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Can you Share your Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?


Hello Friends, after the launch of Jio Phone, It has offered So many offers where you can get Free 4G Internet Data with Free and Unlimited Voice calls all across the country. But after getting in Hand to the Latest Jio Phone, the most Important Question among everyone was, Is it Possible to use Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hot-spot? Will it work as a Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Device to Share Internet from Jio Phone to a Laptop, Computer or a PC?

Why It’s Important to Transfer Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?

Share your Internet using USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot

As you know, with a Recharge of just Rs. 49/- you will get Unlimited 2G Internet Data for 28 Days in your Jio Phone. So people just love to share the Internet of the Jio Phone to some other Devices like a Smart Phone they have or even in Computer or Laptop. But as Jio Phone has not mentioned about the fact that Jio Phone can’t be used in those Devices using that Tethering Option or even by using the Wi-Fi Hotspot Option. So there are lot of buzz in several social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube about the Tricks to Connect Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot by using Bluetooth Tethering and USB threatening to share Internet Data.

How you can use USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone?

How you can use USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone

As you already know that other Smart Phones or Devices which have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection, they are able to share the Internet using that Device’s Bluetooth Tethering feature or by using USB Tethering to share the High Speed Internet to other Devices. But will it also work for Jio Phone?? Can you share the Jio Phone Hotspot for a working Internet connection? Can you use the Bluetooth Connection for using the Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering to Share the Internet of Jio Phone to your Computer or Laptop?

Anyways so let me check with whether Jio Phone actually work as a Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Device allow you to connect it to a Computer or Laptop.

USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone actually Works?

USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone actually Works

What I have seen after Connecting the Jio Phone with my Laptop is that you cannot actually Share the Internet of Jio Phone and Transfer it to your Laptop. Because I have some other Smart Phones that have this feature of Sharing Internet through Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering. And I have seen all those Devices have the USB Modem Option when I have checked the Bluetooth Device Properties of all those Devices. But after Connecting my Jio Phone with my Computer when I have Checked the Bluetooth Properties of my Jio Phone, then I have seen that there is no option like Bluetooth Modem Device is listed there. That simply means you can’t connect your Jio Phone to any of the other Smart Phones or even with your Laptop or Computer to share your Internet. You will not be able to share the Internet of your Jio Phone to all those other Devices. I am not saying that Jio Phone has not the features of sharing Internet by using Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot or Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering Mode but currently the software is not supported with the specific features of sharing Internet. When the Jio Phone can connect to a Wi-Fi Network or you can share files using the Bluetooth from your Jio Phone, there has to be an Option to Share Internet via that Bluetooth Mode or Wi-Fi Mode. Maybe their Hardware supports that featured but to get the option to share Internet via Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering for Bluetooth Tethering, you have to wait for their official update.

How Youtubers are Connecting USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone?

How Youtubers are Connecting USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone

I have seen many of the YouTube videos where they are showing how you can share your Internet using Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering of Jio Phone but those are not genuine videos. They are just doing it to get more and more views so don’t waste your data and time watching all those tricks to share Internet of your Jio Phone using Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering. They actually change any of the other Device which support to share Internet using Wi-Fi Hotspot or USB or Bluetooth Tethering option this simply change the name of the Devices to Jio Phone and then connect that Device to any other Device and showing you that they are connected to a Jio Phone and the Internet is working properly in the other Device. So in this manner their fooling all the other viewers to get more views in YouTube. Simply don’t believe them and wait for sometime to get Official update from Jio Phone to use the feature of Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering and Bluetooth Tethering in using your Jio Phone to share your Cheap Internet Data of Jio Phone to other Devices you have.

How to Download / Install Playstore Apps in your Jio Phone | Latest 2018 Trick


After the launch of Jio phone, one very important question is that whether you can download or install Play Store apps in your jio phone? There are very much limitation in the pre loaded app installed in your jio phone. Many important apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Skype etc apps that are very much popular in India but is not pre installed in your Jio phone. So to install all the popular chatting apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you need to follow tricks to install all those apps in your Jio phone. But what about the other Play Store apps? Yes you can install Many Play Store apps in your jio phone using a simple trick. This trick is working in 2018, so you can follow this trick if you want to install or update apps in your Jio phone. Though downloading apps in your Jio phone is not so easy but this trick is so simple that anyone can follow this trick to download and install any of the Play Store application in their jio phone.

