How to Change Corona Virus Jio Caller Tune in 2020?

Change Corona Virus Jio Caller Tunes

Caller tune is an amazing way to keep your callers happy. The caller tune express has a lot about a person in general and it gives you the freedom to show people what kind of songs you like. We all are aware of the fact that songs are very expensive and it does volumes about a person. People, in general, are divided into several categories based on the types of songs they listen to. So do you want to put up your favorite song as a caller tune?

But wait, recently Jio has Changed all your Favorite Jio Callers Tunes into the Corona Virus Caller Tune. Not only you alone, but all the Jio Subscribers also got this same Caller Tune. This Corona Virus Caller Tune by Jio has been set by a Notification of Indian Govt. Indian Govt. has taken this initiative to make awareness among all Indian Citizen. This Corona Virus or COVID-19 awareness include what things you need to follow to keep yourself and your family safe from this COVID-19 Epidemic and what are the steps to follow in order to get recover from Coronavirus. The Helpline Number is also flashing in the Callertune if anyone wants in some bad situation.

So I would not recommend you to Change this Jio Corona Virus Callertune at least for the sake of others and your known ones who are calling you. But if you still want to change the Caller tune, you can follow these below steps.

We are here to guide you on how to change the Corona Virus caller tune in jio. It is a very easy process.

The Recent Evolvement of Caller Tunes:

You can set your favorite song as the caller tune. Anyone who calls you will listen to this song in place of the Corona Virus Caller tune. Reliance jio gives you the freedom to set the caller tune of your choice. Moreover, you are allowed to set different caller tunes based on your mood. The entire process of changing coronavirus caller tune and setting your favorite song as caller tune is a very easy job in Reliance jio and it will hardly take 5 minutes to make your favorite song your jio caller tune. So latest guide you on how to change coronavirus caller tune in jio.

Earlier, the caller tune was not a preferable option because it used to cost a lot. all the telecom companies charged approximately rupees 30 per month for setting up caller tunes. Moreover, the process of setting the caller tune was also very difficult as people had to send the song via manual message to the company. However, with the entry of Reliance jio in the telecom industry, caller tune has become an absolute free feature. All the telecom companies are providing this caller tune feature for free. Hence, you will not have to pay anything for putting a caller tune on your jio number.

But recently because of this Notification of Coronavirus by Indian Govt, Jio has to change it’s predefined caller tunes into the message tune of Corona Virus. But do not worry, as I said to you before, you can change it easily.

PS. I do not recommend you to Change the Corona Virus Caller Tune because it’s a Govt. initiative.

How to Change Coronavirus Caller Tune on Jio?

The process of changing Corona virus Callertune and setting up a new caller tune is very easy on Jio. It is also absolutely free of cost. You can follow the two procedures given below in order to set the caller tune on your jio mobile number. Those who preferred to set this thing digitally can simply download the jio Saavn application from the Play Store. Moreover, jio also has the option to add a caller tune manually using the text option. However, you will have to go to my jio application and find the code of the song which you want to set as a caller tune. That’s it, your newly set caller tune will be played in place of the Corona virus callertune.

Here is a step-by-step guide on this process of changing Jio coronavirus caller tune and set a new one:

  • Download the jio Saavn application from the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Now login to the app using your jio ID
  • Browse through the songs available on the application
  • You can select old as well as new songs and then tap on the Play option
  • There you will find set as jio caller tune option.
  • Click and confirm
  • The song will be set as your caller tune immediately.
  • you can call on your own number using a secondary device and check if the song has been set as your caller tune or not.


  • Set JioTune using the MyJio app. Select the JioTunes option from the menu. Search and select a song and tap on Set as of June.
  • SMS the first three words of the song of your choice to 56789. You will receive the list of songs carrying those three words and the instructions on how to set your selected song as your June.
  • You can also search a song from specific genres, singer name, movie name or album name by sending SMS Singeror Movie or Album to 56789.
  • You can also simply send JT to 56789 and follow the instruction to set a particular song as your June.

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    jio is giving very poor service and its intolerable know People are being harassed in the name of service They do promotions and endorsements like no one beat them in INDIA But the truth is that a rickshawala gives a better service then him They terminate my number without informing me
    These people don’t know How difficult will it be for a person without internet and phone calls government is continusly extending the lockdown And these people are terminating the sim without informing we are middle class people, we do not have the support of the Prime Minister. And their customer care associates are very rude over the call with me they say Go activate your SIM by visiting from Jio store His father would have opened the store for me in this lockdown they say over the call We have no senior officers is available due to lockdown why are you bothering us Will you die if you don’t use the internet for a few days and these are the words of that representative who answered my call I have tried 7 times And all the customer service officers spoke to me in a very unethical manner I would like to ask #MukeshAmbani if he could not serve us in bad times Why did you open the company If your son had to be employed then you would have opened some other business for him #sandipdas Managing director you should be ashamed for For giving such poor service to your consumers Now what should I do at home Scratch my head and Say !wow modi wow! Really

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