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My Jio TV app is not working. How do I resolve the issue?


Jio TV App Problem

The Jio TV App is the Fastest Growing Live TV App in India. Jio TV App has all the Indian TV Channels in it. And the Best part is that you can Access all these Live TV Channels for Free of Cost. Only the Data Charges will Apply. But if you are a Jio Customer, then that will also not be a problem for you. Because Jio is giving Free 1.5 GB 4G Data per Day for Free of Cost.

You can Access the Jio TV App in an Android Smartphone or even in a Jio Feature Phone. So there can be a Different kind of issues for the problem you are facing with your Jio TV App. Normally the Jio TV App is very fluent and Run without any issues but as it’s an app and you are running it in a Electronic Device, there can have issues and glitches sometimes. The Jio Live TV App can have problems like Not Opening or not Loading, Crashing Issues, TV Channels are not Playing and even sometime the Login OTP is not Delivering. In all the cases, there’s always a solution.

If your Jio TV App is Crashing or Not Loading then you should firstly Go to the Settings and then App Settings. After that Select the Jio TV App from there and Clear the Cache of the App. Then finally Uninstall the Jio TV App. After Uninstalling the app, Restart your Mobile Phone. Finally when the Mobile Phone Turned on, Go to the Playstore and Install the Jio Live TV App again. That’s it, Your Crashing Problem should have solved now.

If the Channels are not playing in your Jio App, then you have to Check whether the Data Connection of your Mobile is Turned on or not. If not, Turn on the Data Connection or Wi-Fi of your Jio Phone. Even if the problem is there then maybe the Data is off for that particular app, So in this case you have to check the Permission of the Jio TV App and Verify that Data and Wi-Fi Connection Permission is turned on for the Jio Live TV app or not. You have to give Internet Access to your Jio TV App from the App Permission Settings.

Now if the Jio TV App OTP is not coming then that be a Server issue from Jio. So in this case, You have nothing to do but wait for the Server issue to get resolved by Reliance Jio. Don’t Worry, just wait and Try after sometime, you will definitely get your OTP to register or login to your Jio TV App.

If your Problem got solved, then please share this article with your friends in Facebook or Twitter. If there’s still any issue, you can comment down in our comment box. Thanks for the Visit.

Can I Access or Use Jio TV when I’m in Roaming or Overseas?


Jio TV App in roaming

Jio is the First in India to Launch all Services Free while Roaming. If you remember then when Jio was Launched and Free Services were on, like Free Internet, Free Voice Calls and Free SMS, Jio had announced that you can call anyone across the Country for free of cost because the calling of Jio was based on VoLTE Service which means Voice over LTE or 4G Connection. This is actually like you are calling someone using your Free Internet Connection.

Jio TV App is also a super initiative from Reliance Jio. When every other Telecom Operator and DTH Operator are busy taking money from their Customers, Jio has launched an app where you can Watch Live TV Channels including the Paid Sports Channels for Free of Cost. And Jio also got awarded for this Jio TV Application which is now No. 1 in India as a TV Streaming App.

Jio TV App is working with the Jio SIM and Jio Free Internet Services. And as you already know that Jio doesn’t restrict you because of your State Instead all of the Jio Services are Country based. Which actually means that Jio believes in the One Country, One Internet Slogan. That’s why even if you are on the go to some other state, and your Other Network Providers are showing you in a Roaming Mode, You can feel safe with Reliance Jio because of the Jio Services will be still connected and no extra charges will be deducted from your balance. If you are a Jio Prime customer, then you will be getting daily 1.5GB of 4G Data as usual like any other day.

And as the Reliance Jio Live TV App is using the Jio 4G Data to Display all the Live TV Channels, you can also Watch them for Free even when you are in some other State and in the Roaming Mode. So without any doubt, if you don’t have a Jio SIM Connection yet, Go and grab it. Because you will get all the Benefits that you never have imagined with your Other Telecom Operators.

How to Record Live Programs or Shows in Jio TV App?


Record Programs Live Shows in Jio TV App

Jio TV App is the Best App for Watching Live TV Channels in India. As all of us having a Jio SIM now, It’s very much obviously to have a Jio TV Account with the JioTV App Installed on our Mobile Phone. But if you do not have Installed or Signup for a JioTV Account yet, then you should go to the Playstore and Download JIOTV App now. After you Download and Install the Jio TV App, you can use your Jio Mobile Number to Register a Free JioTV Account. After you Login to your Account, you will able to Watch all the TV Channels in your Mobile Phone using the JioTV Application for Android. You will get a Number of Channels in the Jio TV App. Not only the Free Channels but also you will get the Paid TV Channels too. Paid TV Channel like Sports Channels will also be Included in the Jio TV App. Yes, you heard it right, Our TV and DTH Operators charging us even Rs. 40 for each Sports Channels and Jio is Providing those Sports Channels for Free of Cost. You can also Watch all the Indian TV Channels in Full HD Quality. That will Change your TV Watching Experience forever. That is why JioTV App is the Best App for Watching Live TV Channels in India.

