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Updated Jio 149 Plan: Unlimited 4G Internet Access for 30 Days


Jio 149 Plan

Recently, Jio 149 Plans is changed. Jio make a big change in 149 Pack by providing unlimited data after 2GB data consumption. It will benefits for those people who only use a little bit of internet data. From today you will able to use free internet after your 2GB data is consumed. Definitely, their is a change in speed of the internet after 2GB. The speed will decreased to 64Kbps.

BSNL 429 Plan: For 90 Days (3 Months) Get Unlimited 3G Net And Free Calling.

Major Update in Jio 149 Plan:

  • Unlimited Free Internet For 28 Days
  • Speed will decrease to 64Kbps after 2GB Data

This change will again affects other operator like Airtel which offer same plan at same price. Reliance Jio this steps brings more customer because most of the people use only apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc which consume little bit of data. It’s good and money saving pack for those who use less internet.

Jio 149 Plan Or Pack Details :

Calling: Free Unlimited Voice calling for 28 days. You can call to any Indian phone number. This offer is not valid for International call. Only STD is valid. ISD is not allowed. You can do ISD call by paying extra money for ISD packs.

Internet: 2GB Data for 28 days. You can use 2GB 4G data for 28 day. Also, jio provides free internet for 28 days. You can use unlimited free internet even after your 2GB data is consumed. After 2GB, you will get 64Kbps speed.

Validity: 28 Days

Jio Car Router is Launching | Convert your Car to a Smart Car


Jio Car Router is Launching

Reliance jio has launched their product and services in india last year. The company has launch services like 4G connectivity with various offer which cost for free of charge. Services are fabulous and outstanding for the people of India.

Reliance jio has also launched their products like 4G smartphones and 4G wifi router in market with cheap price and good quality material.

Now the company has planning to launch a device for the car users. Jio car router also one of most interesting device by reliance jio. The name of device is JIO Car Router which is going to convert your car into a digital one. Jio car router has consist of a sim slot by their side which only allow to use jio 4G connectivity and work as a wifi hotspot for car users. The company is also going to launch an app service for this device which convert a car into digital car. Firstly, we have to connect application to the device then through application we can fully track your vehicle. Jio car router  provided lots of feature like GPS, wifi hotspot, navigation etc. and if anything going wrong with our  vehicle then we can get alert on jio car router connected app. and by this device we will track all location where our car is moving form place to place and we can store all details when our car is moving from one to other place. By this application we can get another extra feature.

So today I am going to talk about Jio secret device which can be launch soon. The device name is Jio Car Router . This Router device is first spotted on “Technical Guruji”  youtube channel.

Jio Car Router makes your car a smart car. You can insert your jio sim in this device. It provide a free hotspot zone in your car apart from that it gives each & every detail of your car such as Oil pressure, tyre pressure, rpm, speed etc.

It also alert gives you notification if you cross your speed limit of your car that you have set in device & also get notification if your car is outside the boundary that you selected in device. There is no information is given about price of this device. All the data & notification will get on your smartphone with the help of an app.

Let’s see the benefits of Jio Car Router:

  1. You can track all the details about your car.
  2. You can also track your car if car crosses a specific boundary that you have selected in device.
  3. You get alert about speed limit , boundary crossed by car etc.
  4. You can create a free wifi zone inside your car.

Some Extra Feature by Jio Car Router:

  1. If your car is overheating then you can get notification on app.
  2. When you moving on street if on street much traffic then by this device get notification on jio car router app.
  3. If on the vehicle air on wheel and braking system not working properly then we will get notification on app.
  4. if our car is over speed it’s limit then we will also get notification on app.

Pricing And Availability :

If we are talking about availability and cost on market of this device may be we will get on market at the end of 2017. And price may be vary from 2,000 Rupees to 3,000 Rupees.

Really this is very awesome device for those users who are more traveling from self car and they want to always connect with internet.

