How you can Format or Factory Reset your Jio Phone in Just 2 Minutes

how to factory reset jio phone

Though Jio Feature Phone is a small device but still it has a lot of features. After the launch of Jio Phone, there are so many people who have bought the brand new Jio Phone. And because it is very much popular in India so many people are facing problems in Jio Feature Phone like when the internal memory got full or any app is crashing in your Jio Keypad Phone then how you can fix that? A simple solution can be the factory reset or format your Jio Feature Phone.

factory reset jio phone

As Jio Keypad Phone offers to connect Wi-Fi and it also gives you free internet service for a month for only rupees 49 per month recharge package, people are using a lot of Internet in Jio Phone by Watching movies YouTube videos, playing online games, downloading Play Store apps, listening Bollywood MP3 songs, all this causes a lot of memory uses in your Jio Phone. And ultimately the internal memory of your Jio Phone got full of temporary and junk files for using your Internet data. But then the file manager can’t handle these much huge number of junk and temporary file in your Jio Phone which causes your Jio Keypad Phone to get a very laggy performance. And other apps are also crashing like hell. Overall the performance of your Jio Phone will be very slow if the internal memory of your Jio Keypad Phone is full of junk and temporary files. So to overcome this issue the simple solution can be the factory reset or to format your Jio Feature Phone. But the question is how you can format your Jio Phone or how to factory reset your Jio Feature Phone.

Problems can arise when Reset or Format Jio Phone:

When Formatting and Resetting your Jio Phone can get you lot of Advantages and Make your Phone Problem Free, at the other end, it can also cause issues. And it is my Duty to tell you what kind of Drawback Resetting your Jio Phone can do to you. Firstly After Reset Done, Means all your Data is Erased. So if you do not have backup your Phone’s Data, then all will be gone Forever and there is no other way you can retrieve them. Even if you forget to back a specific file, it will be gone forever. So before Reseting ot Formatting you Jio Phone, remember all the Important File Location and do have a backup of them. Secondly and the Most Important Point is when you are Resetting your Phone using the Recovery Mode, it can Be Stuck in Between. Though the Chances are really low but if it Stuck in between, then it can damage the software installed on the phone. If the Operating System of Jio Phone Erased then you can no way Turn On your Jio Phone again. In order to Repair your Phone and Install the Software again, you have to visit the nearest Jio Service Center and only they can help you to Install the software back. So at the time of Resetting your Jio Phone, be careful with all the Options.

jio feature phone factory reset

So in this post, I will try to do a step by step guide on how you can use your Jio Phone to full reset and format the internal memory of your Jio Phone very easily. Even if you are not a techie guy still you can follow my guide to clear all the junk and temporary file in your internal memory and format or reset your Jio Phone in this step by step guide method, I am providing you in the following section.

How to Reset or Format your Jio Feature Phone??

  1. Firstly you need to have your Jio Phone in your Hand.
    Press the Menu Button on Jio Phone to Open all the Apps Icons.
  2. There you will see the Settings Icon is there at the Right Bottom on your Menu.
  3. Click on that Settings Button and you will See all your Jio Phone’s Settings Options like Display Settings, Ringtone Settings and all.
  4. Just Continue Pressing the Button Arrow to Reach at the End of the Settings.
  5. Here’s you will see an Option Called Restore Settings.
  6. If you are not finding it, Check it in your Security Settings.
  7. Because of the Software Update, you can expect Misplacement of the Settings Options.
  8. Anyways, If you find the Restore Settings, Click on it.
  9. It will ask you for a Password to Enter.
  10. If you have not set any Password Manually after Purchase of your Jio Phone, then the Password will be the Default Jio Password which is “0000” means type 4 times Zero using your Jio Keypad.
  11. After that, You will see A Confirmation Message that Whether you want to Restore Everything or not?
  12. You will get 2 Options “Yes” or “No”
  13. Simply Click on the “Yes” Button to Confirm the Format or Reset your Jio Phone.
  14. That’s it. Your Jio Phone will be Restarted after few Minutes like 2 Minutes.
  15. After the Restart, You will get a Brand New Jio Phone again without any Temporary or Junk Files with Clean Internal Storage and No Slowness or No Lags at all.
  16. Enjoy your Super Fast Jio Phone again.

So this is all the step by following which you can easily factory reset all format your Jio Phone with in just 2 minutes. Send the link if you have a Android Phone then you already know that formatting Jio Phone can take few minutes like 2 minutes or so but not to worry let it to reboot and process all the formatting steps and then it will be automatically restart and you can see that your Jio Phone internal memory is cleared and your Phone’s performance is very fast just like the new Jio Phone you have purchased. If this step by step guide to format or reset your Jio Phone works for you then you can share this information in Facebook or Twitter to help your online friends to connect with us and help them to format their Jio Phone also.

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