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How to Activate and Deactivate Call Forwarding, Call Divert in Reliance Jio?


Activate and Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding

Hello Friends, This post is very Important in Terms of some useful Guide will be Shared here. I got to know that many of our Visitors are not able to Activate Call Forwarding or Call Divert in their Reliance Jio Sim activated Smart Phone. Please note that the Guide I’ll share you here, you can also apply it in your Jio Phone too. Yes, Apart from all the Smartphones with Jio Sim, this same Procedure will also apply to Activate and Deactivate Call Forwarding in Jio Phone too. This Jio Call Forwarding also known as the Jio Switch Off Divert Number.

Well, Before going into the Procedure of Activating Call Forwarding or Call Divert in Jio, First let me tell you what this Feature is all about. So Call Forwarding and Call Divert is the same thing but two Different Names. There can be some Situations When you are not available in your Jio Mobile Number but at the same time, you are expecting some Important Calls, What do you do then? The Simple Option is Call Forwarding. How? Okay, so by activating call forwarding, when someone else calls your Jio Mobile Number, that call will be automatically Diverted to the Forwarded Number you have set.

For Example, let assume that you are at somewhere and your Jio Network is very weak there and you hardly have any Jio Network in your Phone. You are afraid of missing some Important calls now. So what you can do in that Situation? The answer is Call Diverting. You have a Vodafone Number in Sim 2 and the Vodafone have Full Network in it as you know Vodafone Network Coverage is too good. Now just go to the Call Forwarding Option and Divert all your Jio Calls to your Vodafone Number. Now whenever someone calls to your Jio Number, that call will be diverted to your Vodafone Number automatically. This is a Life-Saving Feature many don’t know.

I’ll Share in this Post the Process of Activating the Call Forward or Call Divert in Jio and also the Process of Deactivating the Call Forward and Call Divert Feature.

Before everything else, you need to understand that Call Forwarding is a Feature of your Mobile Phone which got the Support of your Telecom Network. Means to activate Call Forwarding in Jio, your Handset has to have to Feature in it. And I have also seen few Non-Branded Mobile Phones have the Feature of Call Forwarding but just to show off, they are not working. So I’ll always suggest you to always buy a Reputated Brand’s Mobile Phone to avoid such Situations.

So if your Handset is Compatible of activating the Call Diverting, then Go to the Setting of your Phone first to activate call forwarding. In Settings, you will get “Call Settings” there. Click on it. Now in Call Settings, Find for the “Advance Settings” there and Click on it. In Advance Settings, you will get the “Call Forwarding” Option there. Just put the Mobile Number you want to get all your calls diverted to.

In a Simple Words: Settings > Call Settings > Advance Settings > Call Forwarding > 10 Digit Mobile Number > Activate

Please Note: This Navigation might differ based on Different Handsets.

Alternatively, You can also Activate the Call Forwarding by Dialing this Numbers followed by the 10 Digit Mobile Number, you want all your calls diverted to.

Call ForwardingUnconditional*401*<10 Digit Number>
Call ForwardingNo Answer*403*<10 Digit Number>
Call ForwardingBusy*405*<10 Digit Number>
Call ForwardingNot Reachable*409*<10 Digit Number>

Now it’s time to Deactivate the Call Forwarding when you are done with all the Networking Problems and now your Jio Network is all okay and wants to get back all your Jio Call in your Jio Number only, it’s time to Deactivate the Call Forwarding right? So follow the below Guide to Deactivate the Call Diverting.

To Deactivate the Call Forwarding, Just like before, Go to Settings, then Call Settings then Advance Settings and Finally the Call Forwarding Option. You will get the Deactivation Option right there in the “Call Forwarding”.

In a Simple Words: Settings > Call Settings > Advance Settings > Call Forwarding > Deactivate.

Please Note: This Navigation might differ based on Different Handsets.

Alternatively, You can also use these Numbers followed by the 10 Digit Mobile Number to Deactivate the Call Forwarding or Call Diverting in Jio Phone.

