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Can Jio Phone also Blast? Is it really Explodes while Charging?


Jio Phone Really Explode

Do Jio Phone Really Explode?

Hey Friends, This Post is something different than my Other Post on Jio Phone and all the Usage, Tips and Tricks of Jio Phone. But in this Post, I want to clear few things about the latest Jio Feature Phone. This Blog is all about to show the Love and Effort coming from the Reliance Jio Team including the Jio CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani who have save our life by bring the Jio Network and Jio Phone and all other coming Jio Devices. When every other Indian Telecom Companies were busy in looting Indian Customers with Slow Internet Speed and High Data Charges, Jio has come up and given us what we had deserved.

But Journey was not that easy. Because other Telecom Operators never want it to happen, when they seen that they are loosing all their customers because of Reliance Jio, they have Appealed in-front of the TRAI and telecom Ministry and then in the Court because of the Free Internet Offers providing by Reliance Jio. After that even Jio had to Close the Free Internet Offer and has to launch the Jio Prime Offer. Even after that they have to face difficulties to run the Telecom Business.

But again after the Launch of the Jio Phone, Few Competitor Companies want to hamper the reputation of Jio Phones by showing fake Pictures and Images that Jio Phone is started to Blast. But this is not the truth. They actually want to get shortcut viral to their images and also few competitor company also want to panic the customer not to buy a Jio Phone and move to their Feature Phones. That’s the only reason, all the Picture are Circulating over the Inter about the Fake Claim of Explode of the Jio Phone.

To be a Tech Lover and also the Admirer of Jio, This feels very sad to see that people are trying to spread all the negative Images against Jio Phone. But there’s nothing to Worry about, If you have a Jio Phone you can use it without any problem. There’s nothing such thing that Jio Phone is Blasting or like that. You can use Free Internet Offers, Free Calling, Free SMS for just Rs. 49 per Month. Anywhere else you can get all these? Not even close to this price right? Well, that the only reason those people want you to trust their Fake images and buy their Phone at High Price leaving the Jio Phone and It’s Offers. So As I said, You can easily buy Jio Phone even from Online on Amazon and Enjoy all the Offers with Jio.

How to use Call Recording and Voice Recording in Jio Phone?


Hey Folks, So how is your Experience with the New Jio phone? And the Recent Rs. 49 for a Month is also a Great Starting for all of you who are not preferring to Recharge a large number of the plan on your phone. It’s the Best for Limited usage in Jio Phone. Basically, you are already getting Unlimited Internet Connection with Unlimited Voice Calls all across the Country and also 100 SMS a Day. So if you are talking unlimited it’s much needed to record some calls of them? right?

how to call recording in jio phone

So in this Article, let’s see how we can Record Voice Calls in your Jio Phone. As you already know that there is no default Voice Recording or Call Recording App in your Jio Phone. When you are on a Call and if you Press on the Options Button, you will get only 2 Options which are Add Call and Volume Button. By Clicking on the Add Call Option, you can Conference Some other friend and Create a Conference with Multiple People. And if you press on the Volume Button, you can increase or decrease the Volume of your Phone.

voice record app in jio phone

Anyways you can make an effective Call recording or Voice Recording Feature by using 2 Methods. The First Method is very Simple. You just need to Open the Video Camera of your Jio Phone and Make your Call on Loud Speaker. It will be Recorded as a Video in your Jio Phone. If you don’t want to use any other software or Apps in your Jio Phone, then this is the Best way to Record Calls in your Jio Phone.

And after you have Recorded the Video with your Audio, you can easily separate them using any Online Service Providers. There are many Sites which are used to Convert a Video into an Audio File. If you have a Laptop then I would Suggest you to Install Sony Vegas Pro Software in your Laptop. It will easily Split your Audio from the Recorded Video. I use it personally. And if you are not having any Laptop or PC in your Home then you need to use your Jio Phone’s Browser and Open Google. Then Search for the Term “Convert Video to MP3 Online” and Click on the First Website there from the Results. It will ask you to Select your Video File. Click on the Browse Button and Select the Specific Video File from your Phone’s Internal Memory and then Click on Convert. If will hardly take 3 Mins to Convert your Video File into Audio. After the Conversion is done, Click on Download Audio to Download that Audio File. When the Download Complete, you can Delete that Video file from Internal Storage.

record calls in jio phone

Another to for Effective Call Recording and you can also use this method as Voice Recording in your Jio phone. For this Method, you have to Visit a Website from your Jio Browser. And then on that Website, you need to Press the Recording Button in order to Record a Call or Voice in your Jio Phone. Let’s have more More Details on this Call Recording Feature of Jio Phone.

