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Jio Celebration Pack: Get FREE 2 GB Extra 4G Data in this IPL Session


Jio Celebration Pack Free Jio InternetHello Friends, Reliance Jio is well known for its Surprizes. What Surprizes Reliance Jio can give you? Well, if you are a User of Reliance Jio from quite a long time, then you must know what I’m talking about. Yes, you guess it right. This Surprize is related to Free 4G Data Offering by Reliance Jio. This Free Internet Data can be used at High-Speed Downloads and Browsing. But the Catch here is that not everyone will get the Free 2 GB Internet Data from Reliance Jio, instead only Random Jio Prime Users going to get this Free 4G Data in their Jio Prime Account.

The Purpose of Crediting the Free Data under Jio Celebration Pack is because it is Reliance Jio’s 2nd Year Anniversary. And there’s another Special reason too. The Other Special Reason is the IPL Session. And you also know that the CEO of Reliance Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani has his own IPL Team Mumbai Indians. So IPL Session is very much Special for the Company as well.

Highlights of Jio Celebration Pack:

  • Free 2 GB High-Speed 4G Data per Day to Random Reliance Jio User.
  • This Offer is Valid till 17th March 2019.
  • MyJio App Account Section will Reflect this Extra Data belonging to Jio Celebration Pack.
  • Reliance Jio can bring back the same Jio Celebration Offer next Month on IPL 2019.

Benefits to get Under Jio Celebration Pack:

Firstly let me confirm you all that Jio Celebration Pack is not a Recharge Pack that you can Recharge anytime. So anyone do not need to pay anything for this Pack. It’s a Complimentary Jio Pack which can only be credited to your Account by Reliance Jio as a Goodwill Gesture. And Jio Celebration Pack Giveaway must have a reason right? So as I’ve mentioned before that it’s 2nd Anniversary of Reliance Jio. This is the main reason for this Giveaway and there’s another reason which is the beginning of IPL 2019. This Plan will give you 2 GB Daily Data for Free (Including your 1.5 GB Data under the Jio Rs. 399 Recharge) So you are getting a total of 3.50 GB Daily Free Data from Reliance Jio. This Pack is valid until 17th March 2019. Means a total of 3 Days you will get to enjoy the Benefit of Daily 3.50 GB Data. In these 3 Days, Download as more Data and Video and Surfing as 3.5 GB Internet. A total of 6 GB Data to get in these 3 Days under Jio Celebration Pack.

How to find if you’ve got Free 2 GB Data under Jio Celebration Pack?

  1. Firstly Install MyJio App if you haven’t Installed it.
  2. Then Login to your MyJio Account using your Jio Mobile Number. If No Account is there, Sign up for one.
  3. Then on the Dashboard, You will get the “My Plans” Section. Click on that.
  4. In the “My Plan” section, all your Recharged Plans should be showing.
  5. There you can find the Jio Celebration Pack is listed. Just like the below Screenshot.

Jio Celebration Pack

What to do if you haven’t received the Jio Celebration Pack?

After Checking the My Plans Section, if you find that you haven’t received the Jio Celebration Pack then you need to Wait until the Jio Celebration Pack has been activated in your Account. Other than waiting, there’s nothing you can do as this is a Random Activation. So no one knows who will get the Jio Celebration Pack and who will miss it. There is no other way to Manually Credit this Pack from Jio or you can not even Register yourself to get the Free Recharge of this Jio Celebration Pack.

Reliance JIO Republic Day Recharge Offer 2018 : Cheap Internet Plans


So Guys, Reliance jio has launched new plans on the occasion of India’s Republic Day on 26th January 2018. So now in this post, I will tell you what are all those new Jio Recharge Plans are. So hi guys, this is the Admin and the Team behind Blog.

Now Reliance Jio is used to launch New Plans on whatever the event is. It can be the New Year or Summer Surprise Offer, it can also be the Republic Day Offer but Reliance Jio has always come out with some New Recharge Offers and some Changes in their Existing Recharge Plans.

Reliance Jio New Plans

Now Reliance Jio has again changed the plans on the occasion of Republic Day and unlike previous time when they have Increased the prices, now they have decreased the prices of their Existing Recharge Plans.

