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TV Free with Jio Gigafiber

Reliance jio has finally launched jio gigafiber commercially in the Indian market. You might know that jio gigafiber is a total home solution which will provide you not only broadband connection but also landline and TV connections. It is going to completely change the way we use different connections in our home. But there are some interesting facts which you must know about Reliance jio gigafiber. There are a lot of free items that are going to be included in the annual plans of this network. So let’s now to look at all the free items that are going to be included in your package.

What are the Jio Gigafiber Freebies?

Giga fibre is basically a broadband connection. However, it has got a lot more to offer than just broadband. You might be aware of the fact that jio is going to give you free Landline connection along with jio gigafiber. Additionally, DTH connection will also be absolutely free for the given plans. Most freebies depend upon the plan that you are opting for. Some higher packages also include jio cinema and subscription to all the OTT platforms. This means that you can enjoy all your favourite TV shows and movies directly on your smartphone and that too for free.

How to Get Free 4K Television with Jio Gigafiber?

Jio Gigafiber Sept 2019 Update

You might house obviously heard about free DTH and Landline connection with jio fibre. However, you might have not heard about the free television that you are going to get from jio. The company has come up with a welcome offer which will give free television to all the annual subscribers. Users will get either or 4K Television with 4K set-top box for an HD LED television with HD set-top box. Moreover, the DTH connection to this TV will also be absolutely free of cost. This is one of the most thrilling announcements of gigafiber. No one could have ever imagined that a broadband connection can get you a 4K Television and that too for free.

Jio Gigafiber Annual Plans:

 1. Titanium Plan:

The annual titanium plan will give you a free 43-inches 4K Television.

This plan will give you a shared 4K Television along with a 4K set-top box. The price of the annual package ₹1,01,988 excluding GST. It is the most expensive jio forever plan. Hence, you can choose the other ones if you are not comfortable with the price.

Titanium plan comes with 60000 GB high-speed data with 1 Gbps speed. It also includes jio home gateway worth rupees 5000, 4K set-top box watch rupees 6400 and subscription to all the OTT platforms. Besides, you also get unlimited voice via landline and DTH connection for free.

2. Gold Plan:

Gold plan is the tier 2 to annual plan which will give you a 24 inches HD TV worth rupees 12990. The price that you have to pay for the gold plan is rupees 31000 for two years.

Under the jio annual gold plan, users will get 250 MBPS speed and 12000 GB data. It also includes jio home gateway which is the route and the video calling box worth rupees 5000, 4K Television set-top box worth rupees 6400. It also includes a subscription to the OTT platforms and unlimited voice calls and DTH connection.

3. Diamond Plan:

The diamond plan for the jio forever plan will give you a 24 inches HD LED TV worth rupees 12990. It is similar to work you get in the gold plan. Additionally, you will also get the 4K set-top box.

This annual plan includes 500 MBPS high-speed data with 15000 GB cap. Besides, it includes free voice calls and DTH service along with an unlimited subscription to the OTT platforms. The diamond package is priced at ₹29,900 annually.

4. Platinum Plan:

This is another premium plan which will give you a 32 inches LED TV worth rupees 22900. It welcomes with a free 4K HD set-top box.

The plan includes 30,000 GB free high-speed data with 1 Gbps speed. Besides, it includes the jio home gateway and 4k TV set-top box worth rupees 5000 and rupees 6400 respectively. You will also get unlimited voice call and subscription to the OTT Platforms. The price of the platinum pack is ₹47,990 annually.

How to get TV Free with Jio Gigafiber?

Free Jio 4K Television

  • You cannot lie and register for jio gigafiber on their official website.
  • After having applied for gigafiber broadband connection, you will have to select any one of the annual plants which are termed as jio forever plan.
  • The television is free only for the jio forever plans and this is the reason why you have to choose one of those annual plans given above
  • Your television will be given in when the registration is accepted and the broadband connection is installed at your home.
  • Besides, all other features and freebies like the video calling box and other items will be given when the people from the company reach out your home to install gigafiber. It is still unclear which OTT platforms will be made available to the customers.

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