How to use Video Calling Feature in your Jio Phone for Free

Hey friends, in this post, I will tell you how you can do Video chat using your Jio Phone. Video chat is one of the very popular services that everyone want to have in their mobile Phone. And if I will tell you that in a Feature Phone, you can have the Video Chat option then you might be wondering how? Because normally to do a Video chat, you need a Smartphone or an Android Phone. But we all know that Jio is famous for doing all this tricks to give very good features at an affordable price. If you have the new Jio Phone then there is a good news for you and that good news is you can do Video Calling with your loved ones by using Jio Phone.

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Why Video Calling using Jio Phone is Important?

Video Calling in Jio Phone

If you are using Jio Phone then you already know about the Jio Rs. 49 Plan. If you have recharged your Jio Phone with the Rs. 49 plan then you are getting unlimited voice Calls, daily 100 free SMS and with that free unlimited 4G data for 28 days. Using this 4G data, you can do Video chat with your family, friends and other loved ones. Video chat is a very good way to communicate with your family and friends because you can see them in front of your eyes in your mobile screen and communicate with them. So it is a very popular way of communication in recent time. But because not having an Android Smartphone, few of us were unable to do Video chat. Keeping this in mind, Reliance Jio have been launched their Jio Phone for just Rs. 1500 which is totally refundable means when you will return the Jio Phone after 3 years, you can get a full refund of 1500 rupees in your hand. And that is the reason everyone has got the new Jio Phone. So now use your Jio Phone to do Video Calling with your friends and family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc.

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How to do Video Call with Jio Phone?

How to Video Call in Jio Phone

Doing a Video chat with an Android Smartphone is very easy but you might be wondering whether it is that easy to use your Jio Phone and communicate with your friends via Video Calling? Yes with Jio Phone also, it is very easy to do Video Calling with everyone in your contact list of your Jio Phone. You just need to install an app of Jio which is Called Jio chat or Jio Video Calling App. Normally you will get this app already installed in your Jio Phone at the time of your purchase but if that app has not yet been installed in your Jio Phone then you can open your menu of your Jio Phone and then click on the Jio Store icon. In Jio store you will see several Jio apps are listed. You will find the Jio chat application or you can also Call this application as Jio Video Calling app. Click on that app icon and you will get the option to install that app in your Jio Phone. After the installation has been done click the Red Icon to back to the menu section of your Phone and you will find that the Jio chat application has been installed in your Jio Phone. That’s it…. the app has been installed and now you will be able to do Video chat with everyone in your contact list. Open the application and you will be automatically log in to your Jio chat application and if you are not logging in then just create a new account in Jio chat application using your Jio Phone Mobile Number. After the registration done, you will be right to your Jio Chat App Dashboard where you will see all your contact list of your Jio Phone. In order to do Video chat with someone they have to be in the Jio Chat application. And if they don’t have the Jio chat application, you can Call them and tell them to install the Jio chat application and login just the way you have logged in that application. After your contact has also installed the Jio chat app, you will be able to Call him or her using the Call button of your Jio chat app.

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Feedback of Video Calling in Jio Phone

The quality of the Video Call you will not be that great because you have to understand that it is a feature Phone and you will not get the experience just like you do with your Android Phone. So you have to accept the fact that just spending Rs. 1500 and by using a Rs. 49/- Jio plan, you are able to see your loved ones in your Jio Phone which is a great initiative by Reliance Jio. Don’t judge Reliance Jio with the quality of the Video Call. And I also want to let you know that the speaker of Jio Phone is not that loud so if you are not using a Earphone, you will get a tough time to listen your contacts voice at the time of doing Video Calling with him or her. So for better experience, I would suggest you to use a Earphone while you are doing Video chat using your Jio Phone.

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