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How to Transfer your Jio Data Packs from Jio to another Jio SIM Card?


how to use jio voucher for another jio number

Hello Friends, Have you all Registered for the Jio DTH? I hope you have. And if you are yet to Book your Jio DTH Connection, then it is the High time for that. You can Click here to Register for Jio DTH Connection. And as you already know that Jio DTH IPTV Set Top Box would not work without a Jio GigaFiber Broadband Connection, then you also need to apply for the Jio Broadband Connection as well. Here’s the Link of the Jio Broadband Online Application Form.

In this Post, We will get to know how you can Transfer your Jio Data Packs from one Jio SIM to Another Jio SIM. You heard it right. Now you can Transfer your Jio Data Packs to anyone you want. It is a Good Service especially when you have Close Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Parents who used to connect with the Internet all the time. From now on, you can bring a Smile on their face by transferring any of a Jio 4G Data Packs in their Jio Mobile Number. Or you can also Surprise your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best Friend, Brother or Cute Sister on an Occasion by Gifting them a Jio Data Pack for like 1 Month or even 3 Months. What could be more Surprizing or Unique Gift than this…Right? So if you are still Wondering how to Transfer Jio Data Packs from one Jio SIM to another Jio SIM, I’m here to help you out and Clear this Query of yours. To get to know how you can Transfer Jio Data to Another Jio SIM, Please Read this Article till the end.

transfer jio data to other sim

To Transfer your Jio Data Pack to another Jio SIM Card, you need to have the MyJio App installed in your Mobile Phone. Because this MyJio App helps your to Access all the Features and Setting of your Jio Connection Account and you can also Track your day to day usage of Internet, Voice Calls, SMS everything from this Single App. So in order check your Currently active Jio Data Packs and those waiting to get Activated Jio Vouchers, you need to Install this MyJio App.

After you have installed the MyJio App in your Android Mobile Phone, Just Login using your Jio Mobile Number. If you don’t have a MyJio Account, then Choose the Signup Option and Enter your Details like Name, Address, Email ID and Jio Mobile Number to Register for a MyJio App account. Please remember, use the same Name and Address at the time of buying your Jio SIM Card to avoid any problems in future.

After you have Logged in to your MyJio Account, You will see the Dashboard where your Jio Account Balance, the Current Activated Jio Prime Plan, Validity of the Jio Plan, Today Data Usage and Other Jio Recharge Related Offers are Displayed. There you see a Button called “View” under the “My Vouchers” Section. You can also access the “My Vouchers” Section from the Left Panel of the MyJio App. Just Click on the “View” Option to Check all your Currently available Vouchers or Coupons of Reliance Jio.

After you Click on the My Vouchers “View” Button, you will get to see all the Vouchers currently you have in your Jio Account. You can anytime Redeem them in your Jio Mobile Number for Free of Cost. Because you have already achieved these Vouchers by Recharging your Number or also few Gift by Jio itself. Because when there’s a Special Day for Jio Community, Reliance Jio Gifted us many of the Vouchers like 2GB Extra Data for 4 Days or 2GB instead of 1.5GB Data for 3 Months for absolutely Free of Cost. These are basically for Promotional Purpose. So after the Voucher, you can able to see “Transferable” or “Not Transferrable” written in the Red Color just after that Voucher. If it is Written “Transferable” then you can actually Transfer that Jio Voucher to another Jio SIM card. And all the Vouchers Written “Not Transferrable” cannot be Transferred to any of the other Jio SIM Card. You can only Recharge them in your Jio Sim within that Specific Validity Period.

So, the Voucher with “Transferrable” Written on it, Click on that Transfer Button when you are Confirm that you want to Transfer that Voucher to another Jio SIM. Please make sure that after your Transfer that Voucher to another Jio SIM Card, that Voucher will be automatically Recharged on that Number. It will not Be Credited as a Voucher in that Mobile Number. So that means you cannot then Transfer them back to your Number. After you Click on the Transfer Button, You need to enter the Mobile Number to where you want to Transfer the Voucher. Enter that Mobile Number and Click on “Redeem” Button. That’s it, the Voucher will get Recharged in the Mobile Number you have Entered.

So that’s the entire process to Transfer your Jio Data Packs to Another Jio SIM Card within just 2 Minutes. As I’ve mentioned before, it can be a Unique Gift to your Near and Dear ones.

JIO DTH Booking: How to Register, Buy Jio Set Top Box from OFFICIAL SITE


jio home tv dth booking and plans

Jio DTH has already Launched and very near to get available in Online Stores and Jio Stores. Yes, If you don’t want to Buy the Jio DTH from Online Booking and Registration System then you can visit the nearest Jio Store to Buy your new Jio DTH. But for that, you need to wait for a Month or two. Within the next 1 or 2 Months or maximum within Diwali, you will see that the Jio DTH will get available in Offline Stores.

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jio dth booking online registration

To get a Jio DTH Connection, you need to verify your Identify and also the Address Verification needed using your Aadhar Card and after you get Verified and Paid to Buy the Jio DTH Connection, the Jio Engineers will visit your home to Install the Jio DTH. And as you already know that Jio DTH will work using your Jio Broadband Connection so you need to have a Jio Broadband Connection as well in your Home. To get a Detailed Information on Jio Giga Fiber Broadband, you can check this Post.  The Jio DTH will work like an IPTV. If you don’t know what is an IPTV then let me tell you that it is a very Advanced and Modern Technology unlike those Old Dish Antenna Connection, these IPTV can Telecast TV Channels using High-Speed Internet Connection. You will get a Problem Free Cable Connection Experience in an IPTV because there’s no change of Low Signal or Other Signal Issues we used to face during heavy Rains, Windy Weather, Flood, and Natural Calamity. If you have an IPTV then you can Watch TV Channels in any situation until your Internet Connection is okay. In other Western Countries, This IPTV Connection is very Common in all of their Houses though this New Technology has not come here to India yet. But now, Reliance Jio is introducing this new Technology called Jio IPTV in India using the Jio DTH Connection. You will get to see all the Indian TV Channels in Jio IPTV. And many of the Channels will be of HD Quality without any Extra Charges. That will Change the way, we used to Watch Television in our Country.