ACT Fibernet Broadband | Plans & Offers | Bill Pay | Customer Care Number


Act FiberNet Broadband Details:


The Act Fibernet Broadband service option which has been growing in popularity over years is Voice Over Internet Protocol service. Numerous  other brands of VOIP service are available on the marketplace, offering Broadband Services like Act Fibernet Broadband service company and people alike. Most major Internet Service Providers even enable you to use standard Internet Routers & Modems, and you’re able to connect any PC or Laptop that you’d be capable to connect through a Wi0Fi Connection or LAN Cable which was connected to a Act Fibernet Internet Router. There are 2 different types of Broadband Plans that are generally Categorized by the Usage, although the type that’s most often used for business functions is Called Business Plans by Act Fibernet that’s usage is totally based on a High Speed Internet Connection with Unlimited Usage only for Business Commercials or Offices. And the Home Plan which Targets the Users who uses Internet for Commercial Purpose Only can able to Browse & Access the Act Fibernet Hi-Speed Internet without any Hassle.

The Wi-Fi signal Coverage of Act Fibernet Broadband is converted by the ATA into a series of packets which are sent to the internet, where they distributed to the Fibernet Connection so that you get more secure than ever & a Hi-Speed Broadband Service. The Act Fibernet Broadband’s Fiber Based Connection advantages are numerous, and it is due to this that a number of companies are currently choosing Fiber Based Broadband or FTTH like Recently Reliance Jio does over standard Internet access that is publically Released now. Most Internet Service Providers(ISP) include various Basic Features such as the Internet Wi-Fi Router, Connecting LAN Cable, Unlimited Data Services, High-Speed Internet using Fiber Based Broadband or FTTH Connection, and 24 Hour Support Services for completely Free with a Monthly Subscription Package or Plan and Costs only a Nominal Broadband Plan Price applicable on Monthly or Yearly as you have Subscribed including your Night Data Usages too. In any case if your Act Fibernet Broadband has some issue, then it can be checked over the Login Page of Act Fibernet using the User ID & Password you have been Provided from Act Fibernet. Or you can easily write an email with the Attachment & Send it to the Customer Care of Act Fibernet Or even you can still Contact to the Customer Care of Act Fibernet using 24×7 Service Over Mobile Phone. Since the Wi-Fi which most Internet Broadband Providers provide, use only a Mobile Phone to Connect to the Act Fibernet broadband connection for the internet access, business travellers can even take a Mobile phone with them to the hotels that have a Working Wi-Fi Connection or other places where the Wi-Fi is Working to have access to the Act Fibernet Broadband and Internet service by simply connecting to the Wifi. Few External Softwares can also be Installed if there’s Breakage of Wi-Fi Signals or there’s also an Option to Buy a Wi-Fi Extender if the Campus of really Long to Boost the Wi-Fi Signals in Order to Enjoy the Unlimited High Speed Broadband Internet Connection from Act Fibernet.

Broadband Commission by Act Fibernet


The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Showed a Trailer of the National Broadband Plan next month it intends to propose to Act Fibernet. The 56 page proposal summarizes some initiatives aimed at modernizing and enlarging access to broadband usage in India. TRAI Chairman R. S. Sharma announced in a statement following the conclusion of the TRAI program is important because Act Fibernet broadband is important boosting it’s growth, investment and century jobs in India. Act Fibernet Broadband is available in Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai & Other States in India so far. Every citizen can go Online and access Unlimited Internet via Act Fibernet Broadband. A week ago the TRAI discussed a program to drive for 100Mbps Broadband to 100 million Citizen in India.


Homes by 2020. There are naysayers who feel the TRAI Broadband Enlarge Program is aggressive there are firms such as Google that declared its aim to aviator test. Small business chance was hinted at by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) chairman, but that only tells part of this narrative. There are several benefits for companies small and medium companies with broader, more universal access to data if speeds are increased in the process of Act Fibernet. Businesses seeking to lower communications and travel costs by implementing Voice over ip and unified communications solutions are going to require the bigger bandwidth which will Provide by Act Fibernet in all over India.

What to do if your Jio Phone Payment got Failed at the time of Booking?


What to Do if Jio Phone Payment got Failed?

On 24th of August, 2017 the Jio Phone Booking has Started from 5:30 Pm. And as Expected, A lot of Traffic have been diverted back to the Jio Official Site for the Booking of Jio Phone. Which also cause the Jio Phone Booking Page to Load very Slowly & even for sometimes it’s got crashed. But anyways, Jio has managed to fix the issue & people able to Register for their Jio Phone finally.

