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How to use Video Calling Feature in your Jio Phone for Free


Hey friends, in this post, I will tell you how you can do Video chat using your Jio Phone. Video chat is one of the very popular services that everyone want to have in their mobile Phone. And if I will tell you that in a Feature Phone, you can have the Video Chat option then you might be wondering how? Because normally to do a Video chat, you need a Smartphone or an Android Phone. But we all know that Jio is famous for doing all this tricks to give very good features at an affordable price. If you have the new Jio Phone then there is a good news for you and that good news is you can do Video Calling with your loved ones by using Jio Phone.

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Why Video Calling using Jio Phone is Important?

Video Calling in Jio Phone

If you are using Jio Phone then you already know about the Jio Rs. 49 Plan. If you have recharged your Jio Phone with the Rs. 49 plan then you are getting unlimited voice Calls, daily 100 free SMS and with that free unlimited 4G data for 28 days. Using this 4G data, you can do Video chat with your family, friends and other loved ones. Video chat is a very good way to communicate with your family and friends because you can see them in front of your eyes in your mobile screen and communicate with them. So it is a very popular way of communication in recent time. But because not having an Android Smartphone, few of us were unable to do Video chat. Keeping this in mind, Reliance Jio have been launched their Jio Phone for just Rs. 1500 which is totally refundable means when you will return the Jio Phone after 3 years, you can get a full refund of 1500 rupees in your hand. And that is the reason everyone has got the new Jio Phone. So now use your Jio Phone to do Video Calling with your friends and family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc.

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How to do Video Call with Jio Phone?

How to Video Call in Jio Phone

Doing a Video chat with an Android Smartphone is very easy but you might be wondering whether it is that easy to use your Jio Phone and communicate with your friends via Video Calling? Yes with Jio Phone also, it is very easy to do Video Calling with everyone in your contact list of your Jio Phone. You just need to install an app of Jio which is Called Jio chat or Jio Video Calling App. Normally you will get this app already installed in your Jio Phone at the time of your purchase but if that app has not yet been installed in your Jio Phone then you can open your menu of your Jio Phone and then click on the Jio Store icon. In Jio store you will see several Jio apps are listed. You will find the Jio chat application or you can also Call this application as Jio Video Calling app. Click on that app icon and you will get the option to install that app in your Jio Phone. After the installation has been done click the Red Icon to back to the menu section of your Phone and you will find that the Jio chat application has been installed in your Jio Phone. That’s it…. the app has been installed and now you will be able to do Video chat with everyone in your contact list. Open the application and you will be automatically log in to your Jio chat application and if you are not logging in then just create a new account in Jio chat application using your Jio Phone Mobile Number. After the registration done, you will be right to your Jio Chat App Dashboard where you will see all your contact list of your Jio Phone. In order to do Video chat with someone they have to be in the Jio Chat application. And if they don’t have the Jio chat application, you can Call them and tell them to install the Jio chat application and login just the way you have logged in that application. After your contact has also installed the Jio chat app, you will be able to Call him or her using the Call button of your Jio chat app.

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Feedback of Video Calling in Jio Phone

The quality of the Video Call you will not be that great because you have to understand that it is a feature Phone and you will not get the experience just like you do with your Android Phone. So you have to accept the fact that just spending Rs. 1500 and by using a Rs. 49/- Jio plan, you are able to see your loved ones in your Jio Phone which is a great initiative by Reliance Jio. Don’t judge Reliance Jio with the quality of the Video Call. And I also want to let you know that the speaker of Jio Phone is not that loud so if you are not using a Earphone, you will get a tough time to listen your contacts voice at the time of doing Video Calling with him or her. So for better experience, I would suggest you to use a Earphone while you are doing Video chat using your Jio Phone.

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Can Jio Phone also Blast? Is it really Explodes while Charging?


Jio Phone Really Explode

Do Jio Phone Really Explode?

