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Jio TV is the latest TV Channel by Reliance Jio. This is one of the India’s biggest and highest grossing Android Application in India in which you can watch live TV Channels. The Jio TV App is very useful for you if you are from a small town area and have a limited number of Channels without cable operator. With Reliance Jio TV you can watch all the Indian TV Channels whether it is sports, movies, entertainment, news and all other Channels. That is why I am saying that if you don’t have this App downloaded in your Android phone then you just have to download Jio live TV App in your Android mobile phone. Because in India watching sports and live cricket matches is very much necessary in our day to day life and if a simple Android Application helps you to watch all the live TV Channels in your mobile phone then Jio live TV is a must have Applications in all your smartphones.

Jio Play Live TV Features

jio live tv

In your mobile phone you can watch all Indian HD Channels with the Jio play live TV Android Application. You already know that if you have a DTH connection then you have to spend a lot of money to have all the high definition or HD Channels but you can easily save a lot of money if you have this Jio TV App because with the help of Jio play Live TV App, you can watch all your favorite movies, programs, sports, everything just for free of cost and in high definition resolution. Not only mobile phone but you can also install this awesome Application from Reliance Jio in your PC so if you have a PC or laptop then Jio TV App for PC or laptop is also a very important to have all the time.

Is Jio TV to Watch Live Channels are FREE?

jio tv online

Normally the Jio TV App works online means it will take your Internet data to let you watch all the HD TV Channels inside the App so the data charges may Apply but if you have a Reliance Jio sim and Reliance Jio internet connection then you are getting 1.5 GB of free 4G data everyday that means the internet connection uses is not a problem for you. Well, that’s the benefit of using an awesome Telecom operator which is reliance Jio. So if you are using a Reliance Jio sim then you can download the Jio TV online Application in your mobile phone to watch all the live HD TV Channels on the go.

Jio TV Packs or Packages

jio tv for pc

Unlike many other operators, Jio don’t have packages and packs of the my Jio TV App means you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription cost or anything for any particular Channel If you are using my Jio TV live Application. You just need to download the Application from Play Store and your Reliance Jio TV will ready to run just after you have completed the registration in the Jio live TV App. That is how Jio play TV can save a lot of money from your pocket and you can use that money to some other causes. If you have a Jio sim card and you are a subscriber of Jio prime and then you must have been getting 1.5 GB data per day so you can simply connect your mobile phone with your laptop or PC and then install the Jio TV App for PC and then play all the live streaming sports, movies, entertainment Channels in your PC or laptop to watch them for free.

IPL with Reliance Jio TV

jio tv ipl cricket watch

As the IPL session is on so everyone at the evening is sticking to the TV or television sets in your house but if you are a person who have to work outside maybe for your office or business or something else then you might be missing all the cricket matches during this IPL session. But if you have a smartphone with you, it can be from an Android or it can also be a iPhone, you just need to install the Reliance Jio live TV App in your Android mobile phone or even in your iPhone. That’s it now with the help of Jio App to see you can watch all the live cricket matches during the IPL session in your smartphone on the go. You don’t have to come to your home to watch all the matches or you don’t have to miss this sports Action, just open your mobile phone and watch all the live IPL cricket matches with the help of Jio live TV Channels with our HD or high definition.

Channel List of Jio Live TV App

jio tv channels

In the Jio TV Application, you will get all other small and big Indian TV Channels it is included from all the entertainment Channels, music Channels, Cinema Channels, movies Channel, news Channel, Informative Channel, sports Channel and even the regional TV Channels like Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and all other regional TV Channels. And the best thing about this awesome App from Reliance Jio is that all the TV Channels you are getting are totally free of cost means you don’t have to pay a single buck to watch all these Channels. You might be thinking about the quality of the TV Channels so let me tell you that Jio play TV Channels quality is very good because it is of a high definition means HD. So that’s why you are getting a crystal clear Digital TV experience from Jio. The only thing you need to install this Jio play TV App is a Jio mobile number and today I think everyone having at least one Reliance Jio mobile number with himself so if you have a Reliance Jio mobile number, you just need to install the Application named Jio play TV from Play Store and then register your Jio number with it. That’s it now you can watch all the TV Channels for free of cost.