So in this post, I will tell you some major and popular Reliance Jio Recharge Plans on which they have decreased the Prices and get a lot Cheaper than the Previous time. Means you are getting a Huge Discount on Reliance Jio Recharges.

Previously Reliance Jio was offering 2.1 GB Data with a Validity of 14 days on 98 Rupees Plan. Now they have Revised their 98/- Rupees Recharge Pack with 2 GB of 4G Internet Data with a validity of 28 Days keeping the Basic Recharge Amount same as Rs. 98/- And JioPhone users can also Recharge this Rs. 98 Plan so this is a Good Step by Reliance Jio keeping in mind that JioPhone is basically using by the Poor Class Society people finding Cheaper Recharge Options unlike Rs. 151/- Minimum Recharge of the Previous time.

Now Let’s talk about another very popular Reliance Jio Plan which might be using by the majority of the Reliance Jio Users which is the Rupees 399/- Plan. Reliance Jio was Offering 84 GB Total 4G Data with a Break out of 1 GB 4G Data per day with 84 days of Validity in its Plan of Rs. 399/- but now Reliance Jio has changed the 399/- Rs. Recharge Pack with a Total 4G Data of 126 GB means you will get 1.5 GB Data per day with a Validity of 84 Days which is again an Extra 500 MB per day Benefit in the Rs. 399/- Jio Recharge Plan. Just like me, many other people have also Recharged for the Rs. 399 Jio Plan for a Long Period like 6 months, 9 months or even 12 months so they will get 1 GB Data per day as per it was when they have Recharged the Plan but if you are not among them and preferred to Recharge Month by Month then you will be in a Better Side on your next Recharge of Rs. 399, you will get 1.5 GB per day 4G Data with the Validity of 84 days on Jio Rs. 399 Rupees Plan.

Now I have found a Special way or a special method following which you can save few of your Bucks while Recharging your Jio Internet Plan. If you are not a Heavy User of Internet and Prefer Voice Calls over 4 GB Data then you can Recharge Rs. 99 of Jio, you will get 2 GB data for 28 days means if you’ll recharge Rs. 98 for 3 times, you will get 3 months of validity with 6 GB of 4G Data for only Rs. 294/- And if you are a Heavy Internet user then you should go with the Rs. 399 Plan of Reliance Jio in which you will get 126 GB of Free Internet Data with 84 Days Validity. This is the Best ever Plan by Reliance Jio as I have checked that Reliance Jio have given 1.5 GB Data for only Rs. 399 with 84 Days Validity. So if you are going to Recharge your Reliance Jio within next few days, you should definitely go for the Rs. 399 Recharge Pack of Jio.

You already know that on the occasion of Diwali last year, Reliance Jio have increased their Recharge Plans Prices so this can be Possible that few of the Regular Customers of Reliance Jio has Left the Reliance Jio and Recharge some other Network like Vodafone, Airtel etc but now by Decreasing the Prices of the Plans, Reliance Jio trying to retain all those Lost Customers back to the Jio Family Again. And certainly this is a very good job done by Reliance Jio by Decreasing the Prices of their Regular Internet Data Plans and this is Certainly the Cheapest and the Best Internet Plans Available in the Market right now. No other Telecom Networks are Providing Data Plans at this much Cheaper Prices just like Jio. Like Bharti Airtel is giving 1 GB Data per day for Rupees 399/- but only for 70 Days while Reliance Jio is giving 1.5 GB per day High Speed 4G Data with 84 Days of Validity for Rupees 399/- so Reliance Jio obviously doing the Best Job Possible.

Now I want a Small favour from you guys that I want to know that Reliance Jio has a Decrease the Price of it’s Recharge Plans and it is really a Commendable Job but do you guys get the High Speed Internet Connection with Reliance Jio then the Competitors like Vodafone and Airtel? What your Comments are? Please Let me know.

Jio 5G 2 Months Internet Free: Jio is Launching the 5G Service in India


jio 5g price

As per the Latest Information Coming from the Sources that Mr. Mukesh Ambani is ready to surprise India again. Recently Airtel has announced it’s 5G Internet Connection in India. And as you already know that Jio is the Biggest Competitor is Bharti Airtel and even Jio is Dominating over the Other Telecom Operators in India. So how can you expect that Reliance Jio will get behind in this 5G Internet Issue?