Hey Friends, This Post is something different than my Other Post on Jio Phone and all the Usage, Tips and Tricks of Jio Phone. But in this Post, I want to clear few things about the latest Jio Feature Phone. This Blog is all about to show the Love and Effort coming from the Reliance Jio Team including the Jio CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani who have save our life by bring the Jio Network and Jio Phone and all other coming Jio Devices. When every other Indian Telecom Companies were busy in looting Indian Customers with Slow Internet Speed and High Data Charges, Jio has come up and given us what we had deserved.

But Journey was not that easy. Because other Telecom Operators never want it to happen, when they seen that they are loosing all their customers because of Reliance Jio, they have Appealed in-front of the TRAI and telecom Ministry and then in the Court because of the Free Internet Offers providing by Reliance Jio. After that even Jio had to Close the Free Internet Offer and has to launch the Jio Prime Offer. Even after that they have to face difficulties to run the Telecom Business.

But again after the Launch of the Jio Phone, Few Competitor Companies want to hamper the reputation of Jio Phones by showing fake Pictures and Images that Jio Phone is started to Blast. But this is not the truth. They actually want to get shortcut viral to their images and also few competitor company also want to panic the customer not to buy a Jio Phone and move to their Feature Phones. That’s the only reason, all the Picture are Circulating over the Inter about the Fake Claim of Explode of the Jio Phone.

To be a Tech Lover and also the Admirer of Jio, This feels very sad to see that people are trying to spread all the negative Images against Jio Phone. But there’s nothing to Worry about, If you have a Jio Phone you can use it without any problem. There’s nothing such thing that Jio Phone is Blasting or like that. You can use Free Internet Offers, Free Calling, Free SMS for just Rs. 49 per Month. Anywhere else you can get all these? Not even close to this price right? Well, that the only reason those people want you to trust their Fake images and buy their Phone at High Price leaving the Jio Phone and It’s Offers. So As I said, You can easily buy Jio Phone even from Online on Amazon and Enjoy all the Offers with Jio.

Reliance Jio Launched JioLink: 5GB Data/Month for Free under Jio Link Plan


Reliance jiolink indoor wifi service

Reliance Jio has launch the New Series of Recharge Plans. As we already aware of all the typical Recharge Plans of Reliance Jio that will enable you to get Unlimited 4G Internet Data Including Free Voice Calls and Daily 100 Free SMS. But there is Limitation in these Recharge Plans like 1GB Per Day, 1.5GB Per Day or 2GB Per Day. But What if some Business Organisation or even an Individual consume more Data daily? Here the Answer from Reliance Jio is in the Form of JioLink Data Plans. Jio Link is a Indoor WiFi Solution by Reliance Jio. Under Jio Link, There are 3 Recharge Plans which will provide you daily 5GB of 4G Data. These Data Plans are meant for the Monthly, Quarterly and Half Yearly Recharge Validity. The Prices are also Announced from Mukekh Ambani led Reliance Jio. The Price of the Monthly JioLink Pack will be Rs. 699/- the Quarterly JioLink Pack Price will be Rs. 2099/- and Finally the Half Yearly Recharge Pack of Jio Link will be Rs. 4199/- So if you are a Heavy User of the Internet Data, then you can Choose any of these 3 Packs to get the Value for your Money.

Let’s Come to some Detail about all the 3 JioLink Recharge Plans.

Rs. 699/- Monthly Pack of JioLink:

Under this Monthly JioLink Data Plan, You will get Daily 5GB of Free 4G Data above which the Speed of the Internet will be Lowered Down to 64Kbps. But the Good News is that an Additional Data of 16GB will be added with the Total Monthly Data Value of this Pack. The Validity of Rs. 699/- JioLink Pack is 28 Days. So that Means you are Getting 28×5 = 140 + 16GB Additional Data = 156GB Data Per Month. You will also get Complimentary Subscription of all the Jio Apps But you will not get any Free Unlimited Voice Calls and SMS Services with this Recharge Pack of Jio.

