement” from the Left Panel of MyJio App.
  5. Then Select Dates during which you want to see all the Records. Like last 30 Days or 3 Months etc.
  6. After Selecting the Duration, Click on the View Button below.
  7. On the Next Page, You can see all your Registered SIM Details. Like your Name, Contact Number, Email ID, Registered Address, PAN Card etc.
  8. From there, Click on “Usage Charges”
  9. After you click on Usage Charges, you will get 3 Options i.e DATA, Voice and SMS.MyJio Call Details
  10. Select the Voice Option to Get all the Call Details of that Particular Number. My Jio Data Usage Details
  11. You can also Click on the Data and SMS Option, you can Check that Number’s Internet Usage and SMS Records.
  12. That’s it. If you have faced any issue, Comment us below.

Note: If you are Expecting to get Call Recordings means the Voice Recordings then you can’t get that using MyJio App. You have to Use any Playstore Call Recording App to Record it by yourself.

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