When Watching your Favorite Show, Sometimes many of us want to Record those Shows for any Reason. One of the Reason must be to Watch those Programs Later when you will be Free. But by Default, Jio does not allow a user to Download the Live Channels. There’s so Download Button in the below Section of the Player. So in that case, If you want to Download a Program or a TV Show, you will not be able to Download that. That is why I’ve been Updating this Post to help you out with the Possible ways to Download Jio TV Programs or Other Videos in a Simplistic way. But if Reliance Jio fixes these Small Tricks then don’t Blame me.

The Most Easiest way to Download TV Programs and Shows in Jio TV App by using a Screen Recording App. You must have known about a Screen Capture App. Before Day months, We have to Download a Screen Recording App from Playstore and Sometime Few Apps required Root Permission in Order to Run them. Means it required you to Root your Mobile Phone to use those Screen Recording Apps. But recently, I’ve seen many Mobile Phone Brands are giving this Additional Feature Preloaded in their Mobile Phone. Like I’m using an Honor Mobile Phone and as you know, Honor Mobiles run on EMUI Operating System which is a Moded Version of Android. Anyways, this EMUI enables to Record my Screen without Installing any Extra Apps. I think Mi and Lenovo and Other Similar Mobile Brands are also giving this Screen Recording Feature Preloaded on their Mobile Phone. So I would Request you to check your Mobile Function if it Supports Screen Recording by Default.

If your Mobile Supports the Screen Recording by Default then Congrats, you do not need to Download any Other App from Playstore which is very Hassleful Experience. And if your Device does not Support this Screen Recording Feature, then you need to Go to the Playstore and Search for a Screen Recording App. Please Remember, Do not Download those Apps which Required Root Permission to run unless you have already rooted your Mobile Phone. I’ve to Search and Found 2 Apps are very useful for this purpose. You can Download DU Recorder App or AZ Screen Recorder App in your Mobile to Download Live TV Programs in using Jio TV App.

How to Download Programs in Jio TV App?

  1. If your Mobile have Preloaded Screen Recording App, then Open it. And If you have Downloaded a Screen Recording App from Playstore, Please Open it.
  2. I’m assuming that you have already Installed Jio TV App and do Login.
  3. Open any Channel you want to Watch or Download.
  4. Now when the Program has Started, Just Click the Record Button in your Screen Recording App.
  5. The Entire Mobile Screen is now in Recording Mode.
  6. So just Full Screen your TV Channel from Jio TV App.
  7. After the Program or TV Show Ended, Stop the Screen Recording App also.
  8. That’s it, the Recorded Video will be saved in your Mobile Phone’s Internal Storage or SD Card.

That’s How you need to Download TV Programs and Shows on Jio TV or any Other TV App in your Jio Mobile Phone. If you Like this Post. Please Share it using your Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus Account. It will help us to Grow and We will feel Confident to bring new Tricks and Tips about another Topic of Reliance Jio. Thanks.

How to View / Watch JIO TV in Web Browser? Exclusive Step-by-Step Guide


JIO TV in Web Browser

Hello Friends, Jio TV App is available in Playstore for all the Android Users. And Jio also Launched the Jio TV iOS App in Apple App Store. So if you are an Android User or iPhone User, then you can DOWNLOAD JioTV App in your Mobile Phones. You might already know that with Jio TV App, you can Watch Live TV Channels in your Mobile Phone. Live TV Channels means all the Indian TV Channels whether it is Entertainment, Sports, Music, Movies in your Mobile Phone. All the Channels are in Full HD so you can Watch all Channels in your Mobile in High Definition Quality. All these you are getting without paying any Extra Money. You just need an Active Internet Connection to Watch all the TV Channels in Jio Phone App.

You can Click here to Download the Jio TV App for Android. You can also Download iOS Jio TV App from the iOS Store. But the problem comes when you are not having an Android or iOS Mobile Phone then How you can Watch Jio TV without an Android or iOS Device? Another Question comes that whether you can Watch Jio TV in a Web Browser? Then let me tell you that you can Watch the Jio TV App in a Web Browser but for that, you still need to have an Android Mobile Phone. And by using the Connection of your Mobile Phone, you can watch the Jio TV in Web Browser.

Let me tell you how you can do that. If you are having a Desktop PC or a Laptop then you might already have Installed the Chrome Browser. If you have not Downloaded the Chrome Browser then Install it. After you Install Chrome Browser, You have to Download and Install an Extension called Vysor. You can Search the Extension “Vysor” in Google to Open and Download it. After you Install the Vysor Extension in your Chrome Browser, Connect your Android Phone using a Data Cable with your PC or Laptop. After that Activate the Extension to Get your Mobile Screen Displayed in your Web Browser. After the Mobile Screen is Visible in your Desktop Browser’s Tab, Open the JioTV App in your Mobile. And you can then Watch all the TV Channels in your Desktop Browser.

This is one way of Watching Live TV Channels with JioTV App in a Web Browser. You do not need to have a Television or a Jio DTH Connection to Watch all the Indian TV Channels. This is the Best Part. I can understand that the Quality will not that Great because the Streaming will come from the Mobile via Data Cable. So sometimes the Stream will get faded. And after all, you have to have an Android Device in this case also. So it is a better Choice to Download and Watch Live TV Channels in your Mobile Phone only using the JioTV App.

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