I’ve also updated the Jio DTH Package Details and also all the Available Channel List in my another Post. You can Click on the Previous Link to Check that Post and get to know all the Jio DTH Channel List with Price Details. I’ll also try to Update this Post whenever a New Information about Jio DTH will get Launched. You can check the Below information to know more about the Jio DTH Connection.

UPDATED ON 16th August 2018

Reliance Jio has Started the Registration for the JioGigaFiber Broadband Connection as they have Promised in the AGM Meeting 2018. You can Read the Full Guide on How you can Register the Jio Giga Fiber Broadband for your Locality from this Post. Reliance Jio also Started the Jio Phone 2 Selling from it’s Official Jio Website. You can also Click on the Link to Read the Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to Order your Jio Phone 2 Online from it’s Official Website. Or if you want to Exchange your Old Jio Phone to the Newly Launched Jio Phone 2 then you will also get that Guide on my Article about Jio Phone 2. Anyways, you have come here because of the Jio DTH Information. In this Post, I’ll give you all the Details about the Jio DTH, It’s Prices, Set Top Box Installation Procedure, Package and Plan Prices, Recharge Offers etc in a Detailed manner. I’m also updating this Article again and again whether there is a new update coming from Jio DTH. So if you are a regular visitor of our Blog, then you will get all the Updated and Detailed News about the Jio DTH. But before Reading Further, I’ve a Small Request for all of you, Please share this article using your Social Networking Profiles like Twitter, Google Plus etc. I want it to reach every single person waiting for Jio DTH.

UPDATED ON 3rd August 2018

Reliance Jio has announced the IPTV for its Consumers in India. The Reliance Jio CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced at the Annual Meeting that Reliance will Start to Distribute the Reliance Jio DTH Connection from 15th Aug, 2018. The Registration for the Booking will also start from that date. The Customers who would buy the GigaFiber Broadband, they will also get the IPTV Box that will be Connected with the Router of the Jio GigaFiber. The High-Speed Internet of Jio Broadband will help the TV Channels to Telecast. It’s a Part of Jio Smart Home Devices. In the Jio Smart Home Connection, you will also get Security Cameras and Smart Remote Control and a Lot more. Everything will be Connected with each Other so that you can make your Home a Smart Home.

When you will buy a Jio DTH Connection, You will get a Smart Set-Top Box where 4K Channels will also support. But in India, the 4k Channels are not yet available. So you can only Watch up to 1080p or Full HD TV Channels in your Jio DTH Connection. And this time, the Channels will be Streaming via Jio High-Speed Internet Connection. Means you do not need to Install a TV Dish Antenna in your Roof. So even when there Storming Outside, All TV Channels can still be accessible in your Area. The Features are so many that I can’t mention them all here. You will also get a Smart Remote Control. Using the Remote Control, you just need to Command it with your Voice and your Remote Control can perform that Action for you. Mean if you ask your Remote Control Device to Play the Discovery Channel, It will open that for you. Means the Remote Control have the Voice Navigation in it. That’s not all. You can also make Video Calls using your DTH Connection of Jio. Yes, you heard it right. As the DTH will be Connected with Internet Connection, Now you can make Video Calls with your Jio Phone. Everyone who has a Jio DTH can make Video Calls to each other. So you have to tell your Relatives to Install Jio DTH in their Home too. And then you can make Video Calls to them. That’s really a Smart Idea. So you have to prepare your self to Register for the Jio DTH on 15th August 2018. Remember, the Demand will be very High, So you have to Book the Jio DTH as early as possible.

Price of Smart Jio DTH Set Top Box?

The Price of Jio DTH has not yet Released in the Annual Meeting of Reliance Jio. Only the Features of the Jio DTH has been Discussed in that Launch Event. And the Important thing is that the Jio DTH will be a Part of the Jio Smart Home for Consumers Device. In that Package, You will get Multiple Devices like Jio IPTV Set Top Box, Smart Remote Control, GigaFiber Router, Security Camera and a lot more. So the Price of the Package can be at High Point. We are Expecting the Price of Jio Smart Home System can be Rs. 5000 or more. But if you consider the Devices you are getting then you have to say that the Price of Jio DTH is very Reasonable. Anyways, if have already made your Mind then Go Ahead and Click on the Below Link to Book and then Buy Jio DTH IPTV Set Top Box.

Click Here to Buy Jio DTH

UPDATED ON 18th April, 2018

Another Updated News on Jio DTH is coming from Sources. The Sources are saying that Reliance Jio is soon going to launch it’s DTH Service in India. The Name of the Jio DTH will be Jio Home TV. This will be a very good step from Reliance Jio that can bring some competition in India’s Direct-to-Home Space and Other DTH Operators like Dish TV, Videocon D2H, Tata Sky, Airtel DTH will get some tough Competition to lower down their DTH Plans as well. Which will benefit all the DTH Customers not only Jio DTH Customers but every other DTH Customers in India.


Reliance Jio has Launched Jio Phone 2: Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube Officially Introduced

The Jio DTH or the Jio Home TV will based on a New Technology which is called Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) and this is totally new in India. You will get very good picture quality within a very less price. Currently the Beta Testing is going on and the Launching of Jio Home TV DTH including this new technology will be going to Launch very soon. Though the Official Launch date for the Jio DTH is not yet Conformed but you can take Minimum 5-6 Months from today. So that Means before Diwali Session, you can expect from Reliance Jio to launch it’s Newly Build and Modified Technology based Jio Home TV or Jio DTH to be launched.

If you believe the Sources then the New Jio Home TV Technology will be modified version of the Jio Broadcast App. And let me tell you that this App from Jio has been recently tested by Jio Engineers to Play on several TV devices to Stream HD Contents and HD Channels. So this same Technology will be used to Stream HD Channels in your TV after the Jio DTH Launch. And the Best thing about the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) Technology is that there no Internet will be required to Stream the HD Channels in your TV unlike the Jio TV App because the Content will be Broadcast for Offline Access which will save a lot of money for all it’s Customers. That is the only reason to take some time from Reliance Jio’s end as it is a New Technology and the Pan India Beta Testing will take some time.

