Hanging Problem in Jio Phone: How to Solve Hang Issue in Jio Phone?

Solve Jio Phone Hanging ProblemHello Friends, When using my Jio Phone, I have noticed that the Phone is Hanging so much. I have bought my Jio Phone last year. So it’s there for around 1 Year. I don’t know why it’s still Hanging. Because 1 year is not much old for Feature Phones like Jio Phone. I don’t know if this is in my Jio Phone only. But it can be the case that you Guys are also facing a similar problem with your Jio Phone. What I’m talking about by saying Jio Phone Hanging is that when I’m Dialing some Numbers, Sometimes it stuck at a point and then even if I Dialing more Numbers, it’s not Appearing in the Screen. Then after 1 Min or 2 Mins, It suddenly Starting Appearing. Then Again Hanging. Maybe because of High Usage like Watching Youtube, Downloading Files, it can be the reason that my Jio Phone storing a lot of Caches in it’s Internal Storage. And when there’s a lot of Caches which makes the Phone Internal Memory almost full, this can be the time when you see that your Phone is Hanging so much. Jio Phone is not Different. Though it’s a Feature Phone, Jio Phone still allows you to do all the Multimedia Stuffs that can only be handled by a Smartphone. As Jio Phone’s Specifications are not meant to do all these Things like Wifi Connection, All Day Mobile Voice Calls, Video Calls, Watching Youtube Videos, Downloading all kind of Videos, Music Files, Images in your Phone, this will definitely slow down your Jio Phone after few months.

So What’s the Solution? Because if you continue using your Jio Phone like this way, the Problem will be Worsen after sometimes. You will see that your Jio Phone is not working anymore. And you can’t let that happen also, right? So I have a solution. Because I’m also facing the same issue, I had to Research on the Fix of this Hanging Problem of Jio Phone. And then I come across the Solution. It’s pretty easy. Everyone can do it. It will hardly take your 5 Mins to resolve the Hanging Problem in your Jio Phone. But you need to be careful when doing these Tasks. Because a Wrong step can be the reason to Dead your Jio Phone. So I’ll Warn you to Read each and every Instruction, I’ve described here in this Post.

The Solution is Hard Reset. You might have heard this thing if you are an Android Mobile User and you love to do Different Engineering Stuffs with your Android Device like Changing ROMs, Flashing Different Rom to Support Unofficial APK Files, Rooting your Android Devices and many more. Well, Hard Reset your Jio Phone is also Possible. And Jio Phone has it’s Recovery Mode also. Do you believe it? A Small Feature Phone has all the Features like a Smart Phone. It’s really Unique.

Anyways, to Hard Reset your Jio Phone, You need to take a Backup of your Important Files Stored in your Jio Phone. You need to take a backup of your Internal Storage, SMS, Contacts etc. Because after the Hard Reset, You Mobile will be Clean just like it was at the time of Buying. So it is a very Important Step to take a Backup of your Jio Phone.

So have you Done the Backuping of your Jio Phone? Well so now let’s proceed to Hard Reset your Jio Phone. After the Hard Reset, you will see that the Hanging Problem if your Jio Phone has gone.

How to Solve the Hanging Problem in Jio Phone?

  1. The First Step is to make Sure that you have at least 50% Charge in your Jio Phone.
  2. Then Switch off your Jio Phone Completely. It’s better to Remove the Battery of your Phone and then place it again to Switch Off. It will make sure that your Jio Phone has Completely Switched Off.
  3. When it’s Completely Switched Off, Press the Power Button + Up Navigation Button together. Keep both buttons pressed until the Setting Icon came in your Screen of Jio Phone.

    reset jio phone
    Credit: Techno Masterjee Youtube Channel
  4. Now, in this Screen, Hold the Upper Left Side’s Button (Above the Green Button) and Press the Upper Right Button (Above the Red Button), It will show you all the Options to Factory Reset.

    factory reset jio phone
    Credit: Techno Masterjee Youtube Channel
  5. Now from that List, Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”Now press the Middle “Ok” Button in your Jio Phone and on the next screen, Select “Yes”

    wipe data jio phone
    Credit: Techno Masterjee Youtube Channel
  6. That’s it, now your Phone will get Hard Reset.
  7. After the Hard Reset Done, your Jio Phone will automatically Get Reset.
  8. It should take some time like 5 Mins or Maximum 10 Mins to Complete all the Process.
  9. After it’s Done, select the Staup Process just like you did at the time of Starting your Phone for the First time. Selecting Language, Date, Name etc.
  10. That’s it. The Hard Reset of your Jio Phone has done. Now you can check that the Hanging Problem is done. And your Jio Phone is like the New Jio Phone.

So this is how you can Reset your Jio Phone and I can bet that the Hanging Problem will be Solved. If you still have and Other Issue coming from your Jio Phone, you can comment them below. After the Reset has done, now you can restore all the backup you have taken.

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