How To Go Live On YouTube From Jio Phone?

Use youtube live in jio phone

Reliance Jio has not only become the most valuable telly communication company in India but it also has some great version. It is the first company to launch a small phone which has got internet access and is available at a very affordable price. This phone is called Jio phone and you might surely be familiar with it. Jio phone was launched to connect rural people to digital India because they cannot afford high-end Android devices. These small devices can also run YouTube and other popular applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 has been extremely helpful for people who cannot afford Android smartphones. It has become the replacement of the standard Nokia phones that we used around a decade ago. However, it is much more advanced because it connects you to the Jio internet network and gives you access to all the social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp. You can do a lot more on this sub-2000 rupees phone. Jio is also running a number of cashback offers using which you can effectively get this device absolutely free of cost. It is one of the primary reasons for the huge fan base of this device.

Jio Phone Operating System

Jio Phone Operating System Kai-OS

There are many people who remain confused about the type of Android system that Jio phone runs on. Most people have the misconception that it is an Android device. It is not at all an Android device however it does have the capability of running some of the Android applications including the popular social media apps. Jio Phones are powered by KaiOS. It is the first device which is powered by this operating system in India.

KaiOS is basically of web-based browser that used like HTML and simple JavaScript to get your work done. It is much more simple than Android. It also has its own app store which is completely different from the other operating systems. You can download all your favorite applications directly from this app store. Lately, YouTube has also been introduced to the operating system and now you can watch your favorite videos directly on the largest video sharing platform of the world on your Jio phone. It is a full version of YouTube and this means that you can do all things of your choice.

YouTube on Jio Phone

YouTube on Jio Phone

The operating system has lately extended its support to YouTube. This means that you can now what’s your favorite videos and songs directly from the largest media sharing platform. It voices one application which was being missed by everyone on Jio phone. An internet device is incomplete if it cannot run YouTube or search video playing apps. However, it has become possible to watch the videos and listen to the favorite songs on Jio phone and Jio phone 2. The HTML and Java-based operating system will now let you do so.

How to Go Live on YouTube using Jio Phone?

Youtube Live is one of the primary features of YouTube and it is very famous in today’s time. You will find the live feature even on all these popular social media platforms. You can record anything live around you and directly uploaded on YouTube using this feature. It is also available on Jio phone and this means that you can go live on YouTube using your Jio phone. Record anything exciting going around you or anything wrong so that you can get the maximum reach and circulate it among the people. However, the steps to go live on YouTube using Jio phone is a bit difficult and we will guide you through the steps.

How to Download YouTube on Jio Phone?

Live On YouTube From Jio Phone

Downloading YouTube is the first step and we have mentioned all the steps in details below. You can follow the simple tutorial and download the latest version of YouTube on your Jio phone.

  • Open your Jio phone and go to the settings.
  • now click on software updates and check if any software update is available for the given operating system.
  • you must ensure that your device is updated to the latest version because YouTube is supported only on the latest KiaOS version.
  • Close the settings and go to the Jio apps top.
  • Search for YouTube on the app store and then go to the description and click on install.
  • now the application will be successfully installed and you will find the interface similar to what you find on the web.

How to go Live on YouTube From Jio Phone?

How to go Live on YouTube From Jio Phone

  1. After having installed the application successfully, launch it.
  2. You will find all the trending and other sections there on the app.
  3. Click on the user login and then sign in to your account.
  4. There you will find an option to go live from your Jio phone on YouTube.
  5. Simply tap it and you will be live on YouTube using the Jio phone.

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