 Jio Recharge Trick to Get Rs. 399 Recharge at Rs. 160/- Only

How to Install / Download Playstore Apps in Jio Phone?

  1. To install Play Store apps in your jio phone 3, you need to open the menu in your jio phone.
  2. In menu section, you will get the pre loaded browser app so you need to click on that browser app to open it.
  3. Now after your browser has been opened type in the address bar of your browser.
  4. After Google has been loaded, you need to search Play Store in Google.
  5. The first result would be the official play store website from where you can download and install several Play Store applications that are supported by your jio play store in jio phone
  6. So click on the first result of official play store website to go to the play store in your jio phone.
  7. When Play Store has been completely loaded in your jio phone, tap on the search bar and type any of the App name, you want to install a new jio phone.
  8. When that app will be showing in the search result, click on that specific app to open it.Search Playstore app in Jio phone
  9. Now like any of the other Android device, you will get option to install the app in your jio phone.
  10. And if the installation button is not coming, that means the app is not supported by your jio phone.
  11. But maximum of the apps will be supported and you will get the install button in the Play Store of your jio phone.
  12. So now click on the install button and you will see that the app will start installing in your jio install app of playstore in jio phone
  13. After that download of the app is completed you will see an app icon is loaded in your jio phone menu bar.
  14. That icon is of the same app you have downloaded from Playstore in your jio phone.
  15. Now you can click on that icon to open the app and enjoy the app in your jio phone.

So using this simple trick you can download and install any of the Play Store application in your jio phone. But as I have mentioned that if the installation button is not coming that means the app is not supported by your jio phone. That’s not all if you want to update any of the app in your jio phone from Play Store, you can follow the same process to go to the app in Playstore section, and you will get an update button on the app page. Simply click on the update button and your App will be updated and you can use the latest version of the app in your jio phone. The street is completely working in the year 2018. So you can try to install your favourite apps from Playstore in your jio phone using this small trick.

Simple Steps to Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in Reliance Jio Phone [How to Guide]

Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot
Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot

[UPDATE on 17th Feb, 2018]

As you know Reliance Jio Phone is not giving you the Direct Access of Activating the Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot to share Internet Connection. But you have seen many of Youtube videos over the Internet showing you that you can activate Jio Phone Hotspot but let me tell you that all those videos are showing fake step to activate WiFi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. So in this post I will discuss in details about how they used to trick users by showing the activation of Hotspot in Jio Phone. And what fake process they are following in their Youtube videos to activate there Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. And that’s not all I will also discuss about how you can activate WiFi Hotspot in your Jio Phone or oven you can expect this option officially announced by Reliance Jio.

So now let’s discuss about those fake Youtube videos where they are showing that how you can activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone?

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First Trick to Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jiophone:

1st trick to connect wi fi hotspot in jiophone

As I have checked in one of the very popular video in Youtube Channel and they are showing that you can share your Internet Connection through Jio Phone’s Bluetooth. Let me discuss in detail how they are actually doing it by using your Jio Phones Bluetooth Connection. You know that many of the smart Phones support sharing Internet Connection through Bluetooth. In that process you just need to check on the Internet sharing option while connecting to a Bluetooth. So by using this feature many of the Youtubers are tricking peoples that you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot using the same process. So what they actually do is, They put the name of their Jio Phone in their other Smart Phone’s Bluetooth settings and then they share the Wi-Fi Hotspot off that Smartphone. But now in Youtube video, they are just showing a Jio Phone with activating the Bluetooth option from the settings of Jio Phone and then at the time of connecting the Bluetooth Connection, they connect to the previously activated Smartphone’s Bluetooth Connection because the Internet activation checkbox is there. But let me tell you, this is totally faking the people. Because in Jio Phone you can’t share your Internet Connection through Bluetooth. If you enable the Bluetooth and try to connect that Bluetooth Connection from another Android device, you will not get the checkbox of connecting Internet through that Bluetooth mode. So this is one of the trick by using what people are faking others by saying that you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

Second Trick to Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jiophone:

2nd trick to activate wi fi hotspot in jiophone

Now let’s discuss about the second trick of some very famous Youtubers saying how to activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone… So in the 2nd trick they are saying that firstly you need to go to the settings of your Jio Phone and then you will get the option of Wi-Fi, so you need to enter in that Wi-Fi option and then you have to scroll down a bit until you get the option of advanced settings. Now in the advanced settings, you need to go to the manage networks option and now you will get another option which is called join hidden network. Now this simply shows you to Enter your network name in SSID network name section and then put your Security Mode of your Wi-Fi Connection which can be WPA, WPA2-PSK and then finally enter your password of the WI-FI Connection to connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. Okay, this is what they will show as a trick to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. They will not show you if this actually works or anything else in the further steps of the Video. They simply stop other video in this step. This is also a fake trick and you can’t access Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone using this trick. Let me tell you why this join hidden network option is there in your Jio Phone. You know that in a Wi-Fi router, you will get several options. An option support you to hide your Wi-Fi availability of your router. Means if your Wi-Fi is on through your Wi-Fi router and your Hidden option is ON then no one in your area can find that your Wi-Fi router is actually on. So when you are hiding your Wi-Fi Connection, this option to join hidden network will allow you to connect that hidden Wi-Fi network. So if your home’s Wi-Fi Connection is Hidden then you can go to your Jio Phone settings and then from settings, you need to go to Wi-Fi advanced settings and join hidden network to enter all your Wi-Fi network details as SSID network name, security, password and click the connect button to connect to that hidden network. This is nothing to do with connecting Wi-Fi Hotspot using Jio Phone to another Android Phone. This is also a fake trick and you can’t use this trick to connect a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

How you can connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone?

Hotspot in Jiophone

There is two ways to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. Jio Phone supports to connect to a Wi-Fi Connection. So this is not the case that Jio Phone hardware is not supported to enable Wi-Fi Hotspot. In Jio Phone, you can connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot but the problem is the software. For some reason, Jio engineers are not allowing peoples to use Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. Jio Phones hardware supports Wi-Fi Hotspot but yet disabling the Wi-Fi option in Jio Phone doesn’t make any sense. So if you can change the firmware of your Jio Phone, you can actually access Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone. The firmware means the software platform where the Jio Phone actually works. It’s the software part of a Phone which handles all the features of the Phone including all the apps installed in your Jio Phone. There are many developers in India who actually can build a better firmware of Jio Phone and if they does you can install that firmware in your Jio Phone and it will totally change the look of your Jio Phone interface and also allow you to connect Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone. But the problem is there are no such developers are currently working to build a better firmware of Jio Phone because it actually doesn’t worth. It needs so much effort and time to build a firmware and if those developers are giving their efforts and times, they will also try to earn few money but from whom they can expect this money? There’s no one who can pay them some money so that they can build the beta version of the Rom of Jio Phone. So simply there’s no one in today’s date to actually built a beta ROM of Jio Phone.

Another move and I should say the best possible way to enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone is by following the official update of Reliance Jio. Yes this is the only authentic way on what you can depend upon. In my previous paragraph, I have mentioned that Jio Phones hardware actually supports Wi-Fi Hotspot when it supports to connect a Wi-Fi network. So there is a possibility that Reliance Jio in their future update can enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot in there is Jio Phone through an official update. Jio engineers are currently working too creating a better environment to use Jio Phone and also trying to provide other features they have not provided at the time of launching of the Jio Phone. So you can also expect that in future, Jio Phone will support Wi-Fi Hotspot through an official update. But till then you just have to wait for this feature to be enabled in Jio Phone. There are other features are also promised at the time of the launch of Jio Phone. Like using WhatsApp in Jio Phone and using other popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram to use in your Jio Phone through the official App update in your Jio Phone.

Reliance Jio has just launched and started to be distributed among all the Subscribers of the Jio Phone in the First Booking Date. Good Luck to all the Peoples who have booked Jio Phone on 24th Aug, 2017 in it’s First Booking Date. As few are getting Payment Error while tried to book Jio Phone, If you are among 1 of them, then your Show check out the this Page where I have Discussed that to do to resolve this Payment Failed Problem.

EXCLUSIVE: Trick to Recharge Jio 399 Plan 2 Times for Almost Free

Let’s come back to the topic now. Many of us booked Jio Phone because Jio Phone is giving a lot of Features in a Basic Featured Phone only for Rs. 1500/- and the Best thing is that you can get full refund of your Rs. 1500 after 3 years of Usage of this Jio Phone. But we can’t disagree that there’s a big issue in this Jio Phone. You already know what issue I’m talking about!!! Yes…The issue is about the Wi-Fi Hotspot, Reliance Jio by-default has not provided any Jio Phone Hotspot in this Mobile Phone. Maybe because Jio is giving 1GB Unlimited 4G Data with a Month Validity for only Rs. 153/- so Reliance Jio doesn’t want you to use this Special Internet Connection with Other Devices using Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection. So they find it useful not to Provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Jio Phone.

jiophone wifi hotspot
jiophone wifi hotspot

Not Being the Part of Jio Phone, Wi-Fi Hotspot is really missing by some peoples and they have decided not to buy it as it’s not worth without a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Guys that not true. You will understand later that Jio Phone is totally worth event Without a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Though if Reliance would provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio phone, that would be really helpful for us.