How to Use Call Recording in Jio Phone?

  1. From the Menu, Click on the Web Browser in your Jio Phone or you can also Hold the 0 Key in your Jio Phone and your Web Browser will be opened automatically.
  2. Now Go to this Website by Copy Paste the URL I’m giving you here. Or you can also type this URL in your Browser’s Address Bar.
  3. Here is the Website you have to Visit Start Call recording with your Jio Phone:
  4. Now after you Visit this Website, You have to Make this as your TOP SITE.
  5. To make a Website as your Top Site, Click on the Options Button in your Jio Phone and you will get Option to make it as a Top Site.
  6. Now whenever you will check the Top Site Lists in your Jio Phone, you will get that Website in that List as a Bookmarked Website. So you don’t need to remember the URL of the Site or don’t even need to Write URL, again and again, you want to Visit the Voice Recording Website.
  7. So now after you have made it as your Top Site, Click on the Green Button of the Website, which is written “Start Recording”
  8. After you click on the Start Recording Button, you will get a Notice to Allow the Usage of your Jio Phone’s Microphone.
  9. After you allow the Permission Popup, your voice will be Recorded whenever you say anything.
  10. After you have done recording anything, Click on the Stop Button.
  11. Then your Recorded Voice will be uploaded their Server and you will get a Download Link to Download the Voice or Call you have just Recorded.
  12. Download it and Enjoy the Call Recording Feature in your Jio Phone

I hope this Trick will work for you in your Jio Phone and now you are able to do Call Recording and Voice Recording with your Jio Phone. If it serves your Purpose and you are recording your Voice and Calls, Please share this Article with your Friends also. This Trick can also help them and help us to grow as well. And if there is any issue or problem, you can comment below. I’ll try to resolve the issue. Thanks.

How you can use Different Sim in your Jio Phone? Can we use it?


How to Change Jio Phone SIM Card?

Use Different Sim in Jio Phone

Hey Friends, Jio Phone that is Worth Rs. 1500/- is now one of the Most Selling Feature Phone ever in the Country. And not Only Jio Phone, Reliance is getting some major popularity in terms of their Apps also. Like Recently Reliance Jio’s JioTV App has Awarded with the Most Watched TV App in this Year. And that is why Reliance Jio Offered us a 10 GB Extra Free 4g Internet in our Jio SIM Cards but that Offer has released only to them who have used their SIM card to Register in Reliance Jio’s Jio TV App.

How to use Other SIM Card in Jio Phone?

Anyways, As almost everyone has this Rs. 1500 Priced Jio Phone in their Hand, and to Utilize the Most of the Mobile Phone, a Question always arises in our Mind that Can we use a Different SIM Card like a Vodafone or Airtel or Idea in a Jio Phone? You already know that Jio Phone has a Simple SIM Slot in their Back Panel which Holds a Micro Jio SIM Card in it. And as Jio Phone is like Regular CDMA Phone, So you can’t by Default use another SIM Card in Jio Phone. Right?

Does Jio Phone Actually Support Other SIM Cards?

From a very long time, we are constantly getting a lot of requests to mention whether a Jio Phone can operate with another Telecom Operator’s SIM Card like it can be Idea or Vodafone or even Bharti Airtel. I have also seen few Youtubers are saying that Jio Phone actually Operate with another SIM Card. Is it really True? Or they are just Faking?

How to Change SIM Card in Jio Phone

Can I use Vodafone SIM in Jio Phone?

So I have Decided to Come up with this post where we will check whether a Jiophone can actually support all this other Sim cards or not. For a Beta Testing purpose of Jio Phone, I have Opened the Back Panel and tried to remove the Jio Sim that is Inserted at the back of Jio phone and then Replace it with a Vodafone Sim Card and finally Turn On or Switch On the Mobile Phone but to my Surprise the Jio phone is not Displaying any Network and instead it is giving us an Error that “The SIM Card is Locked. Please Insert a Valid Jio Sim.” So that clearly means that Jio phone is not supporting a Vodafone SIM card. Yes, That’s Sad but True. You can’t use Vodafone SIM in Jio Phone that’s Confirmed now.

Can I Use Airtel SIM in Jio Phone?

But what else I can get If I insert a very popular network provider in India which is Bharti Airtel. Do Reliance Jio Phone will support Airtel SIM Card in their Mobile Phone? This time also I have Inserted an Airtel SIM Card in my Jiophone and Switch the Phone on. Again and this time also, I can see the Same Error Message coming on the Screen that saying “The SIM Card is Locked. Please Insert a Valid Jio Sim.” so that means you can’t use Airtel or Vodafone or any Other SIM cards in your Jio Phone.

