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How to Find an View / See Beautiful Images / Photos in Jio Phone


Images in Jio Phone

If you have a Jio Phone. then you can do almost everything with the use of Jio Phone. This small Feature Phone has almost all the Feature that you can Find in a Android Smart Phone. Means you can Listen Music, Watch Videos, Access Youtube, Chat with your Friends using Whatsapp and Facebook or Twitter and even you can Voice Navigate with your Jio Phone that mean you Phone can do whatever you say it to do. But it is possible that you don’t know all to use all it’s features. Don’t Worry about it, I’m here to help you access all the basic Feature of the Jio Phone.

In this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Find all the Beautiful Images Online and Check and or Send them to your Loved Ones. You might also want to Download Images using your Jio Phone. But if you will be able to send an Image to your Loved one without Downloading it, then what’s the need of downloading a Image in your Jio Phone Isn’t it?

Internet is Full of Online Websites and many of them will carry a lot of Beautiful Wallpapers and Images stored for their Visitors. I’ll List some of the Best Image and Wallpaper based Websites that you can access from your Jio Phone and Check all the Beautiful Images in High Resolution or HD Resolution.

Few of the Best Image and Wallpaper or Picture Based Website I’m found Online is:

  1. https://pixabay.com/
  2. https://pxhere.com/
  3. https://burst.shopify.com/

You can Check these Website from your Jio Phone to get all the Latest Images on every Topic or Category. You will also get the Embed Code by which you can Share these Images with someone you love. Or Few of them also have the Dedicated Share Button in Facebook or Whatsapp by which you can also share them Online.

How to Find and Open Images in Jio Phone?

  1. Open the Menu of your Jio phone.
  2. You will get the Browser of your Phone in the Menu Section.
  3. Open the Browser and Put the above mentioned Websites in the Address Bar of your Browser.
  4. After the Site has completed Loading, you can Check all the Categories for the Images you want.
  5. You can also use the Search Section of those Websites to get the Quick Result of what Image or Picture or Wallpaper you want.
  6. By using the Share Button, you can also share these beautiful images with your Loved Ones in Facebook or Whatsapp.

I hope you will enjoy checking all these Beautiful Images by all these Websites. You can also share us your Experience in the Comment Section and Don’t forget to share this Article with your Friends in Facebook or Whatsapp.

How you can Flash New Android OS ROM in Jio Phone?


Flash Android OS in Jio Phone

Hey Friends, In this Post, I’ll tell you something about the Flashing new ROM in your Jio Phone. But let me want to inform you that the Jio Phone is not Officially allow this. So If you want to do it and in the meantime if there is any problem happens like the Phone is totally Dead or the Jio Phone is not Turned On, then you will not get any Support from Jio Service Centers. They will simply reject you to Service your Jio Phone. So if you are Confident Enough only then try to do the Flashing of New ROM in your Jio Phone.

I am also thinking what might be the reason to Flash a New ROM into Jio Phone. There might be a Reason that Jio is not allowing you to access many Official Apps like Whatsapp or Facebook or Youtube in your Jio Phone. And you have to use tricks to Play and Run all these Apps in your Jio Phone. And to Watch Youtube Videos, you have to open Youtube in your Jio Phone Browser and only then you can Watch Youtube Videos. Is this the Reason? Then let me tell you that you can check my other articles for all the Guides about Installing Whastapp, Facebook etc type of Apps in your Jio Phone. There’s no need to Flash new ROM in Jio Phone specially when it Involves a RISK to damage your Mobile Phone.

If you still want to do it, then you can follow the below Guide on how you can do it. I’m no way provide you all the tools to do it because it would not be fair. You can search Online to get all the Tools and Software to Flash a New ROM in your Jio Phone.