Now let’s come to the main and the very Important Point which is the Price of the Jio DTH Plans. So you will be very happy to know that Reliance Jio Home TV will allow you to Access both the Standard Definition (SD) Channels and High Definition (HD) Channels and also the Hybrid Package will also be there where you can access both SD and HD Channels. The Standard Definition Package will be Rs. 200/- per Month and the HD DTH Package from Jio will cost you Only Rs. 400/- per Month. Unlike other DTH Operators, you will get all the Channels within the Package. There will be to Addons to be added which is Costing you more in other DTH Providers. So that is a Good News.

Though we are not confirming all the News as it is coming from an Official Sources. And Reliance Jio is still restricting itself to declare any Official Updates for it’s Jio DTH Services.

There is also other Updates from Jio as well like Jio is going to Launch the 5G Services which is the First in India. And the Network Compatibility and Range and Other things are in the Beta Testing Mode. You can Read this Article from Here. That’s not all, Jio is also launching it’s New Laptop which is recently Announced by the Officials. The Jio Laptops are making in Partnership will Qualcomm and you will get Free Jio SIM with Bundled Free 4G Data Offer for 3-4 Months with Jio Laptop. You can also Read this Article from here. And to get all the Latest Jio Updates and News, You can Subscribe our Newsletter.

Jio DTH Launch Date in India

SL No.EventLaunch Date
1Jio DTH Annoucement DateApril 18, 2018
2Jio DTH Beta Testing StartsApril 25, 2018
3Jio DTH Testing Last DateJuly 25, 2018
4Jio DTH Package DateAugust 2, 2018
5Jio DTH Launch DateSeptember 1, 2018
6Jio DTH Francize StartsSeptember 10, 2018
7Jio DTH Buy Starting DateSeptember 15, 2018

UPDATED ON 19th Feb, 2018

Hi friends, in this post, I will tell you all the details about Jio DTH set top box launch date and price and also I will discuss about all the fraud and scams available in the market showing a fake Reliance Jio DTH set top box. Many YouTube Videos and Misleading pictures in the Internet or showing that Jio DTH box has been launched and you can book it from some website for a specific amount of rupees. So are those images are correct and those information you are getting from other YouTube videos and online blogs are genuine enough to be trust on? If not, then why others are promoting such things online? I will also highlight the Official Launch date of Jio DTH and How you can be Confirm that which is the Official Offer of Jio DTH Connection.

JIO Set top Box

So firstly, I will tell about those set top boxes that are selling in offline stores saying that these are all Original Jio DTH Set top box. So are those boxes are actually from Jio and is Jio already launched the Set Top box of Jio DTH? How you can confirm that these are the Official Jio DTH Set Top Box?

 Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer: Rs. 251 to Get 102GB Data for 51 Days under IPL 2018 Pack

So let’s discuss on this topic of our post which is the originality of the Jio DTH set top boxes that are being sold in Offline stores. Let me tell you that these set top boxes that you might have been seen in many YouTube Videos are not original. These products are from a Different brands but are they are selling their products using Jio’s Logo and telling you that this is the Official Set top box of Jio. These Set Top boxes will not charge you a single penny after you buy this… so do you know why? Because all these set top boxes have no customer card inserted into it and is providing you the Free Dish Connection which is Offered by Indian Government to Watch the Free TV Channels in India. So these set top boxes will not provide you any paid channels to watch and you can only watch the free channels that can be seen in these set top boxes. So these are only Fake Jio DTH Set top boxes.

Jio DTH STB India

I have seen many people are so happy after buying all these set top boxes which is priced around Rs. 1500 to 2000. But if you want to use Free Dish Channels then you can get a connection of Free Dish Channels for only 200 to 300 in their officials brand set top box. So I will suggest you not to buy this duplicate set top boxes from Jio that are being sold in Offline right now.

 Jio Recharge Trick to Get Rs. 399 Recharge at Rs. 160/- Only

Now the most important question and probably the million dollar question is When the Jio DTH set top box will be launched? So there is no official announcement about the launch of Jio set top box. But for sure, when it will be launched, you will get the information and the date and the price of Jio set top box in Jio’s Official Website. I will also try to tell you about the actual Launch Date of Jio set top box even before it will be Live in Jio Official Website. But for that you need to visit us regularly and we can help you to get know that when Jio set top box will be launched and what will be the Price of Jio set top boxes. At the bottom, you can leave your name and mobile number if you want to get regular updates on Jio DTH Set top box and if there is any news about the Launching of Jio set top box and when the booking process will be opened then you will get a Email from us to your Email ID containing the Booking Link of Jio set top box. I have also discussed about the Expected Price and Plans of Jio DTH Set top box. Please remember that the official packages of Jio DTH has not been released so these packages in our website is totally based on the expectation and the official package price can be somewhat different but moreover it will be similar like the DTH Plans of Jio, we have mentioned in our blog.

Jio DTH Plans

Good News to all the Jio Lovers here. Today Reliance Jio Official Released the SET TOP Box of Reliance Jio. You can See the Images of the New Jio Set Top Box. After getting Huge Success on Jio’s Telecom 4G Network Connection & also the kind of Response Reliance Jio has got after the Launch of Jio Feature Phone of Rs. 1500/- is totally Unbelievable. You can Check out the Details of Jio Phone from here.


But now as expected, Jio has came up with their new Product which is Jio DTH Set top Box. Everyone is eagerly waiting to Jio DTH Connection Launch. So let me tell you that Jio has not Officially Launched the Jio DTH Set Top Box, but the Images Proves that Jio’s DTH Project is almost done.

Jio DTH Set Top Box
Jio DTH Set Top Box

Just like the other parts on Jio Phone, Jio Giga Fiber you know that the First Step is to Beta Testing the Products for atleast 3 Months. We have mentioned in Our Jio Giga Broadband Section How Jio use to Offer Beta Testing to it’s Customers. Like Jio Broadband & Jio Phone, this New Product of Jio DTH also has to gone through the Beta Testing Mode.

When JIO DTH will Launch?

Actually in Beta Testing, Real Consumers like you and me got chance to use Jio’s Latest Products for 3 Months even before that Product’s Launch Officially. In this Case, Jio will Offer Beta Testers to use their JIO DTH Connection for 3 Months for Free of Cost. After 3 Months, If the Beta Testers didn’t complain any issue then Jio CEO Mukesh Ambani will Launch the Product. Else the Product again go into the Hand of Jio Engineers and they will work on it further so the issue has been resolved.

