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How to Use Jio Phone NFC to Transfer Money using Jio Pay App


Jio Phone NFC

Hey Friends, As you know, at the time of Launching the Jio Phone, it was announced that you can use NFC in your Jio Phone. And every Experts were Praising this Decision to include the NFC Technology in Jio Phone Which is even not there in many Leading Brand’s Android Smartphones also. But at that time, it was also mentioned that Currently you will not been able to use the Jio Phone NFC Feature because the Development on Jio Phone NFC is still going on. It is a long time passed now but yet all the Customers are waiting for Jio Phone’s NFC Feature to Come. An Official Update is expecting by us in some near future from Reliance Jio where all the Major Issues in Jio Phone will be Solved and as well as few New Features like NFC, App Installs, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc can also be Introduced in the New Update.

In this Post, I will tell you what is NFC and How you can use this NFC in your Jio Phone to Transfer Money and POS Centers or Anywhere using the Jio Pay Mobile App.

What is NFC?

nfc in jio phone use

The Full Form of NFC is Near-field communication. And the Innovations using this Technology is still going on. So NFC seems to be very useful Feature for Future Days. Basically you will be able to Communicate with your Nearby NFC Devices using your NFC Device without any Pairing or Such type of Hassles. You just need to Put both the Devices as Closer as possible, you would be able to do things like Transfer Money, Pay for some good etc without any issue. To use NFC, a Small Antenna Type of thing is necessary and if you open your Jio Phone’s Back Cover, then you can see the Antenna in the Back Panel of your Jio Phone. It looks like a Double Dot in your Jio Phone’s Back.

What you can do with NFC?

jio phone nfc payment

Using NFC, If you are Travelling from a Bus and want to Pay the Ticket, you can just do it using your Jio Phone within 2 Seconds. Just put your Jio Phone near the Bus Conductor’s Electronic Payment Device and Enter the Amount, that it, the payment will be done and a Payment Slip will come out. Like the same way, If you are in a Grossery Store or in a Shopping Mall, You can just put your Jio Phone under their POS Machine, and when they enter the Amount for Deduction, it will be deducted from your Jio Money Account and You will also Receive a Paper Slip just like you receive a Bill. So Jio Phone is very useful for all your Transactions.

How to Use NFC in Jio Phone?

what is nfc in jio phone in hindi

  1. When you Open the Settings, You could see the NFC Option in your Jio Phone. But even if you Click on the NFC Option, Nothing will happen because Officially Jio do not Support NFC yet. But it will get Featured very soon.
  2. To use NFC, Firstly you need to have Money in your Jio Money App.
  3. You can Add any Amount of Money in your Jio Money Mobile App using Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card etc.
  4. To use Jio Money App, You have to do KYC Verification of yourself.
  5. So after you add money in your Jio Money App, it will be reflected in your Jio Pay App in Jio Phone.
  6. So after the NFC will be Officially available, you just need to open the Menu and Click on the Jio Pay App.
  7. Then bring the Mobile phone as close to the Receiver Device, that can be a POS Machine or another Mobile Phone with NFC.
  8. On that Receiver’s Device, Enter the Amount to Transfer, and the Money will be Debited from your Account and will be Credited to the Receivers Device.
  9. You can also Transfer Money from One Jio Phone to Another Jio Phone using NFC within just 2-3 Seconds.

So that’s how you can use NFC in your Jio Phone. I hope now you have a Clear Idea about the Jio Phone’s NFC Feature. We can’t do anything now because the Feature is not yet Provided by Reliance Jio. But when it launch the NFC, you will save a lot of time on Payments. and Transferring Money will get a lot easier. If you have any Doubts yet, You can Comment us and I’ll try to Reply to all the Queries.

How to Install & Turn On the Torch Light in your Jio Phone


Hey Friends, Are you getting Problem to Install and Turn on the Torch Light of the Jio Phone? As you can see in your Jio Phone that a Dedicated Torch Light Button has been given in your Phone. But if you Click on that Torch Light Button then the Menu of the Phone got opened. And even if you Press and Hold the Torch Light Button, then the Voice Recording will Start. That Means the Main Feature which your are trying to use, is not opening.