So if you are buying a Jio phone thinking that you can insert any kind of SIM cards and any mobile operators in Jio phone then you are wrong you can’t use Another Mobile Operator’s SIM card in your Jio phone. You have to use the Official Jio Sim Card which is being provided with the Jio phone mobile handset at the time of buying the Phone. And if you are confident enough then you can also try this with your own Jiophone if you are having one.

Use Other Operator SIM in Jio Phone

Jio Phone Software Updates:

Maybe in future Jio can come up with several other features like as you already know Jio phone does not officially support WhatsApp or Facebook using their Jio Phone Apps. So definitely there will be an update regarding this issues and if we are lucky enough then we might see other changes like inserting other Operator’s SIM card Option in your Jio phone. But so far there is no Official announcement yet so you have to wait for future update if Jio Engineers are working on this thing.

Can you Share your Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?


Hello Friends, after the launch of Jio Phone, It has offered So many offers where you can get Free 4G Internet Data with Free and Unlimited Voice calls all across the country. But after getting in Hand to the Latest Jio Phone, the most Important Question among everyone was, Is it Possible to use Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hot-spot? Will it work as a Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Device to Share Internet from Jio Phone to a Laptop, Computer or a PC?

Why It’s Important to Transfer Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?

Share your Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot

As you know, with a Recharge of just Rs. 49/- you will get Unlimited 2G Internet Data for 28 Days in your Jio Phone. So people just love to share the Internet of the Jio Phone to some other Devices like a Smart Phone they have or even in Computer or Laptop. But as Jio Phone has not mentioned about the fact that Jio Phone can’t be used in those Devices using that Tethering Option or even by using the Wi-Fi Hotspot Option. So there are lot of buzz in several social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube about the Tricks to Connect Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot by using Bluetooth Tethering and USB threatening to share Internet Data.

How you can use USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone?

How you can use USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone

As you already know that other Smart Phones or Devices which have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection, they are able to share the Internet using that Device’s Bluetooth Tethering feature or by using USB Tethering to share the High Speed Internet to other Devices. But will it also work for Jio Phone?? Can you share the Jio Phone Hotspot for a working Internet connection? Can you use the Bluetooth Connection for using the Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering to Share the Internet of Jio Phone to your Computer or Laptop?

Anyways so let me check with whether Jio Phone actually work as a Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Device allow you to connect it to a Computer or Laptop.

USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone actually Works?

USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone actually Works

What I have seen after Connecting the Jio Phone with my Laptop is that you cannot actually Share the Internet of Jio Phone and Transfer it to your Laptop. Because I have some other Smart Phones that have this feature of Sharing Internet through Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering. And I have seen all those Devices have the USB Modem Option when I have checked the Bluetooth Device Properties of all those Devices. But after Connecting my Jio Phone with my Computer when I have Checked the Bluetooth Properties of my Jio Phone, then I have seen that there is no option like Bluetooth Modem Device is listed there. That simply means you can’t connect your Jio Phone to any of the other Smart Phones or even with your Laptop or Computer to share your Internet. You will not be able to share the Internet of your Jio Phone to all those other Devices. I am not saying that Jio Phone has not the features of sharing Internet by using Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot or Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Mode but currently the software is not supported with the specific features of sharing Internet. When the Jio Phone can connect to a Wi-Fi Network or you can share files using the Bluetooth from your Jio Phone, there has to be an Option to Share Internet via that Bluetooth Mode or Wi-Fi Mode. Maybe their Hardware supports that featured but to get the option to share Internet via Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering for Bluetooth Tethering, you have to wait for their official update.

How Youtubers are Connecting USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?

How Youtubers are Connecting USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone

I have seen many of the YouTube videos where they are showing how you can share your Internet using Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering of Jio Phone but those are not genuine videos. They are just doing it to get more and more views so don’t waste your data and time watching all those tricks to share Internet of your Jio Phone using Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering. They actually change any of the other Device which support to share Internet using Wi-Fi Hotspot or USB or Bluetooth Tethering option this simply change the name of the Devices to Jio Phone and then connect that Device to any other Device and showing you that they are connected to a Jio Phone and the Internet is working properly in the other Device. So in this manner their fooling all the other viewers to get more views in YouTube. Simply don’t believe them and wait for sometime to get Official update from Jio Phone to use the feature of Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering and Bluetooth Tethering in using your Jio Phone to share your Cheap Internet Data of Jio Phone to other Devices you have.