Yes, To match it’s 20 Million Indian Customers Exception, Reliance Jio also announced the 5G Internet Services in India. And by this News, All the Other Competitors like Vodafone, Idea and Airtel are not very happy. Vodafone is yet to announce the 5G Internet Service in India. And Airtel also is a little bit worried about the Pricing of it’s 5G Internet Packages. Actually all the Other Operators are waiting for Jio to Announce it’s own 5G Internet Packages and after that Other Telecom Network will Design their Plans to keep in mind Jio’s Recharge Offers.

jio 5g sim plans

As Reliance Jio is never Compromise with the Quality of Service, It is now focusing on Building a Good Network Coverage through out the Country. Currently all the Jio Network Towers are 4G Compatible and they will not support 5G Internet directly but it needs some Modification in Machinery to Work the 5G Internet Smoothly in your Local Area. That is why the Jio Engineers are working on the Quality of 5G Networks in India. It can take few Months like 7-8 Months to Build a Good 5G Network Zone in all the Metro Cities in India. And after that all the Villages and Small Towns will also get the 5G Internet Connection in their Area.

But before that you would be dying to know all the Plans of Reliance Jio 5G Internet, Right? Well, You can expect that Jio has a Legacy to Give Free Services for it’s Initial Stage of Launching a New Service Like Jio DTH or Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. So it’s well known fact that this time also Mr. Mukesh Ambani will provide Free Access to the 5G Internet of Jio to all it’s Customers. But the Question is for how many Days or Months? Then let me tell you that, if the Sources are Right then you will get 2 Months or 60 Days Free 5G Internet Service in your Mobile Phone from Reliance Jio. Yes, You heard it right, 60 Days of Unlimited Free 5G Internet in your Phone. You already know that 4G is Lightning Fast, then think 5G will Blast your Mind. The Download Speed of 5G Internet is Minimum 80 Mbps means you can Download 80 MB of File Size from Internet just in a Second. That’s Awesome. You can even Download Movies in just few Seconds. Playing Online Games, Watching Movies and Videos, Video Chats will be so easy with the Jio 5G Internet.

jio 5g free recharge

The Jio 5G Internet Plans are not yet Declared Officially from Jio but we have got a Package Information of Jio 5G. I don’t know if this is a Genuine Information or not. But I’m going to Update this Jio 5G Internet Packages in this Post. Even if it will not Match but still the Packages will be similar like this. So even after your Free 2 Months of 5G Internet get Expired, you can still Enjoy Unlimited 5G Internet Data in 4G Price. And you know that Jio’s 4G Price is Cheaper than Airtel and Vodafone’s 2G Internet’s Price. šŸ˜‰ That was a joke.

Jio 5G Internet Packages:

SL No.PackagesBenefitsValidityPrice
1Package 12 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily7 Days49
2Package 215 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily28 Days98
3Package 380 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily59 Days197
4Package 4120 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily87 Days299
5Package 5150 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily95 Days401
6Package 6200 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily124 Days499
7Package 7299 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily142 Days799
8Package 8350 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily151 Days998
9Package 9500 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily192 Days1499
10Package 10800 GB 5G Data + Unlimited Free Call + 100 SMS Daily256 Days2999

What you think about the Recently Declared Jio 5G Service in India. Do you think will be bigger hit than the Jio 4G Internet Offers? Or you think people will not accept 5G Internet in India because they are happy with the 4G Internet? I would like to know your views on this Topic in the Comment Section. And I always bring all the updated Information about the New and Updated News on Reliance Jio to Save a lot of money from your Pocket, So I will be very happy if you share this awesome Good new with your Facebook and Twitter Friends. It’s will be me to Write new Updated News on Jio also in Future. And don’t to let me know what you think about this 5G Service in India by Jio in our Comment Box. Thanks for the Visit.