How to Use Whatsapp in your Jio Phone: The Latest Trick with Video

As it’s a Basic Feature Phone if the Speed of the Jio Phone is Getting Slow you could have easily make your Jio Phone as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and enjoy seamless Internet Connectivity. Here are the Steps to Turn your Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot to be Enabled

How to Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Reliance Jio Phone?

  • Open Menu & Tap on the Application Option in your Jio Phone for Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Go to Setting of the Jio Phone & Scroll Down to Select More.
  • Now Click on Tethering the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Jio Phone. You need to activate it for activation of Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Now Click on the Network Name & Put any Network Name of your Choice.
  • Now Press the Down Navigation Button & Select the Security Option to Enter your WPA2 PSK Security Pin Code.
  • A Popup will appear to enter. You can Choose your own Password and enter that in the Text Field of the Wi-Fi Hotspot Password.
  • Now Click on the Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone to Turn it on.
  • Follow these Steps to Enjoy Seamless Internet Service from your Jio Phone using Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Jio Laptop Booking Link – Specification, Launch Date, Offers & Price in India

Reliance Jio is all Set to Launch it’s 2 News Services according to our Sources. Actually Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service should have launch after Diwali but according to Sources, it’s been postponed for few more days and Reliance Jio DTH Service will be Launched before Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. We have also Covered some of the Expected & Leaked Packages of Jio DTH and also tried to List all the Expected Plans of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. You can Check them clicking on the Respected Links.

Jio Coin is Launching Soon – Jio Coin Price, Launch Date & Buying Guide

Reliance JIO Republic Day Recharge Offer 2018 : Cheap Internet Plans


So Guys, Reliance jio has launched new plans on the occasion of India’s Republic Day on 26th January 2018. So now in this post, I will tell you what are all those new Jio Recharge Plans are. So hi guys, this is the Admin and the Team behind Blog.

Now Reliance Jio is used to launch New Plans on whatever the event is. It can be the New Year or Summer Surprise Offer, it can also be the Republic Day Offer but Reliance Jio has always come out with some New Recharge Offers and some Changes in their Existing Recharge Plans.

Reliance Jio New Plans

Now Reliance Jio has again changed the plans on the occasion of Republic Day and unlike previous time when they have Increased the prices, now they have decreased the prices of their Existing Recharge Plans.

So in this post, I will tell you some major and popular Reliance Jio Recharge Plans on which they have decreased the Prices and get a lot Cheaper than the Previous time. Means you are getting a Huge Discount on Reliance Jio Recharges.

Previously Reliance Jio was offering 2.1 GB Data with a Validity of 14 days on 98 Rupees Plan. Now they have Revised their 98/- Rupees Recharge Pack with 2 GB of 4G Internet Data with a validity of 28 Days keeping the Basic Recharge Amount same as Rs. 98/- And JioPhone users can also Recharge this Rs. 98 Plan so this is a Good Step by Reliance Jio keeping in mind that JioPhone is basically using by the Poor Class Society people finding Cheaper Recharge Options unlike Rs. 151/- Minimum Recharge of the Previous time.

Now Let’s talk about another very popular Reliance Jio Plan which might be using by the majority of the Reliance Jio Users which is the Rupees 399/- Plan. Reliance Jio was Offering 84 GB Total 4G Data with a Break out of 1 GB 4G Data per day with 84 days of Validity in its Plan of Rs. 399/- but now Reliance Jio has changed the 399/- Rs. Recharge Pack with a Total 4G Data of 126 GB means you will get 1.5 GB Data per day with a Validity of 84 Days which is again an Extra 500 MB per day Benefit in the Rs. 399/- Jio Recharge Plan. Just like me, many other people have also Recharged for the Rs. 399 Jio Plan for a Long Period like 6 months, 9 months or even 12 months so they will get 1 GB Data per day as per it was when they have Recharged the Plan but if you are not among them and preferred to Recharge Month by Month then you will be in a Better Side on your next Recharge of Rs. 399, you will get 1.5 GB per day 4G Data with the Validity of 84 days on Jio Rs. 399 Rupees Plan.