Call Forward DeactivationUnconditional*402
Call Forward DeactivationNo Answer*404
Call Forward DeactivationBusy*406
Call Forward DeactivationNot Reachable*410
Call Forward DeactivationAll*413

So this a Small but Detailed Guide on how you can Activate and Deactivate the Call Forwarding or Call Diver Option in your Jio Sim Card. I hope this Guide work for you. If there’s any problem you are facing about Activation or Deactivation of Call Forwarding or any Other Problems, then Comment down below. I’ll try to Solve your Issue.

How to Book Train Ticket and Check PNR Number using Jio Phone?


Book Train Ticket & PNR using Jio Phone

Hello Friends, Welcome to my Blog once again. I’ve used the term “Once Again” because I believe you must have visited us even before. Because we are the only Blog to update all the latest News and Tricks about Reliance Jio Network and all the Products from Jio. You can Check the other Articles also to find some really Interesting Topics that you can do with your Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2 or any other Devices from Jio.

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In this Post, We will tell you how you can check your Railway Booking via PNR Number in your Jio Phone. That’s not all, We will also discuss How you can Book your Train Tickets in your Jio Phone. If you do not know then let me tell you that the Small Low Priced Jio Phone is able to do every single thing I’ve mentioned in the above. The Price of Jio Phone can be just Rs. 501/- but trust me it is a Feature-Packed Mobile Phone. And the Free Data Comes with this Jio Phone is also very useful to check Day to day important things online and on the go. But the Problem is, many of us do not actually know What to Do and How to do it using this Jio Phone. Because we are fully addicted to our Android Phone so We thought that this Jio Phone might not work as an Android Phone. But truth is that your Jio Phone also able to perform most of the Task of your Powerful Android Phone. So I’ll tell you How you can Book your Train Tickets using Jio Phone and also How you can Track your Railway PNR Number using the Jio Phone.

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Normally everyone likes to Travel and We Indians use Trains as our Regular Travel Option. So to Travel in a Train, We need to Book its Ticket from a Booking Counter or a Shop. But do you know even if you do not have an Android Mobile Phone and having only a Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2, you can still able to Book your Train Tickets by yourself? And you will also agree with me here that if you can Book your Train Tickets using Jio Phone by yourself then why to Pay Extra Charges when Booking from a Counter or a Ticket Booking Shop? So read this Post Properly to know how you can Booking your Train Tickets using your Jio Phone.

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How to Book Train Tickets with Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly Turn your Jio Phone’s Internet Connection On.
  2. After that Open the Browser of your Jio Phone.
  3. In the Address bar of the Jio Phone’s Browser, Type this URL Directly “” You already know that IRCTC is the Authorised Company to Sell the Railway Tickets.
  4. You can also Open Google and Type IRCTC in the Google Search Box and then Click on the First Result to Open IRCTC Website in your Jio Phone.
  5. After Opening the IRCTC Website, You will see the Login Option there.
  6. But as you are Opening the IRCTC Website for the First Time, I’m assuming that you have no Accounts registered there.
  7. So Click on the “Register” Button there to Open the Registration Form.
  8. Now Enter your Details like Name, Email Address, Mobile Number etc to Register for a New IRCTC Account.
  9. You have to Remember your IRCTC Username and Password because everytime you want to Book a Railway Ticket, you need to Enter those Details like your IRCTC Username and Password.
  10. Now after you Register on their Website, just use your Credentials to Login to IRCTC Website.
  11. After you Log in, You will see Box to Enter “From Which Station you will Board and “To Which Station you will Go” Enter those Stations and also Put the Date of your Travel then Click on Search.
  12. After Clicking on the Search Button, all the Trains will be displayed between those Stations.
  13. Select your Preferred Train and Enter the Passenger Details.
  14. Finally, Pay the Ticket Price using your Debit Card.
  15. That’s it, Your Train Ticket Booking is now Completed and you will Instantly Get an SMS from IRCTC about the Status and Confirmation of your Rail Booking.

