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Downloading TikTok on Jio Phone is Possible? How Can I Install Tiktok on Jio Phone?


Download Tiktok on Jio Phone

Hi Friends, How are you all? I’ve been working hard always to bring some good news and offers for you all regarding Reliance Jio Company including the Products of Jio such as Jio DTH Launch Update, Price, Package Details, Upcoming Jio Phone 3 Specification and Review, Jio Broadband and any more. I would like to Request you to Click on the Link and Read all my Post to get better Idea what I’m talking about. And also do Comment us what you are planning to Buy next from Reliance Jio. Is it Jio Broadband Connection or Jio DTH Connection or the New Jio Phone 3 Android Mobile.

Though Mr. Mukesh Ambani Primarily Targeted the Poor Class People in India with it’s Jio Phones, it can’t be a wrong today if we say that almost everyone has a Jio Phone in their Hand, this phone is these much popular these days. After the Exchange Offer on Jio Phone, Jio has reached to many more peoples in India. You must have known the Exchange Offer that Jio launched few months back. You can give your very old feature phone and get a new Jio Phone for just Rs. 499/- Means Flat Rs. 1000/- Discount on Jio Phone. Then you need to Recharge for Rs. 591/- to Get Unlimited Calls and 200 MB Internet Per Day for Next 6 Months. This Offer made everyone Crazy and people grabbed to Offer to get Jio Phones for their Home, Parents, Best Friends etc.

How to Download Tiktok on Jio Phone

Another very Trending Topic right now is Making Videos for Tiktok. Especially Indian Youth finds it really attractive to Spend time Watching Tiktok Videos or else Making Videos for Tiktok. If you are in this Post searching for the Query about Tiktok App, then I’m sure you are also a Tiktok enthusiast. Just like Tiktok, another App which is making people crazy in India is PubG. Actually, it is not an App but a Game. But these days everyone loves to spend their time Playing PubG all along the day. So Pubg and Tiktok has so many Fans in India who have to use such Apps on all the Devices including Jio Phone.

Now the Most Important Question is, Does Jio Phone Support Tiktok? Because we have to admit some facts like Jio Phone has a O/S Called KaiOS. And Tiktok has Supported for on Android and iOS. So Do you think it should Support totally different Operating System? There are some Good News also. The Jio Developers so far Developed Android Based Apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp to get Supported in Jio Phone. So Is that a Hint that Apps like Tiktok and PubG can also be supported in Jio Phone?

If Tiktok can actually be Installed in Jio Phone then How? Many of my Visiter have Suggested me to try using Recovery Mode. If you are a regular Android User then you must have known about the Recovery Mode or Fastboot Mode on Android Devices. These Modes are used by the Developers to Flash App Packages and Operating System. If anybody does anything wrong with Recovery Mode, the Phone can be Dead instantly. But all of you have to understand that Recovery Mode can only Flash the Supported Packages. As Jio Phone has KaiOS, So it’s apps has it’s separate Package Extension. And APK Packages can’t be Flashed using the KaiOS Recovery Mode.

So the Answer is Clear that Right now there is no way by which you can Download and Install Tiktok App on Jio Phone. But there is a Good News for all of you. Jio Phone Developers are very much active developing few apps for this phone. If you check the Jio App Store, you will find that regularly new apps have been added to the App Store. They work really hard to make all these apps available for all the Jio Phone Users. So you can Expect that Tiktok can also be available in Jio App Store very soon. I don’t know about PubG because PubG is a very High Graphics Game but I really think Tiktok can be Available just like Whatsapp and Facebook in Jio Phone. So just Open and Check Jio App Store regularly to find out if Tiktok has been available for Downloading on your Jio Phone.

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  1. I guess he is totally right i agree his words as a jio user i can understand to convert all app features such as tiktok itself (all controls,program,graphic)into a featured phone is tough!!! But please as soon as possible bring tiktop to jiostore fast ! Please…..


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