Now I have found a Special way or a special method following which you can save few of your Bucks while Recharging your Jio Internet Plan. If you are not a Heavy User of Internet and Prefer Voice Calls over 4 GB Data then you can Recharge Rs. 99 of Jio, you will get 2 GB data for 28 days means if you’ll recharge Rs. 98 for 3 times, you will get 3 months of validity with 6 GB of 4G Data for only Rs. 294/- And if you are a Heavy Internet user then you should go with the Rs. 399 Plan of Reliance Jio in which you will get 126 GB of Free Internet Data with 84 Days Validity. This is the Best ever Plan by Reliance Jio as I have checked that Reliance Jio have given 1.5 GB Data for only Rs. 399 with 84 Days Validity. So if you are going to Recharge your Reliance Jio within next few days, you should definitely go for the Rs. 399 Recharge Pack of Jio.

You already know that on the occasion of Diwali last year, Reliance Jio have increased their Recharge Plans Prices so this can be Possible that few of the Regular Customers of Reliance Jio has Left the Reliance Jio and Recharge some other Network like Vodafone, Airtel etc but now by Decreasing the Prices of the Plans, Reliance Jio trying to retain all those Lost Customers back to the Jio Family Again. And certainly this is a very good job done by Reliance Jio by Decreasing the Prices of their Regular Internet Data Plans and this is Certainly the Cheapest and the Best Internet Plans Available in the Market right now. No other Telecom Networks are Providing Data Plans at this much Cheaper Prices just like Jio. Like Bharti Airtel is giving 1 GB Data per day for Rupees 399/- but only for 70 Days while Reliance Jio is giving 1.5 GB per day High Speed 4G Data with 84 Days of Validity for Rupees 399/- so Reliance Jio obviously doing the Best Job Possible.

Now I want a Small favour from you guys that I want to know that Reliance Jio has a Decrease the Price of it’s Recharge Plans and it is really a Commendable Job but do you guys get the High Speed Internet Connection with Reliance Jio then the Competitors like Vodafone and Airtel? What your Comments are? Please Let me know.

Reliance Jio Phone Booking has Started Again | Not Open for Everyone


Good news for all of you guys, Reliance Jio has been started the Jio phone booking. Previously the Jio Phone booking was stopped and a lot of people had not able to register for Jio Phone. So Reliance Jio has decided to relaunch the Jiophone Registration Link. But this time Reliance Jio does not allow everyone to Register for their New Jio phone. Because last time, a lot of registrant haven’t accepted the Jio Phone. So this time, Reliance Jio has decided to Distribute only to potential buyers and they are sending SMS to them with the Registration link. If you are interested to get your Jio phone, you can click on the link or make a call to the number displayed in the Jio Official Website.

Jio phone booking

There is no official comments yet from Reliance Jio but an official has been said that A link will be sent to people who are again showing interest to make payment of rupees 500 on the authorized channel. Once they make payment, they will be informed about the date of when Jio Phone will be delivered to them. You should know that around 18 million people have shown interest on the last time when Jio registration opened in July and the this message will be sending to all of them.

There are almost six million people have booked Jio phone when it has launched in the month of July last time and recently many of them have received the deliveries of the new Jio phone. Initially everyone have to pay rupees 500 at the time of registration and remaining rupees 1000 at the time of receiving the phone. Effectively Reliance Jio phone is totally free of cost as said by the CEO of Reliance Industries Mr. Mukesh Ambani but to prevent the misuse of the new Reliance jio phone, Mukesh Ambani has said that a one time payment of Rupees 1500 need to be paid for the booking of Jio phone. But after the uses of 36 month, anyone can return the Jio phone and is eligible to get a full Refund of what they have paid.

Under the new condition which have been Changed by Reliance Jio for all the users who have got the Jio phone Handset. Buyers can get a Refund of rupees 500 if the person return the device in the first year and have made a recharge of at least rupees 1500 during this year. But to get some flexibility to the customer, they can recharge that 1500 rupees per year usage figures according to their convenience by choosing any tariff or plans announced by Reliance Jio. Similarly on the return of the Jio phone in the second year, the customer will get a refund of rupees 1000 with the recharge of minimum 1500 in those 2 years of time and in the third year, they are eligible to get a full refund of 1500 which they have paid at the time of receiving the phone. I need to mention that the first lot of a Jio phone started delivering the phone from last month of Navratri festival.

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