Expected Date of Launch, Jio DTH:

As per the News are Coming that Reliance might Launch the Jio DTH Connection with JIO Set Top Box and Jio Satellite on Diwali this year. But as I’ve gave detail on the above paragraphs, If the Beta Testers Complain about some serious Bug or Glitch in the Jio DTH Connection then Maybe it will be tough to Launch the Jio DTH Service within Diwali this year. So just pray that the Beta Testing Period should go without any major issues.

Jio is all set to Launch it’s Broadband Project up next as the Beta Testing Process is also Completed. There are so many peoples in India including me waiting for the Jio Broadband Service which is the Highest Speed Broadband in India. But let me tell you, From some sources said, Jio has delayed it’s Broadband launch as it’s facing some Clearance Issue with Govt. So Jio now more Focusing on the Jio Set Top Box Launch. If the Speculation got right then this Diwali, Reliance Jio will Gift us the New Jio DTH Connection.

JIO DTH Set Top box Details:

As the news are coming, Jio’s DTH Connection will be very much Cheap comparing with the Other DTH Providers available in Market Right Now. So DTH Providers might get a Serious Headque after JIO DTH Launch. As the Reports saying JIO will be Offer 3 Months Free DTH Usage to all it’s Customers. JIO Set Top Box will be Full-HD So you don’t need to have any Compromise with the Quality of the Video. If you have a HD TV, Then you can Play High Defination Channels through Jio DTH Connection.

Jio DTH Set Top Box
Jio DTH Set Top Box

Not Only that, You would not believe that Jio will Offer the HD Channel Packages at a Cost of Standard Definition Packages. So after your JIO DTH Preview Offer for Free Connection of High Definition Channels on JIO DTH Set Top Box, you can still enjoy the Service for an Affordable monthly Cost of any Standard Definition Package.

JIO DTH Booking System Details:

Reliance Jio will again Go with the Booking System for their DTH Service also. Means after the Launch of JIO DTH Connection, you need to book the DTH Connection of Jio from Online. Only after that you can Get a JIO DTH Connection in your Home. There’s a Good News for you. I’ve already mentioned that Reliance Jio will Offer you 3 Month Free Access of all the Channels with 50 Major HD Channels against the JIO DTH Preview Offer. But you’ll get Surprised to know that the Jio DTH Set Top Machine will also be Free just like the Jio Phone which is launched on 27th of July this Year. You need to pay a one time fee of Rs. 1000 for the Installation Charges and that’s it. You need not to pay anything for the JIO DTH Set Top Box. Isn’t it again a Mind Boggling Offer by Jio.

Reliance Jio Booking or Registration Now:

How Competitors Service after JIO DTH Launch?

I’m Guessing Other DTH Companies will get some hard time in Future. Like After the Launch of JIO 4G Network, Other Telecom Operators are like Jobless now. They are bringing new and new Offers Daily to Attract People but Still unable to get any.

Jio DTH Plans & Packages Details (Leaked, Not Officially Released Yet)

Package1 Month Price3 Months Price6 Months Price12 Months Price
Jio DTH Bronze Package1805209901999
Jio DTH Silver Package19555010202099
Jio DTH Silver Plus Package21057010402180
Jio DTH Gold Package22559010602250
Jio DTH Diamond Package23561010852290
Jio DTH Platinum Package24063511102330
Jio DTH Gold Package25065011302350

Additional info on JIO DTH:

As per the News Coming, in this Set Top Box, you will also get a Satellite to be Placed on your Roof. The Jio Set Top Box will have a HDMI Connection, USB Port, Sound Output Ports & Audio-Video Jacks so that there’s no Options left. Jio will Offer you all the Major Channels with 50 HD Channels in their Package. And as I have said the Package will be very very Cheap so that everyone can afford to have a Jio DTH Connection. The Channel Package will be Starting from Rs. 180/- Only. Though there is no Clear Confirmation Yet on this.

How to Check Remaining Net or 4G Data Balance in Reliance Jio


Check Jio Data Balance

Reliance Jio has so many Services and their related Functions also. Like Reliance Jio has it’s Network Connection with Mobile Phones, DTH Connection, Broadband Connection named as Jio Giga Fiber Broadband and lot more. So sometimes it is very tough to Track all the Services you are using from Reliance Jio. If you are using a Jio Network Connection then you might know that Jio is Currently giving 1.5 GB 4G Data per day. And it is very important to Track those 1.5 GB Internet 4G Data… Else maybe before even you know, the Data Limit went over.

But as many of us just started using Reliance Jio SIM only because the attractive Offers are given by Reliance Jio. So we don’t actually know how to Check the Internet Balance of your Jio Phone. You don’t need to worry because, in this Post, We will get to know all the Service provided by Reliance Jio and their Tracking Methods. Like if you use you a Jio GigaFiber Broadband then you can also use this method to check your Day to Day Data Usage in your Jio Broadband or even in your Mobile Data. You can also keep Track of your Jio Account Balance, Validity of the Current Jio Prime Plan and a lot more. So you can read this Post to get to know how you can Check Jio Data Balance for both Mobile and Broadband Connection.

How to Check Jio Balance?

Do you know the fact that you can also Topup Jio Mobile Numbers like you used to do previously with other Telecom Operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea etc. You can Recharge Topups like Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100 and so on. And for all the Recharges, you will get a Balance in your Jio Account. But then you can have a Question that Jio provides us Unlimited Internet with Unlimited Calls and also Unlimited SMS. So how you can use this Account Balance or What is the meaning of having Account Balance in Jio? Then let me tell you that you use Recharge your Jio Number for Packs like Rs. 399/- or Other Packs that give you Unlimited Internet and a lot more using your Jio Account Balance.

Jio Data Balance Check USSD Code:

In Reliance Jio, You can install the MyJio App to get all the Account Information like Balance, Validity, Data Packs Recharged, Data Balance, Data Validity etc. But if you don’t want to Check this information using the MyJio App then another option can be using USSD Codes of Reliance Jio to check necessary information. In this post, I’ll mention all the USSD Codes of Jio to Check Internet Data Balance, Validity, and Other information.