Rs. 2099/- Monthly Pack of JioLink:

Under this Quarterly JioLink Data Plan, You will get Daily 5GB of Free 4G Data above which the Speed of the Internet will be Lowered Down to 64Kbps. But the Good News is that an Additional Data of 48GB will be added with the Total Monthly Data Value of this Pack. The Validity of Rs. 2099/- JioLink Pack is 98 Days. So that Means you are Getting 98×5 = 490 + 48GB Additional Data = 538GB Data Per Month. You will also get Complimentary Subscription of all the Jio Apps But you will not get any Free Unlimited Voice Calls and SMS Services with this Recharge Pack.

Rs. 4199/- Monthly Pack of JioLink:

Under this Half Yearly JioLink Data Plan, You will get Daily 5GB of Free 4G Data above which the Speed of the Internet will be Lowered Down to 64Kbps. But the Good News is that an Additional Data of 96GB will be added with the Total Monthly Data Value of this Pack. The Validity of Rs. 4199/- JioLink Pack is 196 Days. So that Means you are Getting 196×5 = 980 + 96GB Additional Data = 1076GB Data Per Month. You will also get Complimentary Subscription of all the Jio Apps But you will not get any Free Unlimited Voice Calls and SMS Services with this Recharge Pack.

How you can use Different Sim in your Jio Phone? Can we use it?


How to Change Jio Phone SIM Card?

Use Different Sim in Jio Phone

Hey Friends, Jio Phone that is Worth Rs. 1500/- is now one of the Most Selling Feature Phone ever in the Country. And not Only Jio Phone, Reliance is getting some major popularity in terms of their Apps also. Like Recently Reliance Jio’s JioTV App has Awarded with the Most Watched TV App in this Year. And that is why Reliance Jio Offered us a 10 GB Extra Free 4g Internet in our Jio SIM Cards but that Offer has released only to them who have used their SIM card to Register in Reliance Jio’s Jio TV App.

How to use Other SIM Card in Jio Phone?

Anyways, As almost everyone has this Rs. 1500 Priced Jio Phone in their Hand, and to Utilize the Most of the Mobile Phone, a Question always arises in our Mind that Can we use a Different SIM Card like a Vodafone or Airtel or Idea in a Jio Phone? You already know that Jio Phone has a Simple SIM Slot in their Back Panel which Holds a Micro Jio SIM Card in it. And as Jio Phone is like Regular CDMA Phone, So you can’t by Default use another SIM Card in Jio Phone. Right?

Does Jio Phone Actually Support Other SIM Cards?

From a very long time, we are constantly getting a lot of requests to mention whether a Jio Phone can operate with another Telecom Operator’s SIM Card like it can be Idea or Vodafone or even Bharti Airtel. I have also seen few Youtubers are saying that Jio Phone actually Operate with another SIM Card. Is it really True? Or they are just Faking?

How to Change SIM Card in Jio Phone

Can I use Vodafone SIM in Jio Phone?

So I have Decided to Come up with this post where we will check whether a Jiophone can actually support all this other Sim cards or not. For a Beta Testing purpose of Jio Phone, I have Opened the Back Panel and tried to remove the Jio Sim that is Inserted at the back of Jio phone and then Replace it with a Vodafone Sim Card and finally Turn On or Switch On the Mobile Phone but to my Surprise the Jio phone is not Displaying any Network and instead it is giving us an Error that “The SIM Card is Locked. Please Insert a Valid Jio Sim.” So that clearly means that Jio phone is not supporting a Vodafone SIM card. Yes, That’s Sad but True. You can’t use Vodafone SIM in Jio Phone that’s Confirmed now.

Can I Use Airtel SIM in Jio Phone?

But what else I can get If I insert a very popular network provider in India which is Bharti Airtel. Do Reliance Jio Phone will support Airtel SIM Card in their Mobile Phone? This time also I have Inserted an Airtel SIM Card in my Jiophone and Switch the Phone on. Again and this time also, I can see the Same Error Message coming on the Screen that saying “The SIM Card is Locked. Please Insert a Valid Jio Sim.” so that means you can’t use Airtel or Vodafone or any Other SIM cards in your Jio Phone.

