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[Latest Trick] How to Use/Open/Run/Install Whatsapp in Jio Phone in 2018


Install Whatsapp in Jio Phone

Whatsapp in Jio Phone is very Important thing. Because nowadays Whatsapp is the Main Messenger service that Connect everyone. And in India, We most of the People have the Jio Phone. Though Jio has been Announced before that it will Officially Launch the Whatsapp App in a Jio Phone but because of some reason, that is not happening at-least for now. Though you can expect from Jio Whatsapp App will be Installed through an Official Update in Jio Phone very soon. As you already know that Whatsapp Playstore App has been Installed so many times. But Unfortunately no Jio Phone users can Install the Whatsapp App from Jio Phone Apps Section. They bound to Install Whatsapp Apps using this Trick I’m sharing below. At-least you can run Whatsapp in Jio Phone using this Trick But if you don’t like this Trick, then I’m sorry that, you can’t use Whatsapp in Jio Phone.

jio phone whatsapp download link

If you don’t know then let me tell you that all the Jio Apps Free Download Option is there in your Jio Phone. Means all the Jio Phone user can Download and Install any Apps from Jio App Store and Nothing will be Charged means totally Free of Cost. But you will not find Whatsapp app there, because Officially the Whatsapp App is not Supported in Jio Phone. Reliance Jio is also working on a Messenger App that is called Jio Message App, this app will be from Reliance Jio Official App and working just like Whatsapp. Jio App Download is not very tough so almost anyone can Install the apps in your Jio Phone. But Still if you want to Stick with the Google Play Whatsapp App then, you Should Check out our Guide to Install Google Play Apps in Jio Phone and can try if that Trick is working for you or not.

whatsapp and facebook install in jio phone

Other than Whatsapp, Facebook Download in your Jio Phone is also very Popular among all the people. As Facebook is the No. 1 Social Networking Service in India, that’s why people want to Download the Whatsapp and also the Facebook App in their Jio Phone. But sadly the Google Play Store Whatsapp and Facebook Apps are not supported in Jio Phone and now you have to use different methods in order to Install Whatsapp in Jio Phone.

Jio Phone me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye?

Hello friends, as you know Reliance jio has launched jio phone with so many features and attractive offers from Reliance jio. You can recharge with rupees 151 plan to get one month of free internet in the Reliance jio phone as well as a free voice calls services to all over India. But few other things is missing in jio phone. Features like WiFi Hotspot and WhatsApp is still missing in jio phone. But as per the developer on Reliance, they are working on it and if you trust on the news, latest update is coming on Reliance jio phone to use WhatsApp and other web popular services to use in jio phone as a new jio phone app. Popular services means accessing Google News run WhatsApp, play videos on YouTube, Yahoo services, Netflix movies and so on. We can already use services like Facebook in our jio phone In a pre-loaded a web browser jio has been provided with the jio phone. So don’t worry all the other services will also be able to browse for free in your new jio phone.

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Jio Phone Tips & Tricks

Run Whatsapp in Jio Phone

But as WhatsApp service is one of the very popular services in India and everyone loves using WhatsApp to communicate with their near and dear ones. In India we all know the festive days. In festive days, we like to be there with our parents and if that is not possible, the communicating services like WhatsApp and other chatting applications enables them to connect with us and we also enjoy to wish them using WhatsApp and other chatting services. And jio phone being the cheapest phone in India that has a huge customer base in India is the primary medium that we can use to wish our friends and family in all the festive days and make a strong bond with them when we are away. So it is very much necessary to use WhatsApp in jio phone and we can’t wait for the developers or wait for lifetime. Our parents may not have able to use a smartphone. So they have only a jio phone to relay on. In this case having access to WhatsApp in jio phone really help us to solve a lot of problems in our daily life.

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Jio Phone Whatsapp Installation Method

Jio Phone Whatsapp Installation Method

Many of the web blogger have already posted few articles on how you can run WhatsApp on your jio phone and many of our loyal READERS are also searching them in our jio website to find out how they can also run WhatsApp on their jio phone. Let me tell you a fact that right now you can’t install WhatsApp in jio phone. Unless the jio Infotech developers has not came out with an update on the latest WhatsApp app in your jio phone, you are not allowed to install that WhatsApp application in your jio mobile phone. But we have a backup, we also use WhatsApp in your jio phone. But as you know backup or all other shortcuts can provide you the access but not the satisfaction so you can use WhatsApp using this backup method but maybe you will not be that much happy using WhatsApp in your jio mobile phone. But really who cares? If using WhatsApp can really solve the daily problem in your life then maybe sometimes if you have problems or troubles that can be managed. So I thought to come out with the backup way by using that you can use WhatsApp in your jio phone.