Jio USSD Code to Check Account Balance and Validity: *127#

Jio USSD Code to Check Internet Balance and Validity: *127*1*3# and *129# and *127*4*1*2#

How to Check Internet Data Balance in Reliance Jio?

  1. Firstly, You need to Download the MyJio Application from Playstore.
  2. After Download and Install, you need to Login using your Jio Mobile Number.
  3. If you don’t have a MyJio Account, then you can Simply Signup using your Jio Mobile Number and Other Details like Name, Password, Email Address etc.
  4. Creating your New MyJio Account, Just Login using your Credentials.
  5. Now in your Dashboard, you will be able to see all the Account Details of your Mobile Number. Like your Balance, The Jio Prime Plan you have Recharged, Subscription Validity, Add-ons, Vouchers etc.
  6. On the same page, you will find the Remaining Data Option under which the Remaining 4G Data Count will be mentioned.
  7. When Clicking on that Section, you can see the Internet Usage and the actual Time of the Using the Data in Detail.
  8. When you Subscribe for your Jio GigaFiber Broadband, you will be asked for your Jio Number and after the Broadband Connection got active in your House, you can manage every single Service of Jio Broadband using the MyJio App only.
  9. So even if you are a Jio Broadband User, you must need this MyJio App Installed in your Mobile phone to get all the necessary services.

To help many other users to check the Balance, Data Packs, Validity of your Jio Recharge, I’ve decided to Write this Post. You can also check our other Articles like Jio DTH Information and lot other Tricks related to Reliance Jio in our Blog. If you actually like our Articles then you can share them using your Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest or any other Media possible. Because a Simple Share means a lot to us.

Jio DTH Channel List: Official Jio Website Channels Price List UPDATED


Jio dth Channel List

Jio DTH Launched from 15th August 2018 and the Booking or the Registration for Jio DTH are already opened for all the Jio Customers. You can Click on the Link to Read the Detailed Jio DTH Information from our Blog. You will get all the Detailed Information and Tips and Tricks of Jio DTH there. Not only that, the Jio DTH Registration Step-by-Step Guide is also there. So don’t forget to Check out our Post on Jio DTH Launch this August.

Recently after the Launch of Jio DTH, the response from the Customer is so high that it is hardly manageable. And if you don’t know then let me tell you that the Registration for Jio DTH is already on. You can now Register using the Official Website Registration Form to Apply for your Jio DTH Connection. But there is a Catch waiting for you there. And that is you have to Register for Jio Home Package including which you will also get the Jio Broadband Connection as well. Maybe you already know that Jio DTH will not work like all other DTH Connections in India. You do not need to Install a Dish Antenna in your Roof for the Signal, Instead, the Signal will come from the Internet. You have to apply for the Jio Broadband Connection and you will get a Jio Router for High-Speed Internet Access. That High-Speed Internet will help you to Stream all the Jio DTH Channels to Stream in your Television. You can watch all the Indian TV Channels using this Internet Connection and Jio Set Top Box. And you will be happy to know that the Quality of all the Channels will be very Good because it is an IPTV Connection. If you have ever used the JioTV App then you might know how Clear the Channels will be using the Internet Connection.

And that’s not all, you will get some extra-ordinary features with this DTH Connection from Reliance Jio. Features like you will be able to make Video Calls to your Loved one using your Television. Yes, you heard it right, if you have the Jio DTH Connection, then you can do Video Calling using the Jio DTH Set Top Box in HD Mode. The Video Chat Quality will be so good that you would feel like your Loved ones are sitting just in front of you. Other Features like a Smart Remote Control will be included with the Jio DTH Set Top Box. Why I’m saying it a Smart Remote Control? Because the Remote Control can hear your Voice and will do the same thing you will command it. The Remote Control haS the Voice Navigation System installed in it so whenever you say it to Telecast some Channel, it will hear you and play the same Channel for you Automatically.

Jio DTH Channel Package

And do you know how much you have to pay to watch all the Channels in your Jio DTH Set Top Box? You will be Glad to know that you will Watch all the Jio DTH Channels including the HD Channels absolutely for FREE of Cost. Yes, you heard it right, none need to pay a single penny to Watch all the Channels in Jio DTH Connection. If you have used JioTV App, do you need to pay anything to Watch those Channels? The Answer is No. As Long as you have the Interner Connection, you can Watch all the Channels in JioTV App for Free of Cost. Here the same thing will be Applied. As long as you have the Internet Connection, you don’t need to pay any Extra Money to Watch all the Jio DTH Channels in your TV. Then you might be Wondering that how Jio will get the Profit? Then let me tell you that Jio will get the Profit by selling it’s Broadband Plans. To watch the Jio DTH Channels, you have to pay for the Unlimited Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Package, and Jio will get the profit from that only. The Jio GigaFiber Broadband Package will be Cheaper than other Broadband Companies in India. And after paying for the Internet, you are not only getting the Unlimited Access to the Internet but Unlimited Access to all the Jio DTH Channels as well which is a Great Deal. Wouldn’t you think like that? So How many of you will be buying the Jio DTH Connection after knowing this Information?

I’ll be posting all the Jio DTH Channel List in this Post. The Channels are Categorized as per their Genre. So you can check all the Channels including the Channel Number in this post. If you like this post, don’t forget to appreciate us by Sharing this Article in Various Social Networking Websites like Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Jio DTH HD Channel List

Jio DTH HD Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
5&TV HD708
14SONY TEN 1 HD726
18AXN HD734
26MN+ HD750
28NICK HD+754
45SUN TV HD788
47KTV HD792
51ETV HD800

Jio DTH Entertainment Channel List

Jio DTH Entertainment Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
2ZEE TV103

Jio DTH Movies Channel List

Jio DTH Movies Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
11ENTERR 10225
18SONY MAX 2239

Jio DTH News Channel List

Jio DTH News Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
14NDTV 24X7627
16CNN NEWS 18631
22CNBC TV18643
24ET NOW647

Jio DTH Sports Channel List

Jio DTH Sports Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
5SONY TEN 1411
6SONY TEN 2413
7SONY TEN 3415

Jio DTH Music Channel List

Jio DTH Music Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
59X JALWA509

Jio DTH Kids Cartoon Channel List

Jio DTH Kids Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number

Jio DTH Infotainment Channel List

Jio DTH Infotainment Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number

Jio DTH Lifestyle Channel List

Jio DTH Lifestyle Channel List  
SL No.Channel NameChannel Number
1NT 1901
3HOME SHOP 18905
10FYI TV18919
23GOD TV945
24D2H SAJDA947