So if you are buying a Jio phone thinking that you can insert any kind of SIM cards and any mobile operators in Jio phone then you are wrong you can’t use Another Mobile Operator’s SIM card in your Jio phone. You have to use the Official Jio Sim Card which is being provided with the Jio phone mobile handset at the time of buying the Phone. And if you are confident enough then you can also try this with your own Jiophone if you are having one.

Use Other Operator SIM in Jio Phone

Jio Phone Software Updates:

Maybe in future Jio can come up with several other features like as you already know Jio phone does not officially support WhatsApp or Facebook using their Jio Phone Apps. So definitely there will be an update regarding this issues and if we are lucky enough then we might see other changes like inserting other Operator’s SIM card Option in your Jio phone. But so far there is no Official announcement yet so you have to wait for future update if Jio Engineers are working on this thing.

How to Exchange or Replace your Jio Phone with a New One?


what is nfc in jio phone in hindi

Exchange your Jio Phone has now got Super Easy. Today in this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Exchange your Old Jio Phone and can also get a New Jio Phone after the Exchange. But for that you need to have an Active Internet Connection. You can use any Internet Connection or even you can use the Jio Broadband Connection to Exchange your Jio Phone. As you already know that Jio Broadband has a very High Speed Internet and that is why you can fill up all the Application Forms to Exchange your Jio Phone without any Issue. And the Jio Broadband is also allow you to access the Jio DTH Connection. Means if you have a Jio Broadband, you will not only access the Free Internet to do all your Web Task, you can also Watch Live TV using the Jio DTH.

Anyways, To Exchange your Jio Phone, You need to Visit the Jio Official Stores in your Locality with your Aadhar Card. Yes, Aadhar Card Number is Important due to the Identification of the Owner of the Jio Phone. So if you are facing any problem with your Jio Phone, then you can easily Replace your Jio Feature Phone by visiting the Jio Store.

Jio Phone Internet Share with Laptop PC

In the Below Section, I will tell you the Step-by-Step Process to Replace the Jio Phone. For that, you just need your Old Jio Mobile Phone with Active Internet Connection. Because before Replacing the Phone, You need to Fill up a Replacement Form on the Jio Official Website with your Name and IMEI Number and the Details of the Problem you are Facing with your Jio Phone. After few days, your Application will be Approved by their Customer Care. When your Application got Approved, You will receive a SMS with the Replacement Details. You just need to Visit the Jio Store with the SMS and the Aadhar Card for Verification and that’s it, your Jio Phone will be Replaced within few Minutes.

How to Replace your Jio Feature Phone?

  1. Firstly by using your Jio Phone, Open the Dialer and Dial *#06#
  2. After Pressing these Numbers, You IMEI Number will be Displayed in your Mobile Screen. Just Copy that IMEI Number of your Jio Phone.
  3. Now Open the Jio Official Website to Apply for the Replacement.
  4. Here’s in this Form, you need to fill all the necessary Information including your Name, Mobile Number, Jio Phone IMEI Number, Detail of the Problem you are facing etc.
  5. After filling up the Form, Submit it.
  6. Wait for 2 days and you will Receive a Call from Jio Customer Care Team to Verify the Problem you are facing with your Jio Mobile Phone.
  7. After they have confirmed the Details, you will get a SMS on your Mobile Phone with all the Replacement Details of your Jio Phone.
  8. Go to the Jio Store and Show them the SMS with your Aadhar Card and you will get a New Jio Phone as a Replacement.

That’s it…. So this is the Process to Replace your Jio Phone. If you Like this Article, Please Share this with your Facebook Profile so that your Friends can also see that How they can Replace their Jio phone. And if you have any problem, you can also Comment in the following Commenting Section. I will reply you back soon. Thanks.

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