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How to Book Jio Phone Online: Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Jio Phone


After Jio Mobile Phone Launch, Everyone is Praising Jio for this Step to Bring a Feature Phone only for Rs. 1500/- Which is also Refundable after 3 Years. Social Media to News Channels, Reliance Jio is Dominating Everywhere. Mr. Mukesh Ambani on 27th July has Announced the Launch Jio Phone. Since then People are going Crazy on the Question that How to Book Jio Phone Online.

How to Book Jio Phone Online

So in this Post I will try Explain the Most Important Question of the Nation Right Now that How you can Book Jio Phone Online. Reliance is a Online Retail based Service & has it’s Own Website with E-Commerce Site also. Reliance Jio has already Sold Reliance LYF Phones Online on their E-Commerce Website. Not Only LYF Mobile Phones, Jio also has sold their 4G Router Device Called JioFi. So Jio has all it’s Option open to Sell the Jio Phone Online. Or as you know Jio has made it’s Offline Chain Very Very Strong when Jio was Selling Free Sim Cards. Offline Retailers are in a Good Contact with Reliance Jio. So their Options are Wide Open. They can Start Online Registration of Jio Mobile Phone and then Deliver it using it’s Offline Retailer Stores. So I think you have already got your Idea that How to Book Jio Phone Online? Right?

But One thing is Fixed. Which is Jio will going to take Registrations Online from 24th August 2017 for their Jio Mobile Phone. Here’s a Detailed Step-by-Step Process Following which you can Register yourself for a Free Jio Mobile Phone for Rs. 1500 Only.

How to Book Jio Phone Online?

  1. To Register with the Reliance Jio Phone Online, You Need to Visit this Link.
  2. After that Enter all your Details like Your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pin Code etc.
  3. After Entering all the Details, Submit the Form.
  4. Done, You have Successfully Registered for Jio Phone Online.
  5. Any Update about the Jio Phone will be Directly Notified in your Mobile Phone or Email ID.

Reliance Jio also Launching Other Home Entertainment Services like Jio Broadband, Jio DTH Cable TV Connection etc. You can also Check Jio Broadband Plans which is Claimed to be the Fastest Internet Connection ever in this Country. Reliance Jio DTH Service will also be very Cheap in Comparison with Other DTH Service Providers.

Anyways… We will Wait for the Other Services of Jio. But after this Post, You should Get your Answer on “How to Book Jio Phone Online” So Register for your Jio Phone now because there are Crores of People waiting for Jio Phone and Jio has also said that Phone will be Distributed First Come First Serve Basis.


Jio Phone Pre-Booking Online Review, Price and Specifications


Jio Phone is one of the most popular mobiles of all time. If any phone can sell itself by the Promotion of Mr. Mukesh Ambani then it’s only be Jio phone. If you are a fan of Jio as Brand and have faith on this Brand called Reliance Jio, the likelihood is you’ll want to book Jio phone online for you and your family.

If you’re less familiar with the Jio Network Brand, this is the most intelligent feature phone which won’t satisfy your smartphone sensibilities but with the price it will be available make this Jio phone a Must Buy.

New Jio Phone Price and Release Date:

  • Reliance Jio Phone Launched on Jul 28, 2017

  • Reliance Jio Phone Priced at Rs. 1500/- [Refundable after 3 Years]

  • Reliance Jio Phone is available from August 24, 2017

Reliance Jio has Decided to Sell this Jio Phone for a Refundable Amount of Rs. 1500/- Means you can Buy Jio Phone at an Affordable Price of Rs. 1500/- Which you can able to Receive after 3 Years when you Return your Jio Phone.


Jio Phone Benefits:

Jio Phone Review from all the Reviewers is very Positive. There are many Features of Jio Phone that Worst Mentioning. I like the Most is the availability of NFC in this Rs. 1500 Phone. Every Phone Manufacture should Learn from Jio. By using NFC you can Pay using your Phone Only. You don’t Need to Carry any Cards.

People also loving the Voice Navigation Feature Offered by Jio in it’s New Phone. This Voice Navigation enables you to Command to your Jio Phone & your Jio Phone will do that Automatically.

The Build Quality of Jio Phone is very Minimalist and Simple so that Everyone you use the Jio Phone easily. The Phone has Made up with Plastic but it’s a High Quality Plastic & Looks Really Good.

You can Put 2 4G Sim Cards as Jio Phone Supports Dual Sim. You can also use 2 Sim Cards Simultaneously as this Phone also Supports Dual Stand-by.

Jio Phone Camera Quality is So so. You can’t expect a Good camera in this Price. Even it’s Surprising that Jio has even Included Camera in their Jio phone which Costs only Rs. 1500/-

Jio Phone Negative:

It would be unfair if I try to point out Negative Points in Jio Phone. Because from every aspect, It’a more than Worth Specially with the Jio Prime Offer you will get with this Phone. But I need to be Professional with my Job. I can Figure out only one Drawback in this Phone.

No Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Hotspot is there. So you will miss those Features only. But still Rs. 1500 is More than Worthy for this Jio Phone.

Jio Phone Final Verdict:

Wait to See How many will Book for this Jio Phone and Will Jio Fans Again Come Forward to Buy Jio Phone at an Affordable Price of Rs. 1500 or Not..!!! What do you think? Can Jio also Dominate the Feature Phone Segment also or not? Comment Down below.

Jio Phone Booking – Register Now for your Free Jio Phone

Reliance Jio Phone has been Launched. You are very Close to get your New Jio Phone 4G LTE for a 1 Time Security Deposit of Rs. 1500/- Which will be Refundable after 36 Months or 3 Years. But for that you need to Book your Jio Phone. This Website is made for Jio Phone Booking Online.

