Does Jio Phone Support PDF? How to Download / Open PDF in Jio Phone?


Open PDF in Jio PhoneHello Friends, I have a Good News for all of my Readers. Do you know that Reliance Jio is planning to Launch Jio Phone 3? And you will be so excited that know that this Jio Phone 3 will not be that Boring like Jio Phone 2. The New Jio Phone 3 will be a Smartphone with Latest Android and Snapdragon 636 housed inside it. Can you Imagine that? How good it will be when you can Exchange your Old Boring Jio Phone to get a Brand New Jio Phone 2? You might be thinking about the Cost. Well, I have mentioned all the Details of Jio Phone 3 from its Specification, Review, Price everything in this Post. So please go ahead and read it.

Now let’s come to the point. In Jio Phone, It’s sometimes been difficult to get an answer of doing things. Even sometimes a Small and Easy task get us more time to fix in Jio Phone. Because of the Unawareness of the O/S of Jio Phone. Users find it difficult to come to a Solution what they want to do. So to help our Jio Phone Users, I am continuously updating new Post on doing very task on Jio Phone to make everyone’s life a bit easy.

In this Post, the Topic is how you can download and open any PDF File in Jio Phone? Or even PDF Files are Supported by Jio Phone or not? Because if Jio Phone does not support a PDF File then its a total waste of spending time doing it. But the Good news is that Jio Phone does support PDF Files. So you can easily Download any Important PDF File from Online and Open it using the dedicated App in Jio Phone. You might be wondering how? Well. in the below, I will tell you the full steps on how you can download PDF files online and then open it in your Jio Phone.

To Download a PDF File, you need to Open the Pre-Loaded Jio Browser in your Jio Phone. The Jio Browser will help you to connect with the Internet World. Then you can visit your Official Websites, those Websites can be related to any Recruitment Websites, Result or Admit Card Download Websites, your Job Letter or other Employment related Websites, Bank, Income Tax related Websites and then from the Notice Section, Just Click on what you want to Download. It will be a Downloadable Hyperlink. Whenever you click on that PDF Link, it will be downloaded in your Jio Phone’s Internal Storage.

Now Click on the File Manager from your Jio Phone’s App Drawer. Then Go to the “Downloads” Folder in your Internal Storage. You will get that Downloaded PDF there. Now Click on that PDF Files. It will get Failed and not open. So what to do now to open this PDF File? It’s really Simple. you just need to Download and Install a simple App in your Jio Phone. That’s it, now you will be able to Open the PDF File. I’m telling you What app to install and how to install the app.

To Install the App, Click on the Menu and then Open the Jio App Store. When the Jio App Store will be loaded, Search for an App named “PDF Viewer”. You can type it in the Search Bar of the Jio App Store if you don’t find it initially. After you found the App, Click on it. After that, just Click on the Download Button of the PDF Viewer App. The App will automatically get downloaded and installed in your Jio Phone.

Now again to the Internal Storage and then the Downloads Folder to get that Downloaded PDF. Now when you will click on that PDF file, it will be loaded through the PDF Viewer App. You can also Zoom in and Zoom out using the Shortcut Buttons of the PDF Viewer App.

I hope this will solve the issue of Downloading and Opening a PDF File in your Jio Phone. If you still getting any issue regarding the Download and Open of a PDF in Jio Phone, you can Comment that Exact problem in our Comment Area and I’ll be happy to resolve your issue as early as possible. Thanks.

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    • November 21, 2019

    I sent a pdf file from my smartphone to jio phone..through WhatsApp .and it’s not opening..can I view this PDF file in jio phone??

      • SHRUTHI N A
      • March 8, 2020

      Not able to open PDF through PDF viewer in Jio phone. Please guide us

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    jio phone
    apps lanch to
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