How to use Whatsapp in Jio Phone

So in this article I will tell you how you can use WhatsApp in your brand new jio mobile phone. To use this trick or method to use, you have to have a working internet connection in your mobile phone and you need to have a smartphone also that will be connected with the WhatsApp account you have opened in your jio phone. For internet connection, you already know that jio has a special plan of rupees 151 recharge plan that will provide you 4G internet connection in all jio phone as well as unlimited free voice calls all over India for 1 month. So you can recharge net pack in your jio phone. And you are good to go.

Whatsapp App for Jio Phone

Many of our users have requested/ask to upload the information on how to use WhatsApp in jio phone or other queries like jio phone tips and tricks, how to use WhatsApp on jio phone, WhatsApp app for jio phone, how to install WhatsApp app in jio phone and other jio phone apps, jio phone mein Whatsapp kaise Chalaye and jio phone mein WhatsApp and many more. To figure them out this post is dedicated to all of our loyal readers that you want to make a connection with their closed and loveliest family and friends using WhatsApp in there cheapest Indian feature phone which is called jio phone.

So here is the step by step and full trick or method on how you can use WhatsApp in your jio phone.

How to use Whatsapp in Jio Phone

How to install Whatsapp App in Jio Phone

  1. So in the first step to install WhatsApp in jio phone, you to unlock your jio phone and open your pre installed a browser in your jio phone. You can get your pre-installed browser in your jio phone in the menu section. So just open the menu and you will get the pre-installed browser in jio phone.
  2. After opening up the browser in your jio phone, you need to open Google search engine to search a simple query.
  3. Now I am supposing that you have opened Google and ready to search what I am saying next.
  4. Now in Google you need to search “browser ling” and then Google will display you all the search results.
  5. In the search result, you will find the browserling website in the first search result.
  6. Just open that website and it will help you to use WhatsApp in your jio mobile phone.
  7. Now that browserling website has just loaded up in your jio phone, you need to scroll it down and just in the middle of the website, you will see several options like a Windows 7 Windows Explorer and all. If you click on the Windows Explorer 7 option, you will see several other browsers options are open in your jio phone mobile screen. From all of the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, you can choose any browser between Google Chrome or Firefox.
  8. I am clicking on the Google Chrome browser because it seems to be more convenient for me.
  9. Now after you’re clicking on the Google Chrome a browser, it will simply set your browser agent to Google Chrome and anything you will search using this settings, Google will take it as you are using a Google Chrome browser in your jio phone.
  10. Now, after opening Google Chrome, you will get a text box. well you need to enter a web.WhatsApp.com remember this link you need to enter a web.whatsapp.com
  11. Now, after you have opened the web.WhatsApp.com, you will see the official WhatsApp web site with the WhatsApp QR code to open your main WhatsApp account in jio phone.
  12. You can zoom in or zoom out that QR code. To zoom in, you need to press the “3” button in your jio phone and to zoom out, you need to press the “1” button in your jio phone.
  13. Okay, so after you get your QR code, you need to go to your WhatsApp installed in your smartphone. After opening WhatsApp in your smartphone, you will see 3 dot at the upper right side of your WhatsApp. Click on the 3 dot and you will see several options appear there. From all the options click on the WhatsApp web option and you will see that scanning QR code feature will be opened in your smartphone. And now WhatsApp is asking you to scan a QR code.
  14. You need to press that “3” button in your jio phone to zoom in your QR code and then scan it with your smartphone.
  15. That’s it. Your smartphone WhatsApp account is now linked with your jio phone WhatsApp account.
  16. After successfully scanning the QR code, you can see all your chat messages contacts will appear in your jio phone WhatsApp account.
  17. Now you can access WhatsApp from anywhere in your jio phone.
  18. But remember, as the jio phone WhatsApp is connected with your smartphone WhatsApp account. So you need to be online from your smart phone also.
  19. When you are going out from home and you doesn’t want to carry your smartphone with you you can just put your smartphone with an active internet connection and go with the jio phone. As long as your smartphone is connected with the internet connection you can able to use that WhatsApp account using your jio phone also.

Here’s a Video to Explain How you can Install & Run Whatsapp in your Jio Phone:

This is a very simple tree call main thought by using and that you can use your WhatsApp account in your jio mobile phone. Currently browser ling has some issue with their server because millions of Indians who have a bought a jio phone in their first flash sale have visited browserling which causes the server breakdown. But browser link is working on their server and trying to make it very powerful so that it can handle millions of Indian traffic to use WhatsApp in their website. So don’t worry about that and follow our blog to get latest updates tips and tricks on WhatsApp. If you like this article please share it in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms.


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