Jio TV Old Version Apk and Latest Application Download

jio play tv

If you are getting any problem playing the live TV Channels with Reliance Jio Play TV Application for PC or mobile phone you must have confirmed that you are using the latest version of the App. If you are using Jio TV old version App in your mobile phone or PC then you might have getting problems watching TV Channels. It can cause you crash of the Jio TV Application so to overcome the situation, you need to install the latest version of the my Jio live TV App in your mobile phone and your PC or laptop. If you don’t know how to install the Jio TV App in your PC or laptop then you should check out my other post in this blog where I have described by step by step procedure how you can install the Jio TV App to watch live HD TV Channels in your PC or laptop.

How to Install Jio TV App in your Mobile Phone?

  1. Firstly you need to go to the Playstore to Download the Official Jio TV Live App in your Android Mobile Phone. If you have a iPhone, then you can download from Jio TV App as well because Jio TV App is available for iPhone also.
  2. Then you need to Register for a New Account. For that you have to have a Jio Mobile Number. If you are having a Jio SIM Card, then put that Number is the Specific Field of the Registration Form and Enter Other Details like Name, Email Address, Password etc.
  3. When you Click on the Submit button, you will receive a OTP from Reliance Jio. Confirm that OTP to Login to your Jio TV Account.
  4. After you Login to your Jio TV Mobile Application Dashboard, You will see all the TV Channels listed there.
  5. Let me tell you that Currently there are 425+ TV Channels are available in the Jio TV App and that’s not all. There are 75+ High Definition or HD TV Channels are also listed.
  6. You can Browse through the app, and click on any TV Channel to watch it for Free.
  7. In the Upper Side of the TV Channels Listing, You will see the Category. You can Choose Different Categories like Entertainment, Sports, News to get channels that Match only that Category.
  8. Enjoy your Watching with Jio TV App.

How to Connect Jio Phone with a TV to Watch Live TV Channels?


watch the Jio TV app on my TV

As Jio Phone Offers you to access the Jio TV in your Jio Phone you can access and Watch all the Indian TV Channels for Free of Cost in your Mobile from Jio. But to Watch to Jio TV Live Channels, the Data is being used from your Jio Free Daily Limit. But as Jio have Increased the Daily Free Data Limit to 1.5 GB per day, you can Watch all the Jio Live TV Channels without much Worrying about the Free Data Expiration.

Jio Phone has a Pre-Loaded TV Application using which you can Watch the TV Channels by default. But you can also Watch the Jio TV Service in Other Devices like a Tablet or a Laptop or PC. In my Previous Posts, I have shared how you can do that. And in this Post I will share how you can Watch the Jio TV Live Channels in your CRT or LCD TV.

To Watch the Jio Phone TV in your CRT or LCD Tv you need connect your Jio Phone with your Jio Television Set. But for that you will need a Jio Media Cable which is a Converter Cable from Reliance Jio. What is Jio Media Cable does is it’s Convert the Jio Digital TV Signals into the Streaming Broadcasting Service in your Television Set.

jio tv app in LCD TV

I’ve just Checked if the Media Cable is available Online or not, But I’ve not found any Jio Media Cable online. So what you have to do is you have to go and visit a Reliance Jio Digital Store and Buy a Media Cable for your Jio Phone. The Jio Media Cable is from Official Reliance Jio Brand so you don’t have to worry about the Quality. It’s a very good quality product launched by Reliance Jio. The only problem is that I think Jio should give this Media Cable Free with the Jio Phone but they are not giving it for Free and you have to purchase it separately.

After you buy a Media Cable Here’s… How you can Connect a Jio Phone with a TV to Watch all the Live TV Channels from your Jio Phone to your Television.

How you can Connect your Jio Phone with CRT or LCD or LED TV?