Open the Torch Light in Jio phone

Don’t Worry, If you are not able to Turn on the Torch Light of the Jio Phone, then Stick with this Post and I will let you know how you can open and turn on the Torch Light in your Jio Phone. I’ll also try to post how you can change the Shortcut Key of your Jio Phone so that when you Click on the Upper Button to open the Torch Light, it is opened in one go.

How to Turn on Torch Light in Jio Phone?

  1. Click on the Torch Light Button in your Jio Phone.
  2. After you Click on that Button, the Jio Phone Menu will Come up.
  3. In the Menu Section, If you notice Carefully, then you can see that a Torch Light Icon is there in the Upper Right Side of the Menu.
  4. Now Navigate to the Button and Click on that Torch Light Button.
  5. That’s it, your Torch Light should turn on now.
  6. If It’s not Turned On yet then your Jio Phone Flash Light got damaged somehow.
  7. You can stay on that Option and the Torch Light will keep working.
  8. If you want to Turn Off the Flash Light, then Click on that Same Menu Icon again to Turn off the Torch Light.
  9. You can also Click on back Button and Even call Someone when the Torch Light still Turned on.

Turn on the Flash Light of Jio Phone

How to Change to Shortcut Key for Torch Light in Jio Phone?

  1. If you want to Change the Torch Light Shortcut Key, You have to go to the Settings of your Jio Phone.
  2. In the Settings, Click Down and Find the Option Phone Settings.
  3. In the Phone Settings Option, Click on Shortcuts.
  4. In the Shortcut Option, You will find all the Keys have a Dedicated Shortcut Feature already predefined.
  5. But you can Click on them to Change the Shortcut apps.
  6. So Click on the Upper Button where the “Menu” is selected.
  7. Then a List of Apps will Open, Select Torch from that List.
  8. Finally Save the Settings.
  9. That’s it. Now you can Just Click on your Jio Phone’s Upper Navigation Button and the Flash Light will Blown up.

Thanks for Checking this Post. I will be very happy if you Share this post with your Facebook and Whatsapp Friends. And I also want you to Comment below about the Experience of your Jio Phone. In the meantime, Please check other useful Articles to use your Jio Phone.

How you can Track your Jio Phone And How to Cancel Jio Phone Order?


cancel your jio phone order

So you are one of the few who have finally able to Order your Jio Phone? So you might already know that at the time of Booking your Jio Phone, you have to pay the Advance Rs. 500/- and the Remaining Rs. 1000 at the time of Receiving the Jio phone Delivery. But if you are wondering that you are getting the Jio Phone from Reliance Jio Company by Courier then it will not be the case. Actually after the Phone is ready against your Order, You will get SMS in your Mobile Phone that your Jio Phone is ready and you have to Collect it from the Nearest Jio Store. You also have to Bring all the Necessary Documents like Aadhar Card, Address Proof like Voter Card and a Passport Size Photo with you at the time of Receiving the Mobile Phone. So you don’t need to Track the Jio Phone Physically. Instead just Wait for the SMS and after you got the SMS, Keep it with you and Go to the Jio Store, Show them the SMS and the Remaining Rs. 1000/- And they will provide you your Brand New Jio Phone.

How to Track your Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly Go to the Jio Phone Website or you can also Login the MyJio App.
  2. After you have Ordered your Jio Phone,s Just Wait for a SMS that your Jio Phone is Ready for Pick up.
  3. And after you Received the SMS, Visit the Nearest Jio Store to get the Delivery of your Jio Phone.
  4. At the Time of taking the Delivery of your Jio Phone, you will need to show the Aadhar Card and Provide the Bio-metrics.
  5. That’s it, Pay the Remaining Rs. 1000/- to them and take the Delivery of your Jio Phone.

How to Cancel your Jio Phone Order?

