Is it really Possible to Download, Install and Play PUBG in Jio Phone?

pubg play in jio phone

There are lots of PUBG Game Lovers are here in India. Those who play the PUBG Game for the entire day. This much Craziness has this PUBG Game among Youngsters here. And then a News suddenly got Viral that PUBG can be played in Jio Phone. After this Rumer people got very excited and Searching online to know whether this is TRUE that PubG can really be Download and Installed in Jio Phone 1 and 2 ?? Or it’s just a rumor? Maybe you have also come to this Post with the same Question in your Mind. Well, do not need to Worry, I will answer this Question and solve all your Doubts in this Post.

So now let’s come to the point, Do Jio phone really supports PUBG Game? What do you think about it? If your answer is then you need not be over excited and Read this Post carefully. I’ll answer you why I’m calling you Over-Excited.

As I mentioned Previously that PubG is getting so much Popular that everyone wants to Install the Games and then Play it. One of the other advantages of PubG is that you can also Play this game with your Family and Friend because it’s a Multi-Player game. This is the reason everyone is just crazy behind this game and want to Install it in their Mobile Phone. Even a few people do not understand the Specification wise Difference between a Smartphone and a Basic Feature Phone. They even don’t Understand the Basics like How a Game can take Memory of a Mobile Phone and How it Consumes Internal Storage to Store necessary Files. So everyone needs to understand this fact that Jio Phone has only 512 MB of Ram and 4 GB Internal Storage. The PUBG Game itself will consume at least 2 GB of Ram and 7 GB Internal Storage at the time of Playing the game and also Installing the Game. So if you can think from that end, you will clearly get your Answer that Jio Phone can’t Handle the PUBG Game.

But there is Good News for all of you. That Reliance Jio will soon launch its new Smartphone in the Line called Jio Phone 3. This Jio phone 3 will be an Android Powered Smartphone with a lot of Features and Specifications. The Price of the Jio Phone 3 is also very very cheap that anyone can afford it. The PubG Game can be Fluently played on this Jio Phone 3. Not only PubG but all other Graphics Intense Games can also be played in Jio Phone 3. I’ve written all the Details like the Specification, Feature of Jio Phone 3, Review, Expected Launch Date and also the Expected Price of Jio Phone 3 in another Article. You can Read this Article to know more about Jio Phone 3.

At the End of this Post, Let’s look at the Outcome of the Topic. So now I think I’ve cleared myself that PubG Game can’t be played on Jio Phone. And the Reasons are actually two. The First Reason is obviously the Specification of Jio Phone. The Features of Jio Phone is very low if compared with the Requirement of PubG Game. And then the 2nd Reason is the Operating System Jio Phone uses. If you read my Other Articles about Jio Phone then you must have read that Jio Phone has KaiOS in it. It’s not actually Android. And Currently PubG game is available on 2 Platforms which are Android and iOS. There’s no KaiOS Platform Available to Play PubG in it. So both these reason Conclude the fact that you can’t Play PubG in Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2. But Yes, you can play PubG in Jio Phone 3. But for that, you need to Wait for the launch of Jio Phone 3.

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