  1. I’m assuming that you have already bought a Jio Media Cable for your Jio Phone.
  2. Connect the Micro USB Port at the bottom of your Jio Phone.
  3. Now Connect that Cable’s Opposite Side to one end of the Media Converter Box.
  4. Finally the Remaining Port of your Converter to your Television’s Back panel.
  5. If you have a CRT Display Television like Old Fashion, You will get Audio Video Plugs as well to Insert in your AV Port of your TV Back Panel.
  6. Now Turn On your TV and Open the Jio TV App in your Jio Phone.
  7. Finally turn on any TV Channel in your Jio Phone and you can Watch it in your TV. You can also Change other settings like Volume Up and Down etc.

Enjoy your Television Watching Experience with your Jio Phone and the Free Data Provided by Jio. In the meantime, Please share this article with your Friends in Facebook or Twitter, this will help us a lot. Thanks.

Is it Possible to Watch Jio TV on PC? How to Install Jio TV in Laptop or PC



Jio TV is a very popular app in Playstore. And it is one of the biggest and fastest growing app for watching Live HD TV Channels in India for Free of Cost. This is the reason, people are very much interested to know the usage limits of Jio TV App.

In my Previous post, I have mentioned How you can Watch Jio TV from a Tablet using a JioFi Device. As you know, JioFi Device from Reliance Jio offers you a very Cheap Internet 4G Connection, that will reduce the cost of Watching TV through Free Internet Data using Jio.

In this post I’ll tell you how you can use the Jio TV app and Install it in your Laptop or a PC or Computer. So if you ask me that is it possible to watch Jio TV Live Channels in a PC or Computer or Laptop? Then I’ll say yes, if it’s a Laptop or PC, you can do anything in it if you have some expertise.

How to Watch Live Jio TV in PC or Laptop?

  1. To Install the Jio TV App in your Laptop or PC the First thing you will need is a Android Emulator.
  2. The Android Emulator allows you to install Android in your Windows Laptop. It is a Software that is Installable and the Android Version is already pre-loaded in that Software. So if you Install and Android Emulator in your Laptop or PC, you can access all the Features of android inside your PC or laptop.
  3. You can download any good android emulator from Internet. For example currently some best Android Emulators are: Nox App Player, BlueStacks, Youwave, Andyroid, MEmu, Remix OS Player etc.
  4. So after you Download and Install the Android App Player or Android Emulator in your Windows Laptop or PC, just OPEN it and Go to the Playstore.
  5. Now Install the Jio TV App and Login to the App.
  6. You can’t Signup from your PC, So you need to Signup from your Mobile and then Login to that Jio TV Account from your Laptop to PC.
  7. That’s it, Now you can watch all the Live TV Channels of Jio TV App in your Laptop or PC.

Enjoy this Trick to watch Jio TV App in your Laptop or PC. If you can Share this Article in Facebook or Twitter, it’ll be a great help for us. Thanks.

How to Watch Jio TV from a Tablet connected to JioFi Device?


use jio tv from tablet

How to connect a Jio TV with JioFi?

To Watch Jio TV from Tablet, You can Connect you Tablet to the JioFi Device and then Turn on the JioFi Device. Now I’m assuming that you Tablet is connected through WiFi Connection with your JioFi Device. After that, Open the Playstore App in your Android Tablet or Apple App Store from your iPad. Search for the Jio TV App in the Playstore and Just Install the Jio TV App. After Download and Installation is Done, Finally open the Jio TV App and Register your Jio Number to Sign in to the Jio TV App. That’s it. After the Sign in to the Jio TV App, You will see all the Live TV Channels are there. You can Click on any Channel to Watch it for Free. All these Live TV Channels from Jio TV App is High Definition. So Enjoy your Pleasure to Watch Live HD Channels from Jio TV.

How can we use the Jio TV app using JioFi?

  1. Connect your Android Tablet with JioFi Device.
  2. Open the Playstore App in your Tablet or iPad.
  3. Install the Official Jio TV App from Playstore.
  4. Open the Jio TV App.
  5. Register using your Jio Mobile Number.
  6. Login to your User Name and Password.
  7. All the HD Channels will be listed in the Home Page of the Jio TV App.
  8. Click on any Live TV Channels to Watch them for Free.

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