Does JioFi Device Support Other SIM Cards like Airtel, Vodafone?

Does JioFi Support Airtel, Vodafone SIM Cards

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Reliance Jio launched quite a few Devices for its Customers. Products like Jio Phone 1, Jio Phone 2, Jio Set Top Box, Jio Broadband Device and last but not the least JioFi Device. Just like Jio Phone, Reliance Jio is not considering us to use any Other SIM Card in JioFi Devices. JioFi Devices are very useful for Sharing Jio 4G Internet as Wi-Fi Hotspot. As you know that if you use Jio Phones, you can’t use the Hotspot Feature to share your Internet. That is why Jio has launched this JioFi Devices to Target those people who want to use Jio Internet for their Home Devices as Wifi Connection.

What’s so Special about JioFi?

JioFi Device has it’s own Cheap Internet Plans. Right now, you can buy a JioFi Device for just Rs. 499/- after that, you can use any Jio 4G Internet Packs to Get High-Speed Data on your Wifi Hotspot Connection. Then you can connect several devices like your Laptop, Smart TV, Computer, etc with it. There are so many other Advantages of JioFi. One other advantage of this JioFi Device is that the Wifi Reach of the Signal of JioFi Device is so Good that it can easily Over a 2 Floored Building. The Portability also Matters. Like if it’s a Mobile Phone, you need to keep it with you when you are going out of the House. But the JioFi Device is only Targeted for House, so you don’t need to bring with you when you are going out for something. So your Family Member can still use the Internet Connection.

Does JioFi Support Other Sim Cards like Airtel or Vodafone?

Now the Problem is JioFi Device is like a CDMA Phone. Means it’s a dedicated Device only for Jio SIM Cards. And when Other Mobile Operators like Airtel and Vodafone is also Offering Internet Packs at Good Rate, Many of my Readers want to know if they can use their Vodafone, Airtel SIM Card in JioFi Device. There are places where the Jio Network Signal is very Poor. Because Jio has just launched a few Years back, it is almost impossible to reach everywhere, every village, every city in the Short period of time. But we all know Airtel and Vodafone have the Largest Network in our Country. Almost every Village and Town have been covered by Airtel and Vodafone’s Mobile Network. So where Jio Network is a week, people want to use Airtel or Vodafone in their JioFi Device.

But the Problem here is JioFi Devices are Locked to Support only one Sim Card which is Jio Sims. In Order to use Other SIM Cards in JioFi Devices, you need to Unlock the JioFi. To Unlock, the Entire Software System needs to be replaced. Some Mobile repairing Stores can do this task for you. They will just Load another Software in the System of JioFi and the Locking System will be broken. And when there is no Security Lock will be there in JioFi, you can Insert any SIM Cards like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc, everything will work with the JioFi Device.

Please Note: After you Unlock your JioFi Device, you will not get any Warranty from Official Reliance Stores on this Product. The Warranty would be Void after Unlocking the JioFi. So I would suggest you wait until the Warranty Period is over, after 1 year when the Warranty Period will get Over, you can bring this JioFi Device to any Mobile Repairing Shops, you ask them to Unlock that JioFi for you.

Can I buy Unlocked JioFi Device?

Yes, You can buy Unlocked JioFi Device. I’ve seen the Unlocked JioFi Device to be sold on various Online Shopping Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm mall. You can Visit all those Sites, and search for Unlocked JioFi Devices to find the Suitable Device and if the Price is okay, then Go for it. But before that, Confirm whether they are giving any Warranty on this Device!! Because as per I know, the Official Warranty will be Void after Unlocking the JioFi Device.

I’ve tried to clear all the Doubts in this Post about the Unlocking System of JioFi and Whether it can Support Other SIM Cards. Still, you have any Questions, you can Comment Down here, I’ll try to Answer your Query as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    This is a great article and very helpful for those who are looking for other options. Any idea when JioFi will be available to another sim card?

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