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Now after the Booking of your Train Tickets, Sometimes the Ticket goes to the RAC or Waiting Zone. So if you have your Booking Train Ticket in RAC or Waiting, You have to keep them Tracked whether it got confirmed or not. So to Track the Railway Tickets, you have to use the PNR Status Check using your Jio Phone. After you Book your Railway Ticket, at the same time, the PNR Number will be mentioned in the Ticket. Now you can use that PNR Number to check that Status Status of your Train Ticket using your Jio Phone. Now let’s see how to Check PNR Status using Jio Phone.

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How to Check Railway PNR Status using Jio Phone?

  1. To Check your PNR Status, Firstly you have to have the PNR Number of your Ticket.
  2. You can Find the PNR Number in the Upper Section of your Railway Ticket. Just Find that PNR Number.
  3. After that, Click on this Link using your Jio phone.
  4. A Blank Box can be seen there with Clearly mentioned to Enter the PNR Number.
  5. Put your PNR Number in that Box and Click “Submit”
  6. That’s it, now the Final Status of your Ticket will be shown in the Next Page.
  7. Normally the Final Chart is prepared just 24 Hours before the Journey time. So Check the PNR Status before 10 Hour of your Journey to get Final Prepared Chart Status using your PNR Number.

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This is how you can Book your Railway Tickets using Jio Phone and also can Track the PNR Number on the go when you have your Jio phone in your Hand. If you like this Post, Please Rate us 5 Star and also Share this Article using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Downloading TikTok on Jio Phone is Possible? How Can I Install Tiktok on Jio Phone?


Download Tiktok on Jio Phone

Hi Friends, How are you all? I’ve been working hard always to bring some good news and offers for you all regarding Reliance Jio Company including the Products of Jio such as Jio DTH Launch Update, Price, Package Details, Upcoming Jio Phone 3 Specification and Review, Jio Broadband and any more. I would like to Request you to Click on the Link and Read all my Post to get better Idea what I’m talking about. And also do Comment us what you are planning to Buy next from Reliance Jio. Is it Jio Broadband Connection or Jio DTH Connection or the New Jio Phone 3 Android Mobile.

Though Mr. Mukesh Ambani Primarily Targeted the Poor Class People in India with it’s Jio Phones, it can’t be a wrong today if we say that almost everyone has a Jio Phone in their Hand, this phone is these much popular these days. After the Exchange Offer on Jio Phone, Jio has reached to many more peoples in India. You must have known the Exchange Offer that Jio launched few months back. You can give your very old feature phone and get a new Jio Phone for just Rs. 499/- Means Flat Rs. 1000/- Discount on Jio Phone. Then you need to Recharge for Rs. 591/- to Get Unlimited Calls and 200 MB Internet Per Day for Next 6 Months. This Offer made everyone Crazy and people grabbed to Offer to get Jio Phones for their Home, Parents, Best Friends etc.

How to Download Tiktok on Jio Phone

Another very Trending Topic right now is Making Videos for Tiktok. Especially Indian Youth finds it really attractive to Spend time Watching Tiktok Videos or else Making Videos for Tiktok. If you are in this Post searching for the Query about Tiktok App, then I’m sure you are also a Tiktok enthusiast. Just like Tiktok, another App which is making people crazy in India is PubG. Actually, it is not an App but a Game. But these days everyone loves to spend their time Playing PubG all along the day. So Pubg and Tiktok has so many Fans in India who have to use such Apps on all the Devices including Jio Phone.

Now the Most Important Question is, Does Jio Phone Support Tiktok? Because we have to admit some facts like Jio Phone has a O/S Called KaiOS. And Tiktok has Supported for on Android and iOS. So Do you think it should Support totally different Operating System? There are some Good News also. The Jio Developers so far Developed Android Based Apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp to get Supported in Jio Phone. So Is that a Hint that Apps like Tiktok and PubG can also be supported in Jio Phone?