What to do if your Jio Phone Payment got Failed at the time of BookingAs you already know & we have also revealed the news even before the Booking has been started that Reliance Jio will take Rs. 500 as Security Deposit for the Jio Phone Orders & You need to Pay Remaining Rs. 1000 at the time of Phone Buy from Jio Official Retailers. So on that Note, On Registration Reliance Jio is taking Rs. 500 as Security Deposit. But there’s the Problem arises. On that same day of Jio Phone Booking, there’s so many problems arising when customers trying to pay that Rs. 500/-(as per the news). As mentioned by few members that their Money has been Deducted from Bank but Then Jio is showing that Payment has got failed. So if it also happens to you, what options you have to do!!!

Well, I don’t think it’s a serious issue at-all. Though it’s a fact that your Jio Order will not get entertained against that failed transaction. Though the Money has been deducted from your bank account, it will be refunded after 4-5 Days automatically.

So what you can do now is you need to Book the Jio Phone again & hope that this time your Order will get succeeded. I’ve noticed that those who are using Debit Cards to Order Jio Phone, Maximum time that Transaction got Failed. So I’ll recommend you to use Net Banking as Payment method as I’ve done my Payment personally by using Net Banking and I have not faced any issue with Jio Phone Payment. You can also use Paytm Wallet Payment Mode also. Though I have not checked that Payment method yet but if it’s Paytm, you need not to worry at-all.

Additionally for any other Concern, you can Contact Jio Customer Care from your Jio Phone. The Jio Customer Care Number is 198. You can tell them your Problem & they can help you in a better way.

Exclusive: Jio Phone Pre-Booking is Starting from Aug 24, 2017


As per the News Coming, The most Desired Jio Phone is Launching on 24th Aug 2017. This Basic Feature has will have Apps like JioCinema, JioMusic, and JioTV and Other Popular Social Networking & Messaging Apps. Jio Phone basically targeted the 2G Enabled Feature Phone Users who are yet to come in Jio Network. They are getting Jio Phone without an Effective Price means for Free. But to book the Phone, one need to Pay Rs. 1500/- which will be refundable after 3 Years. As per the News coming, at the time of Booking you need to pay Rs. 500 and remaining amount need to pay when the Phone got delivered to your home. Anyone can book Jio Phone Online & Offline both Channels. For Offline Purchase, one need to contact to Reliance Jio Stores. Check the Following Details to know all the Details of Jio Phone Booking Procedures like how to book Jio Phone, the time pre-orders start, when to make the payments, and more details.

Exclusive Jio Phone Pre-Booking is Starting from Aug 24, 2017
Jio Phone Pre-Booking

When Jio Phone Pre-Booking will Start?

Jio Phone Pre Booking will Start from 24th August 2017 after 5 Pm on Jio App, Reliance Jio Official Website & Jio Authorized Retailer Stores.

How to Book Jio Phone?

You can use MyJio App to Book your very First Jio Phone. So to pre book a Jio Phone, Open MyJio App & Tap on Pre Book now. Then Provide your Contact Number and the Area Pin Code. That’s it…You will get your Pre Booking ID Number on the MyJio App Screen as well as SMS. You need to Keep that Booking ID Number because it will be mandatory to show the Number at the time of Receiving the Jio Phone Device.

You can also Pre Book a Jio Phone for your Friends or Family Member. To do that, you need to put their Mobile Number at the time of Jio Phone Pre Booking. Then you need pay the amount. After confirmation of the Order, you will get a Sms on your Mobile as well as your Family member or Friend will also get that SMS containing the Special Booking ID Number.

Jio Phone Booking Online MyJio App SMS

What is the Price of Jio Phone & the Delivery Date?

As mentioned above, Jio Phone is Effectively Free of all of us. But to get the things secure & doesn’t allow anyone to misuse the Jio Phone, Reliance is taking Rs. 1500 as Booking Amount. But the Amount is totally Refundable after 3 Years. As per the News, One need to Pay Rs. 500 when booking the Phone so that he/she doesn’t cancel the order afterwards, and remaining Rs. 1000 need to pay at the time of Delivery.

Jio Phone Delivery Date:

Reliance Jio has already mentioned in it’s Launch event that the Jio Phone will be distributed on First Come, First Serve basis. So after the Booking will open at 5 PM on 24th Aug, 2017, you need to make sure to Pre Book one for yourself as early as possible. This is the only thing to be considered for a early Delivery of Jio phone. Reliance Jio decided to Distribute 5 Million Units per Week but It’s obvious that Demand will be much High. So there’s no Confirmation on the Delivery Date.

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