How to Know your Jio Mobile Number & Balance | Reliance Jio Officials

How to Know your Jio Mobile Number & Balance / Check your Jio Number:

Hello Readers, Today in this Post I’ll Tell you a Simple Query, I get so many times from my Jio Phone Blog that How to Know your Reliance Jio Balance & Reliance Jio Mobile Number.

Every Other Telecom Networks used to mention the Mobile Number in the Sim Packet Only. But we that that Jio has only IMSI Number & Other Serial Numbers are Written into it but there’s no Mobile Number Written as the Random Jio Mobile Numbers has been allotted to Customers. I have found many Bloggers simply suggested to Dial *1# to their Readers to Get the Jio Number but let me tell you this thing will not work with Reliance Jio Mobile Numbers. But Don’t Worry I’ll tell you How you can Check your Jio Mobile Number & Jio Account Balance.

Check Jio Number & Balance

Here I’m Assuming that you have a Activated Reliance Jio Mobile Number to Check your Number, If your Jio SIM is not activated or not Working, you have to Visit Reliance Digital Stores for any Help.

There are a Total of 3 Methods/Ways following which you can know your Mobile Number.


[mks_one_third]Method 1[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]Via MyJio Mobile APP[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]For this, You need to Install the Official MyJio App from Google Playstore. After Installing MyJio App, Login using your Jio Sim and then Right on the Homepage, You will get your Jio Number Written on it.[/mks_one_third]



[mks_one_third]Method 2[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]Via Jio4GVoice App[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]To Follow this Method, You need to Install Jio4GVoice App from Playstore. And then, Just like the First Method, Login using your Jio Sim & After Opening it, You’ll get your Jio Sim Number on Settings Option.[/mks_one_third]



[mks_one_third]Method 3[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]Via VoLTE Phone Call[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]You will also get your Jio Number simply by Calling VoLTE Phone Call to your Other Mobile Numebrs.[/mks_one_third]


Detailed Description of How you can Check & Find your Reliance Jio Mobile Number?

Find Jio Number using MyJio App:

  1. For this Method, You need to be Connected to a active Internet Connection.
  2. Then Go to the Google Playstore & Download the MyJio App from there.
  3. After that Install the MyJio Mobile App on your Android Mobile Phone.
  4. Open the App & Connect using your Jio Sim. Don’t Worry, For Logging in, You don’t need to enter your Jio Number. It will Detect you Jio Number Automatically & Login you.
  5. On the MyJio App Home Page, You will get your Jio Number Written on it.
  6. You will also Get Other Sim Information also regarding your Jio Prime Offers, Plans, Validity, Remaining Data, Recharge Dates etc. You can also Check your Jio Recharge Offers directly on the Jio Phone APP.

Find Jio Number using Jio4GVoice App:

  1. To Follow this Step, A Simple Jio App Install Involved, So it requires your Jio Internet Connection.
  2. After Connecting to Internet, You need to Go to the Playstore & InstallĀ Jio4GVoice App.
  3. After Installation Done, Open theĀ Jio4GVoice App & Login using your Jio Sim Number.
  4. You don’t need to enter your Jio Number here also Because it can detect your Jio Number Automatically.
  5. Now after Opening theĀ Jio4GVoice App, Go to the Settings Page, You will find your Jio Number there.
  6. Jio4GVoice App is very Simple App you can use to make VoLTE Phone Calls to anyone in India even in Roaming too.

Find Jio Number using VoLTE Phone Call:

  1. I am assuming that you have a VoLTE Enabled Android Mobile Phone or iPhone whatever you have.
  2. Now you just need to call your Another Number using a VoLTE Connection of your Jio Phone.
  3. In this way, You can also find your Jio Mobile Number.

How to Check Jio SIM Account Balance?

By following this Table, You can get your Jio Sim Account Balance directly from your Mobile Phone.

How toMethod
Check your NumberYou can Check the Upper Portion of the Post to know How you can Check your Jio Number
How to Check Jio Prepaid Balance & ValiditySMS "BAL" to 199
How to Check Jio 4G Data BalanceSMS "MBAL" to 55333
Check Jio Prime ValidityInstall & Open MyJio App
How to Check your Current Tariff PlanSMS "MY PLAN" to 199
How to know your Jio Postpaid Bill AmountSMS "BILL" to 199
Activate Data PlanSMS "START" to 1925 Or you can also Call the same Number.
How to know your Jio Balance & Talktime*333#

So Here’s all the Way Described How you can Check your Jio Mobile Number & Reliance Jio Account Balance. If you are Searching for Jio Prime Plans Recharges with Discount Offer, You can Check Our Posts. I can Guarantee you that you are going to get a Lot of Discounts on your Jio Prime Pack Recharges.