Jio Phone 2 Booking at Rs. 2999/- | Exchange at Rs. 501/- | Register Now


Exchange Old Jio Phone to Jio Phone 2 at 501

Reliance AGM 2018

The 41st Reliance AGM Meeting 2018 is Held on Today where the Chairman of Reliance Mr. Mukhesh Ambani gave his Speech. In this Company Occasion, Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced the Launch of Few Most Awaited Products from Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio Infocomm has already Achieved many Milestone and also Created many Records in the Last 22 Months after the Launch of Jio Phone. Now Reliance Jio again Explained their Roadmap for Future Days in front of all the Partners, Employees, Share-Holders in this Reliance AGM Meeting 2018 Summit. Reliance Jio has already Doubled their Customer Base to 215 Million Loyal Customers Over these 22 Months after the Launch of Jio Phone and This is a New Record Reliance Jio have Set by Reliance Jio that No Other Company in the entire World could have ever Set as per the CEO of Reliance, Mr. Mukesh Ambani. They also keep everyone happy with their Telecomm Business with Various Prepaid and Postpaid 4G Data Offers and Other Recharge Plans.

Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook on Jio Phone

Jio Phone 2 Launch:

Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani have also Shared the Stage with Mukesh Ambani and they have announced the Launch of the New Jio Phone 2. The Ambani Siblings have also mentioned that the Most Awaited Feature of Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube will be Available in the Latest Jio Phone 2 which is also a Feature Phone from Reliance Jio. So Finally, the Long Wait of the Jio Phone Users seems Finished and now everyone can Enjoy the Features of Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube in their Latest Jio Phone 2.

UPDATE: Jio Phone 2 Booking has Finally Started from 15th of August 2018. You can Register your Jio Phone 2 using the Official Website’s Registration Form to get your Brand New JioPhone 2 Mobile Phone. After you Book Jio Phone 2 Online, You will Receive an SMS within next 7 Days that your Mobile Phone is now Ready and to Collect it from your Near-by Jio Store. You need to Keep that SMS and With your Aadhaar Card, you need to Visit your Nearest Jio Store and then Show then the SMS from Reliance Jio. They will Verify the Order Number and after Receiving they Payment, you will get your New Jio Phone 2 Mobile Phone. The Exchange Procedure is almost the same. As you already know that the New Jio Phone 2 Price is Rs. 2999/- but if you have your Jio Phone 1 Mobile Phone then you can Exchange it with Jio Phone 2 for just Rs. 501/- So to Exchange your JioPhone, you need to Mention that at the time of Online Registration. So after you visit the Jio Store, they will ask you for Rs. 501 and your Old Jio Phone. That’s it, you will get your New Jio Phone 2 for just Rs. 501/-

Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube in JioPhone 2

The Apps of Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube in your Jio Phone 2 can also be Operated with Voice Commands. If you have the Previous Jio Phone with you then you might know what is Voice Commanding in your Jio Phone. It’s like you say something or Command your Jio Phone to do a Task for you, And your Phone Listens to your Command and does the Job for you. This is the same Technology used in the New Jio Phone 2 with a much Improved Version. Now your Jio Phone can not only support the Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook or Youtube but it can also open those Apps, Send Messages to your Contacts everything Automatically by your Voice Command.

Check Out: Jio Giga TV Set Top Box Booking / Registration has Started: Register Now

How Jio Phone 2 is Improved than Jio Phone 1?

Jio Phone 2 Features

First and the Most Important thing that makes the Jio Phone 2 Better than Jio Phone 1 is the Official Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube App Support. You have tried and tested every single trick to Install Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube in your Old JioPhone but Sadly everything has gone into vain. Now just Imagine How Beneficial it will be when you can access Apps like Whatsapp in Your Jio Phone 2 to Send Messages and Media Files to your Whatsapp Contacts without any Trick or Hassles. Imagine when you can use Facebook and Check your Facebook Timeline and Chat with your Facebook Friends in Offtime, How Entertaining it will be. Still, if you feel boring, you don’t need to Open Browser and then Open Youtube there, From now on, you will just click on the Youtube Button in your JioPhone 2 and Boom, Youtube will be Loaded and you can Watch all your Favorite Videos in your Jio Phone 2.

This is the 3rd Attempt of Reliance Jio to Grab the Attention of the Market after the Previously Launched Jio Phone and the Free and Cheap 4G Data Offer by Reliance Jio. This New JioPhone 2 will also Target those Rural Area Living Poor People who want to Shift to a Smartphone but do not have much money to Buy it. Jio not only allows them to buy this Cheap Feature Phone from Reliance Jio But they can also Recharge with just Rs. 49/- (Which is a JioPhone Specific Mobile Recharge) to Get Unlimited Voice Calling and 200MB Free 2G Data per day. As you already know that JioPhone has come at an effective Price of Rs. 0 which has also made a Big dent to the Other Telecom Operators who were targeting these Rural Poor People to spent more on their Recharges for Calling and Internet Data as well. But the Only Problem or Criticism Jio was getting because of the Unavailability of Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook in the Older Version of JioPhone but they have Finally Rectified that Mistake in this Latest JioPhone 2.

Jio Phone 2 Specification :

Unlike the Jio Phone 1, The Brand New Jio Phone 2 will get all the Specifications, The Jio Phone 1 was missing. The Most Important Specification of Jio Phone 2 has that it is having a QWERTY Keypad. The Jio Phone 2 is Expected to Build for those who love Chatting via Whatsapp or Facebook. So that is the Reason both the Application Including Youtube are Introduced in the New Jio Phone 2. With the Seamless 4G Internet Connection, It was Expected that everyone going to Chat with their Loved Ones all day long using the Jio Phone 2. So that’s the reason, Reliance Jio Decided to Change the Shape of this New Mobile Phone. From a Vertical Screen to a Horizontal Screen Size with QWERTY Keypad will help many of us to use Jio Phone 2 with Conveniently while Chatting with Others.