Jio Phone Order Track

If you don’t know yet, then let me tell you that you can also Order Jio Phone from Website. Here I’m Providing you the Amazon Buy Link for the Jio Phone. You can Order your Jio Phone Online, Paying the Full Rs. 1500/- through Online Payment Methods and you can also make it Full COD. Means you don’t need to Prepay for the Jio Phone Order. Instead pay the Full Rs. 1500 at the time of Home Delivery. Yes, If you Order your Jio Phone from Amazon, then you will get the Home Delivery of your Jio Phone. There’s no need to visit the Jio Store.

And you can also Cancel the Jio Phone Order anytime if you change your Mind and don’t want to buy the Jio Phone again. To Cancel the Jio Phone Order, Just Login to your Amazon Account and Go to the Orders Section. You will see that the Recent Orders are Showing. Click on the Jio Phone Order. You will get the Return and Cancel Option just at the Right Side of the Order. Click on that Cancel and Return Button and Confirm it. That will be done to Cancel your Jio Phone Order. So it’s obvious that you would like to order it from Online Amazon Store because you will get much more Flexibility there.

How to Do USB Tethering in your Jio Phone to Share 4G Internet?


Jio Phone USB Hotspot

Jio Phone has the Offer that No Other phone has? Am I Right? The 49/- Rs. Jio Internet Pack. In which you are getting Free Daily 4G Data from Reliance Jio for 20 Days and that’s not all, you are also getting Unlimited Free Calling to across the Country. And Ohhhh… I forget to mention about the daily Free 100 SMS also. So all of these, you are getting for Only Rs. 49 if you have a Jio Feature Phone. So this thing is Obvious that you want to try USB Tethering in your Jio Phone also. Why? Because when you got the Free 4G Data in your Jio Feature Phone, you can also wish to use the same amount of 4G Data in your Laptop or PC. And what more useful and easy than using it via USB Tethering. Because to Connect or to Transfer you Mobile Phone’s Internet Connection to your Laptop and PC, USB Tethering is the most easy to implement.

How to Share Jio Phone 4G Internet with your Laptop or PC?

Jio Phone Internet Share with Laptop PC

USB Tethering is used by many to Share the Internet Connection of their Mobile Phone with a PC or Laptop by using the Data Cable. Anyways all the Jio Feature Phone User trying to get Solution on how to Connect Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC through USB tethering. So… Does Jio really allow it to do? In this Post, We will check that only.

If You Connect a Jio Phone with your PC or Laptop via a Data Cable and then Go to the “Devices” Section where you can find all the Devices that is currently connected with your Laptop or PC. You will find that a New Device with Jio Phone has been Connected with your Laptop or PC. You can even Go to the “Device Manager” by Right Clicking the “Computer” Icon in your Desktop then “Manage” and Finally “Device Manager” you will again find that the Jio Phone as a Device has been Connected with your Laptop. But the Sad part is that Jio doesn’t allow you to share the Internet Connection.

If you Go to the Devices and Click on the Jio Phone Icon there… You can find that the Bluetooth Option is there. But when you click on the Bluetooth Option, you will see that even the Bluetooth Tethering is Turned Off and you are not getting any option to activate it. So that Clearly means that Jio Officials don’t want you to Access the Jio Feature Phone’s Internet Connection using any Other Devices like Laptop or PC etc.

Though I can’t find any reason behind this “don’t want to share” from Jio. But maybe they didn’t thought that people would want to share their Internet Connection also. If this is the case, then you can expect all these Internet sharing though Jio Phone will come in Future Updates. Like Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering, USB Tethering and all. Normally USB Tethering is very easy and anyone can do it. But if you don’t know, then in below section, I’ll giving you the step-by-step process to Share Internet through USB Tethering in your Jio Phone……..But Only after the Update of Software.

How to do USB Tethering in Jio Phone?