Flash Jio Phone

How to Flash New ROM in Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly, You need a Jio PC Suite App that you can Install in your Laptop or PC. So if you don’t have a Laptop or PC, You can’t Flash your Jio Phone with a New ROM.
  2. Jio Phone Works on the KaiOS Which is almost like a FirefoxOS. And it also have the Recovery and Fastboot Mode. And working on Snapdagon 205.
  3. So now, Connect you Jio Phone with the Help of a Micro USB Data Cable with your Laptop or PC.
  4. After you Connect the Phone with your Laptop or PC, you can see that the Jio PC Suite is detecting the Mobile Phone.
  5. Then you have to Download the Android OS Compatible for your Jio Phone. I’ve Checked XDA Forum and found that Micromax Bharat 1 with the same sort of Specification like Jio Feature Phone actually works with Minimalist Design of Android OS.
  6. So if you can find the Minimalist Designed Android OS for your Jio Feature Phone, You can Install it.
  7. To Install just open your Fastboot mode in Jio Feature Phone.
  8. Then Select the Android Jio Compatible OS in your Jio PC Suite App.
  9. After that Just Click on the Install Button to Flash your Android OS in your Jio Feature Phone.
  10. That’s all, After few Minutes, You can find that your Jio Phone has now Installed with a Brand New Android OS Rom.

Note: If something went wrong and your Jio Phone got Dead in this Process, I’m not responsible. I am not suggesting you to use this method.

My Jio TV app is not working. How do I resolve the issue?


Jio TV App Problem

The Jio TV App is the Fastest Growing Live TV App in India. Jio TV App has all the Indian TV Channels in it. And the Best part is that you can Access all these Live TV Channels for Free of Cost. Only the Data Charges will Apply. But if you are a Jio Customer, then that will also not be a problem for you. Because Jio is giving Free 1.5 GB 4G Data per Day for Free of Cost.

You can Access the Jio TV App in an Android Smartphone or even in a Jio Feature Phone. So there can be a Different kind of issues for the problem you are facing with your Jio TV App. Normally the Jio TV App is very fluent and Run without any issues but as it’s an app and you are running it in a Electronic Device, there can have issues and glitches sometimes. The Jio Live TV App can have problems like Not Opening or not Loading, Crashing Issues, TV Channels are not Playing and even sometime the Login OTP is not Delivering. In all the cases, there’s always a solution.

If your Jio TV App is Crashing or Not Loading then you should firstly Go to the Settings and then App Settings. After that Select the Jio TV App from there and Clear the Cache of the App. Then finally Uninstall the Jio TV App. After Uninstalling the app, Restart your Mobile Phone. Finally when the Mobile Phone Turned on, Go to the Playstore and Install the Jio Live TV App again. That’s it, Your Crashing Problem should have solved now.

If the Channels are not playing in your Jio App, then you have to Check whether the Data Connection of your Mobile is Turned on or not. If not, Turn on the Data Connection or Wi-Fi of your Jio Phone. Even if the problem is there then maybe the Data is off for that particular app, So in this case you have to check the Permission of the Jio TV App and Verify that Data and Wi-Fi Connection Permission is turned on for the Jio Live TV app or not. You have to give Internet Access to your Jio TV App from the App Permission Settings.

Now if the Jio TV App OTP is not coming then that be a Server issue from Jio. So in this case, You have nothing to do but wait for the Server issue to get resolved by Reliance Jio. Don’t Worry, just wait and Try after sometime, you will definitely get your OTP to register or login to your Jio TV App.

If your Problem got solved, then please share this article with your friends in Facebook or Twitter. If there’s still any issue, you can comment down in our comment box. Thanks for the Visit.

How to Connect your Jio Phone with a PC / Laptop


Connect Jio Phone with PC Laptop

Jio Phone which is the latest device from Reliance Jio is very popular Feature Phone among all the Indians. And though¬† this Jio Phone was actually Introduced only for those poor Indian Peoples who can’t afford a Smart Phone but the actual fact is that many of us who are having 3-4 Multimedia High End Smartphone are also users of the latest Launch Jio Phone.

And no doubt that our Expectation from Jio Phone is so high that we can to do everything possible using our Jio Phone. But we have to understand that as it is a feature phone, the capability of this Jio Phone is somewhat limited.

