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How to Do USB Tethering in your Jio Phone to Share 4G Internet?


Jio Phone USB Hotspot

Jio Phone has the Offer that No Other phone has? Am I Right? The 49/- Rs. Jio Internet Pack. In which you are getting Free Daily 4G Data from Reliance Jio for 20 Days and that’s not all, you are also getting Unlimited Free Calling to across the Country. And Ohhhh… I forget to mention about the daily Free 100 SMS also. So all of these, you are getting for Only Rs. 49 if you have a Jio Feature Phone. So this thing is Obvious that you want to try USB Tethering in your Jio Phone also. Why? Because when you got the Free 4G Data in your Jio Feature Phone, you can also wish to use the same amount of 4G Data in your Laptop or PC. And what more useful and easy than using it via USB Tethering. Because to Connect or to Transfer you Mobile Phone’s Internet Connection to your Laptop and PC, USB Tethering is the easiest to implement.

How to Share Jio Phone 4G Internet with your Laptop or PC?

Jio Phone Internet Share with Laptop PC

USB Tethering is used by many to Share the Internet Connection of their Mobile Phone with a PC or Laptop by using the Data Cable. Anyways all the Jio Feature Phone User trying to get Solution on how to Connect Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC through USB tethering. So… Does Jio really allow it to do? In this Post, We will check that only.

If You Connect a Jio Phone with your PC or Laptop via a Data Cable and then Go to the “Devices” Section where you can find all the Devices that are currently connected with your Laptop or PC. You will find that a New Device with Jio Phone has been Connected with your Laptop or PC. You can even Go to the “Device Manager” by Right Clicking the “Computer” Icon in your Desktop then “Manage” and Finally “Device Manager” you will again find that the Jio Phone as a Device has been Connected with your Laptop. But the Sad part is that Jio doesn’t allow you to share the Internet Connection.

If you Go to the Devices and Click on the Jio Phone Icon there… You can find that the Bluetooth Option is there. But when you click on the Bluetooth Option, you will see that even the Bluetooth Tethering is Turned Off and you are not getting any option to activate it. So that Clearly means that Jio Officials don’t want you to Access the Jio Feature Phone’s Internet Connection using any Other Devices like Laptop or PC etc.

Though I can’t find any reason behind this “don’t want to share” from Jio. But maybe they didn’t think that people would want to share their Internet Connection also. If this is the case, then you can expect all these Internet sharing though Jio Phone will come in Future Updates. Like Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering, USB Tethering and all. Normally USB Tethering is very easy and anyone can do it. But if you don’t know, then in below section, I’ll be giving you the step-by-step process to Share Internet through USB Tethering in your Jio Phone……..But Only after the Update of Software.

How to do USB Tethering in Jio Phone?

  1. Connect your Jio Phone with the Data Cable comes with it.
  2. And Other Side of that Data Cable to your Laptop or PC’s USB Cable.
  3. Then Go to the Settings of your Phone.
  4. You will find Wi-Fi Option.
  5. Click on that and then on the Tethering Option.
  6. Here you will find Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering, and Bluetooth Tethering.
  7. If you have connected the Data Cable Properly then the USB Hotspot Option will get Active and you can Click on that.
  8. After you Click, Your Jio Phone Internet will be shared with your Connected Laptop or PC.
  9. Enjoy the High-Speed Internet of Jio Phone in your PC or Laptop.

If you have any Issues or Queries, you can always comment us below and I’ll try to answer that. And if your Doubt got Cleared by this Post, Please don’t forget to Share this post with your Friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. This will also motivate us to work harder for you guys… Thanks.

UPDATE: A Bad News for all Jio Phone Users. As I’m also a Jio Phone User, I have just Noticed that in the Recent Update, Reliance Jio has Stopped Sharing Internet Connection using the Tethering Option. Just before 2 Days, I’ve seen that there is an Update showing on Jio Phone, So I didn’t read the details and Click on that Update Button. Now today when I was trying to do the tethering using my Jio Phone, I was shocked to see that the Tethering Option is not there. I don’t know why, but Reliance Jio does not want us to Share the Internet Connection from Jio Phone. Maybe because Jio Phone has a Special Internet Plan of Rs. 49/- which is not available for Other Smartphones Users. As this Special Recharge Pack of Jio has only designed for Poor Class People, That can be the reason Reliance Jio doesn’t want anyone to share its Internet Connection.

Anyways, Do not Worry. I’m trying to Undo the Update. I’m very much sure that if I can go back to the Previous Version of Jio Phone’s KaiOS then the Jio Phone Tethering option can be back. So after I’ve downgraded my Jio Phone, I will share all the Version Details and How to Downgrade your Jio Phone step by step Guide here in this post as an Update. You can Bookmark this Website and Visit us Regularly to know if the Update has come.

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  1. There is no ‘Tethering’ option in the wifi. This whole article is just a rant about how you can’t share Jio’s 4G internet easily.

  2. dear friends jiophone have no any type of tethering allowed usb tethering, Bluetooth tethering, wifi tethering—-they dont want any sharing of jio 4g with jiophone and other devicess

  3. Not helpful. Someone take this down. I know there is No usb tethering Option anywhere on a jio phone. At wifi setting, there is just wifi ‘on’ and ‘off’. And wifi and tethering is not related.

  4. You fool. You are telling how to connect ordinary android to pc. This Jio phone is a waste which does not have any of the options you have mentioned. Go and check the worthless jio phone before writing about it.

  5. Dude, don’t post scrap. wasted my time. First try then post. anyhow I’m not going to visit your site never ever again.

  6. mdrchood sala kahni bana rha h bhosadi kie tumhari aMMMA GAAD ME TETHRING KA OPTION AAEGA KA BE . SALE TUMHRI JHAATO KE BAAL SULGA DEGE SMJA SALA

  7. sahi chuthiya banaya bsdk.,… jio phone sehi cmmnt kr raha hun.1998 main bhi isse ache phone bante the .. duniya ka sabse raddi phone.wsted 15mins 2 reding 10 wrtng

  8. sahi chuthiya banaya bsdk.,… jio phone sehi cmmnt kr raha hun.1998 main bhi isse ache phone bante the .. duniya ka sabse raddi phone.wsted 15mins 2 reding 10 wrtng


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