Other Feature like the Wi-Fi Hotspot can be introduced in the New Jio Phone 2. The Wi-FI Hotspot was not there in the Last Jio Phone so it was expected that this time Reliance Jio can rectify that Mistake and Enabled all the user this time to Share their Internet using the Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone 2. The answer will be got after the launch of Jio Phone 2 on 15th of August 2018. If Reliance Jio introduced the Wi-Fi Hotspot in JioPhone 2, then Surely this Phone will be sold like Hot Cakes. Because Last time everyone missed the Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature in Jio Phone.

Jio Phone 2 Features:

Operating SystemKaiOS, same used in JioPhone
Internal Storage4GB
Expandable Storageup to 128GB using External SD Card
Display2.4 Inch QVGA Display
Rear Camera2 Megapixel Real Camera
Front CameraVGA Camera in Front
SIM and NetworksDual SIM, LTE, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi
Highlighted FeatureWhatsapp, Facebook, Youtube App Installed
Price2999/- but Rs. 501/- with Exchange Offer

Jio Phone 2 Specifications

There are so many Features and Specifications included in the New Jio Phone 2. The Reliance Jio Engineers have worked so hard to Introduce Features like Supporting Official Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube App in the Same Operating System of Jio Phone with is KaiOS. If you remember, then the Previous JioPhone 1 is also working with the same KaiOS but that time Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube were not Supporting in that Feature Phone by Reliance Jio. Other Features like Voice Command Over Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube have also been Introduced in this New Feature Phone. You have listened the Term VoLTE before at the time of the Launch of Jio SIM Card. Now you will get to know another Term which is VoWi-Fi. What VoLTE does is that it can Transmit your Voice Over the LTE Network which allows Jio to Provide us Free Voice Calling over their LTE Network. And now Jio has Introduced the VoWi-Fi which Simply means that now Jio Phone 2 can Transmit your Voice over the Wi-Fi Signal as well. Means even if you don’t have Jio Internet Plans Activated in your SIM Card of Jio but you have a Wi-Fi Signal Available at your Home, then you can use that Wi-Fi Signal to make a Call at Free of Cost to anyone in the Country.

The JioPhone 2 is a High-End Model of the Previous JioPhone. The JioPhone 2 has a Horizontal Screen of 2.4 Inch QVGA Display. And this time, the QWERTY Keypad is also introduced in the JioPhone 2. Means Jio has already known the fact that this time the Customers of Jio Phone 2 will Chat and Message a lot using Newly Introduced Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. So that everyone gets Convenience using the Full QWERTY Keypad Experience, Reliance Jio Decided to Include this in this JioPhone 2.

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Jio Phone 2 5G?

Many Question comes from our Readers that whether Jio Phone 2 is a 5G Device or not? Then let me tell you the answer is that JioPhone 2 is not a 5G Device but It’s a 4G Device like the Old Jio Phone 1. Jio is Working on the 5G Service and It can be the First Brand in India who will Introduce the 5G Services in India. So everyone Speculating that JioPhone 2 can be a 5G Device from Reliance Jio. But this time, Jio has not given the 5G Feature in Jio Phone 2, Maybe in Future when they have launched their 5G Services in India, They can Launch a Better Version of Jio Phone 2 which can be called JioPhone 3. And that phone can have the 5G Service which is First in India by Reliance Jio.

Jio Phone 2 Offers:

Jio Phone 2 Offers

After the Launch of Jio Phone 2, Everyone worrying about what will be the Recharge Offers with JioPhone 2? Do JioPhone 2 will get the same Recharge Packs like JioPhone 1 ?? So here’s a Clarification from the Officials of Reliance Jio. You can Recharge your Jio Phone 2 with the same Packs available for the Old Jio Phone. Yes, As you already know that the Rs. 49/- Recharge Pack was there for the Previous Version of Jio Phone and that Recharge Pack was giving you Unlimited Voice Calling and 200MB Free 4G Data per day for 20 Days. So you can Recharge that Particular Recharge Pack in this New Jio Phone 2 as well.

This Jio Phone 2 is Focussed on the Poor Class Families of India who don’t have money to Buy Android Smartphones. In India, There is a Huge Market in this Feature Phone Industry and Other Telecom Operators Focussed to Earn Maximum Profit from this Area after Jio Launched for the First Time and Targetted the Android Smartphone Users with their Free Bundle Data Pack where every Jio SIM Holder got 1 Year of Unlimited 4G Experience. But Reliance Jio identifies the Fact that now Other Telecom Operators are trying to Loot those Poor Class People by Increasing the already Hiked Mobile Recharge Plans and They are Spending Rs. 200+ Amount just to get 100-120 Minutes of Talk time. So with the Launch of Jio Phone and the Rs. 49/- Pack Only Targetted for Jio Phone Users, Reliance has saved all those Poor Middle-Class People. Now they can Buy a Feature Phone that Cost them only Rs. 1500/- and That is also Fully Refundable after 3 Years means as Announced Its Effectively Free. And with the Recharge Pack of Rs. 49/-, Now they can Call anywhere in India for Free of Cost without Thinking about the Talktime for Entire a Month or 28 Days.

But as Few Mistakes was there in the Old Jio Phone like when you are Offering Free Internet, there no meaning of not having Important Messaging Apps like Whatsapp, Top Social Networking Website like Facebook, and the Best Entertainment Website Youtube. So in this New Launch of Jio Phone 2 which is a QWERTY Feature Phone, Jio has Included all the Missing Services from the Previous Jio Phone 1.

How to Register / Book Jio Phone 2?

The New JioPhone 2 will be available to Register on the Official Website of Reliance Jio from 15th August 2018. On that same day, you will get the Official Banner on their Website. You just Need to Click on that Banner and Register JioPhone 2 using your Details. The Registration Process is very Simple because most of the Users are not Tech Savvy. So Reliance makes it clear that everyone can register by the Simplified Registration Form to Book Jio Phone 2. As it is just the Starting of Jio Phone 2 and 15th August will be the First Registration Date so you can understand that the Stocks will be Limited. So if you want to Buy JioPhone 2 for yourself Desperately, then you have to be Quick Enough after the Jio Phone 2 Available in the Official Jio Website and Register it for Yourself before anyone else.

How to Book / Buy Jio Phone 2?