Simple Steps to Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in Reliance Jio Phone [How to Guide]

Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot
Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot

[UPDATE on 17th Feb, 2018]

As you know Reliance Jio Phone is not giving you the Direct Access of Activating the Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot to share Internet Connection. But you have seen many of Youtube videos over the Internet showing you that you can activate Jio Phone Hotspot but let me tell you that all those videos are showing fake step to activate WiFi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. So in this post I will discuss in details about how they used to trick users by showing the activation of Hotspot in Jio Phone. And what fake process they are following in their Youtube videos to activate there Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. And that’s not all I will also discuss about how you can activate WiFi Hotspot in your Jio Phone or oven you can expect this option officially announced by Reliance Jio.

So now let’s discuss about those fake Youtube videos where they are showing that how you can activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone?

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First Trick to Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jiophone:

1st trick to connect wi fi hotspot in jiophone

As I have checked in one of the very popular video in Youtube Channel and they are showing that you can share your Internet Connection through Jio Phone’s Bluetooth. Let me discuss in detail how they are actually doing it by using your Jio Phones Bluetooth Connection. You know that many of the smart Phones support sharing Internet Connection through Bluetooth. In that process you just need to check on the Internet sharing option while connecting to a Bluetooth. So by using this feature many of the Youtubers are tricking peoples that you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot using the same process. So what they actually do is, They put the name of their Jio Phone in their other Smart Phone’s Bluetooth settings and then they share the Wi-Fi Hotspot off that Smartphone. But now in Youtube video, they are just showing a Jio Phone with activating the Bluetooth option from the settings of Jio Phone and then at the time of connecting the Bluetooth Connection, they connect to the previously activated Smartphone’s Bluetooth Connection because the Internet activation checkbox is there. But let me tell you, this is totally faking the people. Because in Jio Phone you can’t share your Internet Connection through Bluetooth. If you enable the Bluetooth and try to connect that Bluetooth Connection from another Android device, you will not get the checkbox of connecting Internet through that Bluetooth mode. So this is one of the trick by using what people are faking others by saying that you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

Second Trick to Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jiophone:

2nd trick to activate wi fi hotspot in jiophone

Now let’s discuss about the second trick of some very famous Youtubers saying how to activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone… So in the 2nd trick they are saying that firstly you need to go to the settings of your Jio Phone and then you will get the option of Wi-Fi, so you need to enter in that Wi-Fi option and then you have to scroll down a bit until you get the option of advanced settings. Now in the advanced settings, you need to go to the manage networks option and now you will get another option which is called join hidden network. Now this simply shows you to Enter your network name in SSID network name section and then put your Security Mode of your Wi-Fi Connection which can be WPA, WPA2-PSK and then finally enter your password of the WI-FI Connection to connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. Okay, this is what they will show as a trick to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. They will not show you if this actually works or anything else in the further steps of the Video. They simply stop other video in this step. This is also a fake trick and you can’t access Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone using this trick. Let me tell you why this join hidden network option is there in your Jio Phone. You know that in a Wi-Fi router, you will get several options. An option support you to hide your Wi-Fi availability of your router. Means if your Wi-Fi is on through your Wi-Fi router and your Hidden option is ON then no one in your area can find that your Wi-Fi router is actually on. So when you are hiding your Wi-Fi Connection, this option to join hidden network will allow you to connect that hidden Wi-Fi network. So if your home’s Wi-Fi Connection is Hidden then you can go to your Jio Phone settings and then from settings, you need to go to Wi-Fi advanced settings and join hidden network to enter all your Wi-Fi network details as SSID network name, security, password and click the connect button to connect to that hidden network. This is nothing to do with connecting Wi-Fi Hotspot using Jio Phone to another Android Phone. This is also a fake trick and you can’t use this trick to connect a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

How you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone?

