How to do Free Video Calling in JioPhone with Settings Guide in Hindi

Hi friends, in this post I will try to provide you a detailed and step-by-step process on how you can do Free Video Calling from a Jio Phone to any other Mobile Phone such as it can be an Android Phone or even it can be another Jio Phone. Jio Phone has it’s Official Jio Chat App Installed in the Phone and using this App you can also able to do a Video Call to your friends, family using Jio Network. Many of us still don’t know about the Video Calling Feature of Jio Phone and are wondering how you can do Free Video Calling in Jio Phone. So I thought, I should come up with with a Detailed and Step-by-Step Guide with the Settings of your Jio Phone. I need to Describe the Process in English and if you have any problem to understand the Trick to do Video Call from a Jio Phone to any other Phone, you can check out the Hindi Instructions on YouTube to know How you can do Video Calling from your Jio Phone.

Jio Phone Video Call Contacts

Though Jio Phone is missing with many of the Important Apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, it will be Grateful to have a dedicated Video Calling App Pre-Installed in the Jio Phone using what you can do Video Calling with your family and friends without worrying about following any trick or installing any third party Application in your Jio Phone. So without wasting much time, let’s see How you can do Video Calling in your Jio Phone for Free.

Firstly, To start the Video Call, you need to save the contact you want to do Video Call in your Jio Phone. And your friend also need to save your mobile number in his or her mobile Phone in order to do a Video Call. So after making sure that both of you have saved each other’s Mobile Numbers, let’s go to the second step of this process.

Save Contact for Jio Video Call

If you are trying to do Video Call to your friend who is using a Multimedia Smart Phone then he or she need to download a PlayStore Application which is named “Jio Chat – Jio KBC Play Along“. So after your friend have installed the Jio Chat Application in his or her mobile Phone, he or she need to register in that Application using the Reliance Jio Mobile Number. After he or she have been registered in Jio Chat Application, you will see that his contact is Appearing in your Jio Video Calling App of your Jio Phone.

Jio Chat App for Video Calling

How to open the Jio Video Calling App in Jio Phone?

You need to open Menu and in the Menu, you will get a dedicated icon of Jio Video Call. Click on that icon and it will show you the available contacts who are using Jio Chat and Available for Free Video Calling. Your Friend’s number should also Appear in that contact list. So click on that number and your friend should get a Video Call from you. Just following the same way, your friend also can able to do a Video Call using the Jio Chat Application, he or she will get your contact in his or her Jio Chat contact list.

Open Jio Video Calling App in Jio Phone

So this is a simple step by step guide on how you can use your Jio Phone to do Video Call to any of your family or friends. I have also tried to attach the relevant images so that it will be helpful for you to understand the process for doing Video Call from your Jio Phone. So it is should not get that much difficult to you to implement all the steps that needed to do a Video Call from your Jio Phone to your friends and family. If this simple guide is working for you and you are finally able to do Video Calling to your loved ones using your Jio Phone, please share this article with your friends in Facebook or WhatsApp, it will help us to grow.

Receive Video Call from Jiophone

And Finally Don’t Forget to Leave your Comment in our Comment Section. If you have any Doubt, We will love to Address that in our Comment Section.

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