JioPhone 2

The Online Booking Process of JioPhone 2 is very Simple. If you have Registered Previously for Jio Phone then the Process Remains same with the Jio Phone 2 as well. JioPhone 2 is just announced today. So if you are thinking to Buy JioPhone 2 today only, then you need to learn to wait. Because JioPhone 2 will be available from 15th August 2018. On the same day, You need to Visit the Official Jio Website to Start Booking JioPhone 2. Or you can also Install the MyJio Android Application. In the MyJio App, there is Offer banner Scrolling all the way. On that Particular day, One Banner of JioPhone 2 Booking Link will be visible there on the MyJio App. You need to click on that Banner to Redirected to the JioPhone 2 Booking Page.

Step-by-Step Process of JioPhone 2 Booking:

  1. Click here to Visit the Official Reliance Jio Website.
  2. Or Download the MyJio App from here.
  3. Now, Click on the Banner Saying “JioPhone 2 Booking”
  4. You will be Redirected to a Registration Form of JioPhone 2.
  5. Fill that Form Properly, You need to put the Pin Code of your Location.
  6. You will also get the Option that whether you are New Buyer or You want to Exchange your Old Jio Phone?
  7. If you select you are a New Buyer then you have to Pay Rs. 1000/- in Advance Payment.
  8. And If you are Exchanging your Old Jio Phone to the New JioPhone 2 then you have to pay the Rs. 501/- at the time of Checkout.
  9. After the Booking of JioPhone 2 has Done and your Jio Feature Phone is ready in your Neatest Jio Store, You will Receive an SMS in your Given Contact Number at the Time of Registration that “Your Jio Phone 2 is Ready. Please Visit your Neatest Jio Store and Show them this Ticket Number to Collect your New Jio Phone 2”.
  10. Now Visit your Nearest Jio Store with that SMS, Your Aadhar Card and a Passport Size Photo to Collect your JioPhone 2.
  11. If you are a New Buyer, then you have to give Rs. 1999 at the Time of Collecting the Phone as you have already paid Rs. 1000 at the time of Booking JioPhone Online.
  12. If you are Exchanging the New Jio Phone 2 with the Previous Old Model of Jio Phone, then you don’t need to pay anything at the time of Collecting the Phone because you have already Paid Rs. 501 at the time of Online Booking.

Do JioPhone 2 has Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Though in the AGM 2018 Meeting, It has not mentioned the Wi-fi Hotspot Feature of Jio Phone 2. But Still, We are expecting that the Wi-Fi Hotspot will be missing in Jio Phone 2 as Well. We are saying this because previously We have seen a very negative approach towards this Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature by Reliance Jio Officials. Maybe as Jio Phone is a Specially Designed Phone and Even a Low-Cost Internet Recharge Offer has Specially introduced only for Reliance JioPhones, So they don’t want us to share the JioPhone 2 Internet Connection using any Other Ways like Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering, and Bluetooth Tethering.

But as it is not Confirmed News, Reliance Jio can also Include this Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature in their Newly Launched JioPhone 2. Because there are few Laggs and Disappointing Facts in their Last JioPhone and People have Complained about them and even Many people have Returned their Jio Phone. The Officials of JioPhone already know all these things and they have worked a lot in this new JioPhone 2 and tried to Improve all the Disappointing Things in Jio Phone 2. So I can also understand if Reliance Jio Decided to Put the Feature of Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone 2. And not only Wi-Fi Hotspot, Many of us use the USB Tethering Option to Connect a Phone with our Laptop or PC to Share the Mobile Phone’s Internet. I also want Reliance Jio to Enable the USB Tethering Option is Jio Phone 2.

JioPhone 2 Price:

Jio Phone 2 finally Launched today at a very Attractive Price. The Features Jio has included in this New Feature Phone by Jio, People will be very much Interested in Buying JioPhone 2. And this can’t be denied that many of them will belong from a Poor Middle-Class Family. So Reliance Jio had to try to Lower Down the Price of the New JioPhone 2. This is why Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani today announced the Price of JioPhone 2 is just Rs. 2999/- Yes, you heard it right, All the above-mentioned Feature you will get within a Price Point of Rs. 2999/- Only. So without wasting time in Thinking where you should Buy JioPhone 2 or not, Just Go Ahead and Buy Jio Phone 2 from your Nearest Jio Store after 15th August 2018 or else you can also Book Jio Phone 2 from the Official Website of Jio.

Jio Phone 2 Exchange Offer:

How to Exchange Jio Phone 2?

JioPhone 2 is Priced at Rs. 2999/- But there’s a Good News for all of them who already have the Previous Old Jio Phone. Because Today at the AGM 2018 Meeting of Reliance Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani Announced the Exchange Offer of JioPhone 2. All the Users who already have the Old JioPhone can Exchange the Old JioPhone to the New JioPhone 2 for just Rs. 501/- That’s an Amazing Offer because We have Purchased the Old JioPhone for Just Rs. 1500/- and if We include the 501 with that Amount then You are just Spending Rs. 2000 for this JioPhone 2. While Others who do not have the Old JioPhone will buy this New JioPhone 2 for Rs. 2999/-

How to Exchange JioPhone 2 with JioPhone?

Even if you want to Exchange your Jio Phone to Buy the Latest Jio Phone 2, You still have to Register and Book the New Jio Phone 2 on 15th August 2018 when the Phone will be Live for the First Time. To Exchange you Old Jio Phone, You have to pay just Rs. 501 in Order to Receive your New JioPhone 2. After you Register for the New Jio Phone 2, You will Receive an SMS in your Mobile Phone to Pick up the JioPhone 2 from your Nearest Jio Store in your Locality.

  1. After you Receive the Confirmation SMS that your New JioPhone 2 is Ready, Visit your Nearest Jio Phone.
  2. Carry Original Copy of your Aadhaar Card and a Passport Size Photograph.
  3. No Extra Money Required as you have to pay the Full Exchange Fee at the Time of Registration.
  4. Keep your Old JioPhone including the Accessories Like Charging Adapter and Data Cable Including the Box with you.
  5. After Visiting the Jio Store, Hand Over them the Old Jio Phone with Everything mentioned in the above Point.
  6. Now, They will ask you for Aadhaar Card and Passport Size Photo.
  7. That’s it, Now you can Receive your New JioPhone 2 from them.

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