How you can Flash New Android OS ROM in Jio Phone?

Flash Android OS in Jio Phone

Hey Friends, In this Post, I’ll tell you something about the Flashing new ROM in your Jio Phone. But let me want to inform you that the Jio Phone is not Officially allow this. So If you want to do it and in the meantime if there is any problem happens like the Phone is totally Dead or the Jio Phone is not Turned On, then you will not get any Support from Jio Service Centers. They will simply reject you to Service your Jio Phone. So if you are Confident Enough only then try to do the Flashing of New ROM in your Jio Phone.

I am also thinking what might be the reason to Flash a New ROM into Jio Phone. There might be a Reason that Jio is not allowing you to access many Official Apps like Whatsapp or Facebook or Youtube in your Jio Phone. And you have to use tricks to Play and Run all these Apps in your Jio Phone. And to Watch Youtube Videos, you have to open Youtube in your Jio Phone Browser and only then you can Watch Youtube Videos. Is this the Reason? Then let me tell you that you can check my other articles for all the Guides about Installing Whastapp, Facebook etc type of Apps in your Jio Phone. There’s no need to Flash new ROM in Jio Phone specially when it Involves a RISK to damage your Mobile Phone.

If you still want to do it, then you can follow the below Guide on how you can do it. I’m no way provide you all the tools to do it because it would not be fair. You can search Online to get all the Tools and Software to Flash a New ROM in your Jio Phone.

Flash Jio Phone

How to Flash New ROM in Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly, You need a Jio PC Suite App that you can Install in your Laptop or PC. So if you don’t have a Laptop or PC, You can’t Flash your Jio Phone with a New ROM.
  2. Jio Phone Works on the KaiOS Which is almost like a FirefoxOS. And it also have the Recovery and Fastboot Mode. And working on Snapdagon 205.
  3. So now, Connect you Jio Phone with the Help of a Micro USB Data Cable with your Laptop or PC.
  4. After you Connect the Phone with your Laptop or PC, you can see that the Jio PC Suite is detecting the Mobile Phone.
  5. Then you have to Download the Android OS Compatible for your Jio Phone. I’ve Checked XDA Forum and found that Micromax Bharat 1 with the same sort of Specification like Jio Feature Phone actually works with Minimalist Design of Android OS.
  6. So if you can find the Minimalist Designed Android OS for your Jio Feature Phone, You can Install it.
  7. To Install just open your Fastboot mode in Jio Feature Phone.
  8. Then Select the Android Jio Compatible OS in your Jio PC Suite App.
  9. After that Just Click on the Install Button to Flash your Android OS in your Jio Feature Phone.
  10. That’s all, After few Minutes, You can find that your Jio Phone has now Installed with a Brand New Android OS Rom.

Note: If something went wrong and your Jio Phone got Dead in this Process, I’m not responsible. I am not suggesting you to use this method.

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