Anyways in this Post we will see how you can Connect your Jio Phone with your Laptop or PC. But before that let we tell you that as Jio has not yet updated it’s software so even if you connect your Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC, the Operations using this Phone will be very much Limited.

So to Connect you Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC, the 1st thing you need is a Micro USB to USB Connector. If you don’t have this Connector Cable, then you can purchase it from Online. After you have this Micro USB to USB Connector, You can put the Micro USB Connector inside your Jio Phone’s Port and the Opposite Side to the USB Port of your Laptop or PC. You will see that the Device has been Detected by your Laptop or PC or Computer.

Just open the My Computer to see and Access the Internal Storage of your Jio Phone. You can Copy and Paste any File and Folder in the Internal as well as the SD Card of your Jio Phone from the Laptop or PC. You can also Check the Hardware Detailed of your Jio Phone like Bluetooth Device and Wi-Fi Device etc.

You can’t Connect your Jio Phone as a Modem in your Laptop or PC. Many have also tried to use Jio Phone’s Internet using Bluetooth Hotspot by this Method. But that’s not working also. As I have seen that the Bluetooth Device of the Jio Phone doesn’t allow it to access it as a Internet Modem. So In order to use all those features, you have to wait for Jio Software update in Future. If they release a new software allowing all the Access, only then you can connect your Jio Phone with a Laptop or PC to access all the Features of Jio Phone from your Laptop or PC.

How to Download and Install Android Games in your Jio Phone for Free


Download Games in Jio Phone

If you have bought a Jio Phone, then Congrats, you have made a very good decision. Maybe you are thinking why I’m saying you this but the actual reason is the Price to Feature Ratio. Can you tell me another Feature Phone or a Network Connect that will provide you Unlimited Internet Data, Voice Call, SMS for just Rs. 49/- Recharge per month? There’s no one. Because before Reliance Jio, None actually cared about the Customer but they have been busy in Looting all of their Network Customers by Slow Internet Speed, High Price of all Recharge Packs and Many Recharge Plans just to talk with your Close ones. So Jio is already doing a great job that’s what I feel.

Now let you come to the point that how you can Download and Install Games in your Jio Phone. I know that Reliance Jio has restricted the Features of Jio Phone. Like to use Whatsapp OR Facebook, you need to work hard to try all the Tricks to access them in your Jio Phone. Because Jio is not providing Officially the Access of Whatsapp or Facebook using the Pre-Loaded Jio Apps in Jio Phone. But as the Official Statement while the Launching of Jio Phone, you can expect Future updates and you will be ready to access all the Features through Jio Phone Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook Apps.

In my Previous Article, I have updated the way to install Whatsapp and Playstore Apps in your Jio Phone. If you have not check them, then you can Go to the Blog Section of this website and Search for those Articles. You will be happy to know that you can also Install Games in your Jio Phone. But for that the Process is a bit complicated. And sometime this process works and sometimes not. But you can check if this process is working for you then you can also Download Games in your Jio Phone and also Install them in your Phone.

Install Free Games in Jio Phone

How to Download Games and Install in Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly you need to have a Working Internet Connection in your Jio Phone.
  2. Then you have to Open Playstore in your Jio Phone. If you don’t have the details about how to use Playstore in Jio Phone, then you can Check this Article.
  3. When you open the Playstore in your Jio Phone Browser, Login to your Google Account.
  4. After you enter your User ID and Password, You will be redirected to the Playstore Home Page where all the App are listed there.
  5. Finally you have Search the Desired Game you want to Install and then Click on the Install Button.
  6. After the App Download is Completed, you will see that the Game is Installing in your Jio Phone.
  7. When the Installation is Done, you can Run the app and play the Game in your Jio Phone.
  8. But as it’s not a Smartphone, so many Games will Crash and not Install in your Phone. If this is the case, you can’t do much about it.

Enjoy the Gaming Experience with your Jio Phone. I hope this article will help you to Download and Install Games in your Jio Phone. If you can any Doubt, you can Comment down your Query. In the Meantime, you can also share this article with your friends and family in Facebook and Whatsapp and it will help us in a positive way. Thanks for the Visit.

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