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How to Change Jio Caller Tune in Just Three Simple Ways


Jio Caller Tune

Changing Jio Caller Tune is really not a tough task if you know the process. In this Post, I will be showing you the simple way to change your Jio caller tune. There are total three ways of doing this, First being using Jio Caller tune app or Change Jio caller tune by SMS or By using Jio Caller Tune Code. All the three methods are easy and work 100% Perfectly. So, without Taking more time, Let’s start.

Here in this Article I’m giving you all the Possible ways by following which you can activate Jio Caller Tuner from a Movie, Album and Singer as well. The Jio Caller Tune Numbers will Work 24×7 and you can use it by Sending a Simple SMS. Means No Customer Care Calling is required to activate the Jio Caller Tune. This will be very easy steps to activate Jio Called tune within just 1 Mins. The Detailed SMS Format to Send to activate Jio Caller Tune is also given. Even if you want to Deactivate the Jio Caller tune, you can also do that using the Number and SMS format I’ve provided in the below table:

Jio Caller Tune Number:

SL No.TaskProcessExample
1Activate Jio Caller Tune from a MovieSMS MOVIE and send it to 56789MOVIE HICHKI and Send to 56789
2Activate Jio Caller Tune from a AlbumSMS ALBUM and send it to 56789ALBUM OH HUMSAFAR and Send to 56789
3Activate Jio Caller Tune from a ArtistSMS SINGER and send it to 56789SINGER TONY KAKKAR and Send to 56789
4Deactivate a Jio Caller TuneSMS STOP and Send it to 56789STOP to 56789

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How To Change Jio Caller Tune By Jio Caller Tune App:

  1. First You Need To Download Jio Caller Tune App and install it on your smartphone.
  2. This is the easiest and fastest ways to change your Jio Caller Tune.
  3. After Installing the App Open it and search for your favorite song. I am Searching here for Judwaa 2 Song “Aa To Sahi”.
  4. As You can See: Three Dots on the left Side Surrounded By Green Color, Click Here and you will see something Like Below:
  5. Now Simply Click On The Option “SET AS JIO TUNE”. And then a box will appear, Just Click on “SET AS JIO TUNE” Option to Change the Caller Tune.
  6. After all the above Steps, Finally, an SMS showing the confirmation that the caller tune has been changed like below:
  7. Done. Enjoy the Caller Tune.

How To Change Jio Caller Tune By SMS:

  1. This method is a little bit longer as compare to all the Three But it also has some extra list of songs to use as jio caller tune.
  2. You need to send an SMS To 56789 From your JIO Number.
  3. Now, To Search For a song from a movie, You must be following this format: MOVIE <movie name> To 56789. For Example “MOVIE JUDWAA2” (Don’t include inverted commas).
  4. To search For a Song From An Album, You must be following this format: ALBUM <Album name> To 56789. For example “ALBUM DESI KALAKAR”.
  5. Now, For Songs From a Singer format: SINGER <Singer Name> See Below and clear Your Doubt:
  6. Now Reply with The Serial Number of the song and you will get an SMS and then Reply With 1.
  7. You will Receive a confirmation Like Below:
  8. Now Reply With Y and All Done. You will receive the Final confirmation within few minutes.

How To Change Jio Caller Tune Using Jio Caller Tune Code:

  1. This Process is the Simplest One and You will Love this method.
  2. Now for changing the caller tune, Call a person who is using Jio and He or She must be using the jio caller tune facility.
  3. After Calling, You will be able to hear the caller Tune And If you Like that caller Tune Just Click On *(Star Button) To make that caller tune yours. See Below:
  4. After Pressing The Star Button, a confirmation will be sent within few minutes.
  5. Done. Enjoy The Caller Tune.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune In Jio:

  1. To Deactivate Caller Tune in Jio, Simply Call 155223.
  2. And There is one more method for Deactivating is Send An SMS STOP To 56789.
  3. Done. You will receive the confirmation within few minutes.

Finally, We come to the end of this post Showing That How to change Jio caller tune By SMS or Jio Caller Tune App or By Using Jio Caller Tune Code. Do Share This Post as sharing is caring And if you have any doubt regarding this, You are always welcome to comment.


  1. I’m not able to set my favorite retro song as my caller tune! Not even retro but other recent songs too..I tried through SMS and Jio music! Please solve all bugs.

    • I think you are missing the Proper Login Part. Firstly, Logout your JioMusic… Then Restart the app… Click the Skip Button. It will Directly detect your Jio Number & Log you in automatically. Only after that you can Set your Jio Caller Tunes.

  2. I want imagine dragons believer song as my caller tune but jio don’t have that song in there caller tune …. Why ???
    The song is in jio music but I can’t get it as my caller tune….
    Please help me out of this
    I need imagine dragons believer song as my caller ID……


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