Hotspot in Jiophone

There is two ways to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. Jio Phone supports to connect to a Wi-Fi Connection. So this is not the case that Jio Phone hardware is not supported to enable Wi-Fi Hotspot. In Jio Phone, you can connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot but the problem is the software. For some reason, Jio engineers are not allowing peoples to use Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. Jio Phones hardware supports Wi-Fi Hotspot but yet disabling the Wi-Fi option in Jio Phone doesn’t make any sense. So if you can change the firmware of your Jio Phone, you can actually access Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. The firmware means the software platform where the Jio Phone actually works. It’s the software part of a Phone which handles all the features of the Phone including all the apps installed in your Jio Phone. There are many developers in India who actually can build a better firmware of Jio Phone and if they does you can install that firmware in your Jio Phone and it will totally change the look of your Jio Phone interface and also allow you to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. But the problem is there are no such developers are currently working to build a better firmware of Jio Phone because it actually doesn’t worth. It needs so much effort and time to build a firmware and if those developers are giving their efforts and times, they will also try to earn few money but from whom they can expect this money? There’s no one who can pay them some money so that they can build the beta version of the Rom of Jio Phone. So simply there’s no one in today’s date to actually built a beta ROM of Jio Phone.

Another move and I should say the best possible way to enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone is by following the official update of Reliance Jio. Yes this is the only authentic way on what you can depend upon. In my previous paragraph, I have mentioned that Jio Phones hardware actually supports Wi-Fi Hotspot when it supports to connect a Wi-Fi network. So there is a possibility that Reliance Jio in their future update can enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot in there is Jio Phone through an official update. Jio engineers are currently working too creating a better environment to use Jio Phone and also trying to provide other features they have not provided at the time of launching of the Jio Phone. So you can also expect that in future, Jio Phone will support Wi-Fi Hotspot through an official update. But till then you just have to wait for this feature to be enabled in Jio Phone. There are other features are also promised at the time of the launch of Jio Phone. Like using WhatsApp in Jio Phone and using other popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram to use in your Jio Phone through the official App update in your Jio Phone.

Reliance Jio has just launched and started to be distributed among all the Subscribers of the Jio Phone in the First Booking Date. Good Luck to all the Peoples who have booked Jio Phone on 24th Aug, 2017 in it’s First Booking Date. As few are getting Payment Error while tried to book Jio Phone, If you are among 1 of them, then your Show check out the this Page where I have Discussed that to do to resolve this Payment Failed Problem.

[mks_highlight color=”#f7f75b”]EXCLUSIVE: Trick to Recharge Jio 399 Plan 2 Times for Almost Free[/mks_highlight]

Let’s come back to the topic now. Many of us booked Jio Phone because Jio Phone is giving a lot of Features in a Basic Featured Phone only for Rs. 1500/- and the Best thing is that you can get full refund of your Rs. 1500 after 3 years of Usage of this Jio Phone. But we can’t disagree that there’s a big issue in this Jio Phone. You already know what issue I’m talking about!!! Yes…The issue is about the Wi-Fi Hotspot, Reliance Jio by-default has not provided any Jio Phone Hotspot in this Mobile Phone. Maybe because Jio is giving 1GB Unlimited 4G Data with a Month Validity for only Rs. 153/- so Reliance Jio doesn’t want you to use this Special Internet Connection with Other Devices using Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection. So they find it useful not to Provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

jiophone wifi hotspot
jiophone wifi hotspot

Not Being the Part of Jio Phone, Wi-Fi Hotspot is really missing by some peoples and they have decided not to buy it as it’s not worth without a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Guys that not true. You will understand later that Jio Phone is totally worth event Without a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Though if Reliance would provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio phone, that would be really helpful for us.

[mks_highlight color=”#f7f75b”]How to Use Whatsapp in your Jio Phone: The Latest Trick with Video[/mks_highlight]

As it’s a Basic Feature Phone if the Speed of the Jio Phone is Getting Slow you could have easily make your Jio Phone as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and enjoy seamless Internet Connectivity. Here are the Steps to Turn your Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot to be Enabled

How to Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Reliance Jio Phone?

  • Open Menu & Tap on the Application Option in your Jio Phone for Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Go to Setting of the Jio Phone & Scroll Down to Select More.
  • Now Click on Tethering the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Jio Phone. You need to activate it for activation of Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Now Click on the Network Name & Put any Network Name of your Choice.
  • Now Press the Down Navigation Button & Select the Security Option to Enter your WPA2 PSK Security Pin Code.
  • A Popup will appear to enter. You can Choose your own Password and enter that in the Text Field of the Wi-Fi Hotspot Password.
  • Now Click on the Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone to Turn it on.
  • Follow these Steps to Enjoy Seamless Internet Service from your Jio Phone using Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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Reliance Jio is all Set to Launch it’s 2 News Services according to our Sources. Actually Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service should have launch after Diwali but according to Sources, it’s been postponed for few more days and Reliance Jio DTH Service will be Launched before Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. We have also Covered some of the Expected & Leaked Packages of Jio DTH and also tried to List all the Expected Plans of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. You can Check them clicking on the Respected Links.

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