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Airtel Vs Reliance Jio: Airtel Filed Complaint against Jio before TRAI & CCI


India’s largest telecom service provider Bharti Airtel Ltd has filed a complaint against Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd with Competition Commission of India (CCI) & TRAI, accusing the Reliance Jio is “creating a monopoly for itself” to reap higher profits in the long run. Airtel is very Disappointed with the Offers Reliance Jio Providing to its Customers.

Airtel Vs Reliance Jio

In a letter dated Bharti Airtel addressed to the competition watchdog, Airtel said Jio’s “predatory free pricing strategy” is to “injure competition”. After the Launching of Jio Phone, the Market Share of Other Telecom Operators is Drastically Dropped including Bharti Airtel which is causing them a Big Loss overall.

“It is a strategic business tactic adopted to enhance market power with the objective of eliminating competition which it has succeeded to a large extent during the quarter Oct to Dec 2016 itself,” Airtel said in the letter, extracts of which have been reviewed by Mint. After Reliance Jio’s Appearance, Airtel has introduced so many Offers but not getting any Responsonce from its Customers. So Airtel is very much Frusted with the things are going against them.

“The strategy of RJIL is to bind the customer to free voice and minimize competition, including eliminating competition from smaller players, to gain a higher market share. Once RJIL obtains a higher market share, it would likely increase the costs or even charge for voice calls since competition will be limited and the customer will be left with a lesser number of service providers to choose from,” it said.

So this Airtel Vs Jio Fight is Getting Interesting. And it was Quite Expected. Jio is causing some loss for all the Other Telecom Operators in India. So it’s obvious that they will be angry on Reliance Jio and they will try every way possible to Stop Reliance Jio.

What do you guys think? Airtel is only playing a Blame Game with Reliance Jio? Or Jio will actually want to get the Maximum Market Share now and after that, they will also Increase their Rates when they won’t find any Competitors who can Challenge them.

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