  1. Connect your Jio Phone with the Data Cable comes with it.
  2. And Other Side off that Data Cable to your Laptop or PC’s USB Cable..
  3. Then Go to the Settings of your Phone.
  4. You will find Wi-Fi Option.
  5. Click on that and then on the Tethering Option.
  6. Here you will find Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering and Bluetooth Tethering.
  7. If you have connected the Data Cable Properly then the USB Hotspot Option will get Active and you can Click on that.
  8. After you Click, Your Jio Phone Internet will be shared with your Connected Laptop or PC.
  9. Enjoy the High Speed Internet of Jio Phone in your PC or Laptop.

If you have any Issues or Queries, you can always comment us below and I’ll try to answer that. And if your Doubt got Cleared by this Post, Please don’t forget to Share this post with your Friends in Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. This will also Motivate us to work harder for you guys… Thanks.

How to use Call Recording and Voice Recording in Jio Phone?


Hey Folks, So how is your Experience with the New Jio phone? And the Recent Rs. 49 for a Month is also a Great Starting for all of you who are not preferring to Recharge a large number of plan in your phone. It’s the Best for Limited usage in Jio Phone. Basically you are already getting Unlimited Internet Connection with Unlimited Voice Calls all across the Country and also 100 SMS a Day. So if you are talking unlimited it’s much needed to record some calls of them? right?

how to call recording in jio phone

So in this Article, let’s see how we can Record Voice Calls in your Jio Phone. As you already know that there is no default Voice Recording or Call Recording App in your Jio Phone. When you are on a Call and if you Press on the Option Button, you will get only 2 Options which are Add Call and Volume Button. By Clicking on the Add Call Option, you can Conference Some other friend and Create a Conference with Multiple People. And if you press on the Volume Button, you can increase or decrease the Volume of your Phone.

voice record app in jio phone

Anyways you can make a effective Call recording or Voice Recording Feature by using 2 Methods. The First Method is very Simple. You just need to Open the Video Camera of your Jio Phone and Make your Call on Loud Speaker. It will re Recorded as a Video in your Jio Phone. If you don’t want to use any other software or Apps in your Jio Phone, then this is the Best way to Record Calls in your Jio Phone.

record calls in jio phone

Another to for Effective Call Recording and you can also use this method as Voice Recording in your Jio phone. For this Method, you have to Visit a Website from your Jio Browser. And then on that Website, you need to Press the Recording Button in order to Record a Call or Voice in your Jio Phone. Let’s have more More Details on this Call Recording Feature of Jio Phone.

How to Use Call Recording in Jio Phone?

  1. From the Menu, Click on the Web Browser in your Jio Phone or you can also Hold the 0 Key in your Jio Phone and your Web Browser will be opened automatically.
  2. Now Go to this Website by Copy Paste the URL I’m giving you here. Or you can also type this URL in your Browser’s Address Bar.
  3. Here is the Website you have to Visit to Start Call recording with your Jio Phone:
  4. Now after you Visit this Website, You have to Make this as your TOP SITE.
  5. To make a Website as your Top Site, Click on the Option Button in your Jio Phone and your will get Option to make it as a Top Site.
  6. Now whenever you will check the Top Site Lists in your Jio Phone, you will get that Website in that List as a Bookmarked Website. So you don’t need to remember the URL of the Site or don’t even need to Write URL again and again you want to Visit the Voice Recording Website.
  7. So now after you have made it as your Top Site, Click on the Green Button of the Website, which is written “Start Recording”
  8. After you click on the Start Recording Button, you will get a Notice to Allow the Usage of your Jio Phone’s Microphone.
  9. After you allow the Permission Popup, your voice will be Recorded whenever you say anything.
  10. After you have done recording anything, Click on the Stop Button.
  11. Then your Recorded Voice will be uploaded their Server and you will get a Download Link to Download the Voice or Call you have just Recorded.
  12. Download it and Enjoy the Call Recording Feature in your Jio Phone

I hope this Trick will working for you in your Jio Phone and now you are able to do Call Recording and Voice Recording with your Jio Phone. If it servers your Purpose and you are recording your Voice and Calls, Please share this Article with your Friends also. This Trick can also help them and help us to grow as well. And if there’s any issue of problem, you can comment below. I’ll try to resolve the issue. Thanks.

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