As Mr. Mukesh Ambani Said, The Phone will be Available for Beta Testing from 16th of August, 2017. So all the Beta Testers are welcomed to Book your JioPhones. You can expect the phone to be delivered to you. All the problems has been identified will be resolved by Team Jio Software Engineers. Reliance Jio bound to give everyone a Good Experience with their Products.

All Indians can Register your Jio Phone from this Portal from 15th August, 2017. After Fully Tested by the Beta Tester, When it will be final that the has not got any issues against the local usage, the Booked JioPhones will be delivered to the public for Only Rs. 1500/- Security Deposits.

Jio Phone Booking





Reliance Jio Phone Registration Form

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JioPhone is the Most Intelligent Indian Feature Phone Ever. Reliance Jio Young Engineers worked hard to Come up with this Awesome Phone which can bring Freedom to all the Lower Class Citizens who can’t afford a Costly Smart Phone. After your Jio Phone Booking you’ll Get your Jio Phone in Hand from Next September. You can use your Jio Sim with this Phone as this is a 4G LTE Band Supported Feature Phone. India’s Largest Population still are using that Old 2G Connectivity but it’s Reliance Jio’s Target that in next 2 Years, Everyone will be on the Latest 4G LTE Connection & will be using VoLTE Connection to make Free Calls to all over India. This way, all the Other Telecom Network Providers, who are looting Customers with High Charges for Nominal Services will be Stopped forever.

Check Out the Review of Jio Phone:

Jio Phone is also bring Freedom to Language Barrier as this Small Phone is Supporting 22 Regional Languages of India. So there’s no necessity of learning English Language to handle the phone. You can even use Hindi or Bengali Language to Navigate the Phone. This Jio Phone 4G is also supports Voice Navigation. This is only a Feature of Smartphones. But now you will get it in your Jio Feature Phone. By Voice Navigation, You can talk with your Mobile Phone and Command it to do any Task and your phone will do that task for you automatically.

Jio Phone LaunchBooked Jio Phone also has all the Jio Apps like JioMusic, JioTV, JioMovies so that you can use all the Jio Services without any hassle. You can use JioMusic to Listen all the last Musics available Online for Free of Cost. Musics included the latest Bollywood Songs and your Regional Songs also. You can watch all the Movies from JioMovies App. You are Getting 1 GB Free 4G Data to Watch all your Favorite Videos in your Jio Mobile Phone. And the Unique Feature is JioTV inclusion. Reliance Jio Engineers work really hard to enable this App a life changing app. You can Watch Live TV Channels in your Jio Mobile Phone. Not only that you can also connect your JioPhone with any of the Television Devices. If you have CRT or LED TV, No Matter, you can connect the Phone with your JioPhone and Watch the TV from JioPhone to your Television Sets. But for that you need to Recharge for Rs, 309/-

After Booking, Your Jio Phone also has all the Basic Features on a Feature Phone. Like this phone has Bluetooth, Torch, Simplistic Design, a large contact list, SMS & MMS Facilities, Dual 4G Sim Support, In-Built Browser, Rear Camera and the Most Important is NFC Tag. Though the NFC is not Available yet, But Jio has Promised that it will get Updated through Next Jio OTG Updates. Using NFC Tag, you can use all your Payment Services using your JioPhone only.

Get Jio Sim Home Delivery at your Doorstep for Absolutely Free


Jio Sim


Apply Now for your Jio Sim with the Plan Suits you and Get Instant Home Delivery at your Doorstep

Easy Steps to Apply for Free Jio Sim:

  1. Open Our Website JioPhone
  2. On Homepage Click on “Get Free Jio Sim”
  3. Enter your Name.
  4. Email ID
  5. Then Mobile Number
  6. And Finally Update your Plan for the next usage with your Jio Sim.
  7. Submit it.
  8. You’ll get your Jio Sim to your Door-step for Free.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How I can avail Jio Sim?

Ans. Visit JioPhone Booking Website. And you can also book your First Jio Sim for absolutely Free. You will get your Jio Sim n your Doorstep with the Plan you’ve Chosen. Your Jio Sim will be Activated Instantly without any Hassle.

Are there any Charges on Delivery?

No, You need not to pay anything for the Home Delivery. You just need to pay the Plan Amount of your Jio SIM.

Is it Guaranteed to Get the Jio Sim after I order?

Our Delivery is Limited to Few Cities Only. But We are trying to Reach to Every Small Cities & Towns in India. So if you are Eligible to Get your SIM, It will be Delivered to your Home within next 7 Days.

How to Know Which Location is Currently Available?

You can Check that in Our Website. Enter your Location Name & Check if that Location is available in your Eligible Location List.

What Documents Needed to Activate my Jio SIM?

You need your Local Aadhar Card Only. By Local Aadhar Card, If you are from Maharashtra, the State Issued Aadhar Card will be Required & Counted as a Valid Proof of Documents.

What if I don’t have Local Aadhar card?

Your Sim will not get Activated as Local Aadhar Card is Mandatory to Activate your Jio Sim. For Every Activation e-KYC Process must be maintained so if you or any of your family member have a Local Aadhar Card, Only then you can activate your Jio Sim Card.

Do I need any Other Documents Other than the Aadhar Card?

No, There’s no need to show any other Documents. Only your Local Aadhar Card Number will be mentioned at the time of Jio Sim Activation. And for Bio-metrics Verification, Your Finger Print will be Taken.

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