How to Connect your Jio Phone with a PC / Laptop

Connect Jio Phone with PC Laptop

Jio Phone which is the latest device from Reliance Jio is very popular Feature Phone among all the Indians. And though  this Jio Phone was actually Introduced only for those poor Indian Peoples who can’t afford a Smart Phone but the actual fact is that many of us who are having 3-4 Multimedia High End Smartphone are also users of the latest Launch Jio Phone.

And no doubt that our Expectation from Jio Phone is so high that we can to do everything possible using our Jio Phone. But we have to understand that as it is a feature phone, the capability of this Jio Phone is somewhat limited.

Anyways in this Post we will see how you can Connect your Jio Phone with your Laptop or PC. But before that let we tell you that as Jio has not yet updated it’s software so even if you connect your Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC, the Operations using this Phone will be very much Limited.

So to Connect you Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC, the 1st thing you need is a Micro USB to USB Connector. If you don’t have this Connector Cable, then you can purchase it from Online. After you have this Micro USB to USB Connector, You can put the Micro USB Connector inside your Jio Phone’s Port and the Opposite Side to the USB Port of your Laptop or PC. You will see that the Device has been Detected by your Laptop or PC or Computer.

Just open the My Computer to see and Access the Internal Storage of your Jio Phone. You can Copy and Paste any File and Folder in the Internal as well as the SD Card of your Jio Phone from the Laptop or PC. You can also Check the Hardware Detailed of your Jio Phone like Bluetooth Device and Wi-Fi Device etc.

You can’t Connect your Jio Phone as a Modem in your Laptop or PC. Many have also tried to use Jio Phone’s Internet using Bluetooth Hotspot by this Method. But that’s not working also. As I have seen that the Bluetooth Device of the Jio Phone doesn’t allow it to access it as a Internet Modem. So In order to use all those features, you have to wait for Jio Software update in Future. If they release a new software allowing all the Access, only then you can connect your Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC to access all the Features of Jio Phone from your Laptop or PC.

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