If Tiktok can actually be Installed in Jio Phone then How? Many of my Visiter have Suggested me to try using Recovery Mode. If you are a regular Android User then you must have known about the Recovery Mode or Fastboot Mode on Android Devices. These Modes are used by the Developers to Flash App Packages and Operating System. If anybody does anything wrong with Recovery Mode, the Phone can be Dead instantly. But all of you have to understand that Recovery Mode can only Flash the Supported Packages. As Jio Phone has KaiOS, So it’s apps has it’s separate Package Extension. And APK Packages can’t be Flashed using the KaiOS Recovery Mode.

So the Answer is Clear that Right now there is no way by which you can Download and Install Tiktok App on Jio Phone. But there is a Good News for all of you. Jio Phone Developers are very much active developing few apps for this phone. If you check the Jio App Store, you will find that regularly new apps have been added to the App Store. They work really hard to make all these apps available for all the Jio Phone Users. So you can Expect that Tiktok can also be available in Jio App Store very soon. I don’t know about PubG because PubG is a very High Graphics Game but I really think Tiktok can be Available just like Whatsapp and Facebook in Jio Phone. So just Open and Check Jio App Store regularly to find out if Tiktok has been available for Downloading on your Jio Phone.

How to Install and Play Subway Surfers Game in your Jio Phone?


Play Subway Surfers Game in Jio Phone

Hello Friends, Everyone here must love the Game Subway Surfers. Basically it’s an Android Game which is totally Free to Install and Play for Everyone. Though it’s not among those Graphics intensive Game, Still the Popularity of this Subway Surfers Game in insane. Kids love to play the Subway Surfers all the day. It’s totally Okay when you got an Android Phone. But what if you don’t have an Android Mobile Phone? Is that means you can’t play such an Interesting Game like Subway Surfers in your Feature Phone? Then, this Post will definitely bring smile in your Face. If you have a Jio Phone, you can still play the Subway Surfers Game in your Jio Phone and also the latest Upgraded Version of Jio Phones like Jio Phone 2, Jio Phone 3 etc.

So to Start with, you need to have a Jio Phone with you and also an active Internet Connection. Let me tell you that even you have Jio Phone 2 or Jio Phone 3, you can use the same method to Install this Subway Surfers Game in that Mobile Phone. So after having an active Internet Connection, Go to the App Menu Section of your Phone and then Click on Jio App Store. You need to make sure that Jio App Store is updated to the latest version. Or else, you can’t install the Subway Surfers Game in your Jio Phone. So if the App Store is not updated yet, put if for an update. The Update Process hardly take 1-2 Mins and then Open the App Store.

In App Store of Jio, Search for the Query “Subway Hamster”. This the same Game as the Subway Surfers Game in Android. You can say that it’s a Mini Version of Subway Surfers Game for your Jio Phone. After Searching for the Subway Hamster Game, You will get it at the top position. Just Click on that Subway Hamster Game Icon and finally Click on the Install Button. That’s it, the Game will be automatically installed in your Jio Mobile Phone. After the Installation Done you will find the Installed Game Icon in your App Drawer of Jio Phone. Click on that Game to Open the Subway Hamster Game in your Jio Phone. You will find after opening the Game, That it’s totally same as the Subway Surfers game in Android. The Process of Playing this Game and also the Pointing System is just the same. One Big Positive of this Subway Hamster Game in that you can crash your player for at least 5 times to death. In Subway Surfers, you just crash it once and it’s gone. So you will get more chances to Score here in Subway Hamster.

So this all how to install the Subway Surfers Game in your Jio Phone. You can search for Other Popular games also in the Jio App Store’s Gaming Section. Popular Android Game Copies like Temple Run is also there in Jio App Store. So if you are a Temple Run Fan, then you can also install the Game in your Jio Phone and then you can able to play that game also. There is a Stoke of almost Thousand Games in the Games Section of Jio App Store. You enjoy you Gaming Experience with the all New Jio Phone.

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