Jio Partnership with SBI Yono App: SBI Users will get Free Jio Recharge


Jio Free Recharge with Yono App

Reliance Jio has recently Partnered with State Bank of India. As you already know Reliance Jio and SBI has already Partnered for the Jio Payment Bank Venture where Reliance Jio has 70% of Stake of this Joint Venture where State Bank of India has the remaining 30% of the Stake. Now SBI has Partnered with SBI Yono App to showcase on the MyJio App. After this Agreement, Reliance Jio will Promote SBI Yono App which allows all SBI Users for Shopping and Payment Purposes over its Jio Payment Bank.

Reliance Jio is already known for partnering with several other Brands like Mobile Payment and Wallet Apps. That’s why you will find many Wallet Options are there at the time of buying any Services from Reliance Jio or at the Time of Recharging your Jio Number using the MyJio App. SBI Yono will also get Huge Exposer to be there in the MyJio App. Reliance Jio is one of the Biggest Brand in India now, and every day more and more people are connecting with Reliance Jio. So SBI noticing a Huge Boost in their Upcoming Sales and Services using the New SBI YONO App.

State Bank of India already credit Rewards to their Customers Account when they buy Something Online or Recharge Online using SBI Debit Card. For Reliance Jio Users who have an SBI Account and Transact using the Yono Payment Option in MyJio App, will get Extra Benefits from SBI. So from now on, if you have an SBI Bank Account then you can use it to Buy Services like Recharge your Jio Number from MyJio App for Free of Cost or even you can Buy Other Things and then Pay from SBI Yono App to Get Attractive Offers and Other Rewards in your SBI Account.

How to Free Jio Recharge using SBI YONO App

If you are a Regular Visitor of my Blog, then you might already know that Reliance Jio is about to Start Various Services like Jio GigaFiber Broadband, Jio DTH Connection, IPTV Set Top Box etc. So when you have booked all those Services, you will have to Pay their Monthly Charges using the MyJio App each and every month. So now, If you have an SBI Account then you can Pay those Monthly Subscription Charges of Jio Broadband, DTH Connection from your Yono Payment App of State Bank of India to get Attractive Offers and Other Rewards from them. And Reliance Jio always is known for its Unbelievable Offers on its Recharge Pack and Plans. Like the Previous Cashback Offer, Reliance Jio can anytime Start another Offer to Attract SBI Users to use the MyJio App by Giving Free Jio Recharge Offers or Jio Cashback Offers by using the MyJio App.

So If you are a Jio Prime User and Want to Recharge your Jio Mobile Number with the Best Offer and Discount Coupons then you have to have an SBI Account. If you don’t have an SBI Account yet, then you can visit your Nearest SBI Branch to Open a New SBI Account. And after Opening your Account, you can Download the SBI YONO App from Playstore and then Register using your Details. It is a Payment App just like Other Wallet and Payment Apps. But by using YONO App, you can avail the Best Discount, Cashback on Jio Recharges and Other Rewards by using MyJio App.

There are Other Wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik, Freecharge are also Listed in the MyJio App Payment Gateway Section. After initiating you Recharge for any Jio Recharge Plan, you can use any of the Payment Services to Pay for your Jio Recharge. And their Offer involving with that Payment Option will get Credited Directly to your Account. Other than Free Recharge of Jio, You can also avail Cashback Offers like Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 399 Jio Recharge Pack etc. But as Jio has already partnered with SBI for its Jio Payment Bank, then you can imagine Jio will give more Priority to the YONO App by SBI. That’s why I’ve recommended everyone to have an SBI Account to Create your Own YONO App Account. Because In Future, You can have the Best Discount and Cashback Offer on Jio Recharges and Other Shopping will be available in YONO App by SBI and MyJio App.

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