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Airtel vs Jio: Should you port your Airtel, Vodafone Number to Jio?


Airtel vs Jio

Hello Friends, How are you all doing? Hope doing well, Today’s post is all about the Important Decision about choosing one from the Two Leading Telecom Companies Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel. Which one to go for? Or if you prefer Vodafone over Airtel, then will you stick with Vodafone or you Should Port to Jio? In this Post, I can help you to simplify your doubt about choosing Airtel or Vodafone or Reliance Jio. Just Read this post first to last. Else you will miss some of the very Important Points.

Why Jio is so Popular to Port to?

Choosing any Network is totally everyone’s Personal Choice. There was a time when the Telecom Market was Dominating by 2 Telecom Companies. One is Airtel and another is Vodafone. And there the Internet and Calling Rate was almost the same. No one was competing with each other but they just helping each other to earn more money from its customers. It’s was like a pact between them that let me earn from my Customers and I will not be interfering you from your Customers. But things have changed after the Launch of Reliance Jio. Seems like they didn’t care what is going on in Telecom Market that time. They just Provide their Unlimited 4G Internet Offer without caring about the Offer Competitors in the Market. This is the reason, everyone Grabbed Jio Connection and Jio has built a Loyal Customer based in this Country.

Should I Port from Airtel to Jio?

Still now, many of us have an Airtel and Vodafone Connection. Though we all have a Jio Connection but as a Secondary Connection, It’s always in everyone’s mind whether to Port my Airtel Primary Connection, or Vodafone Primary Number to Jio or not? I know everyone has their own point of view, but if you listen to me then I would suggest keep it what it is. If your Primary SIM Connection is Vodafone or Airtel, then don’t Port it. At least for now. Why I’m saying it? Well, because, Reliance Jio has not a Good Network Coverage as Airtel and Vodafone have. You can go anywhere, and you can able to net Airtel and Vodafone Network. Even when Travelling on the Bus or Train, you can see your Airtel, Vodafone Connection is Stable while Others including Jio would struggle. So I would like to suggest you don’t Port your Primary Number to Jio. But you can use a Separate Jio Number as a Backup. You can use the Internet, and Free Calling Service of Jio using the Secondary Jio SIM and then Keep your Primary Airtel or Vodafone Number just for Receiving Important Calls.

The Difficulties to keep in mind:

I know recently Airtel and Vodafone both have introduced a Monthly Validity Recharge Pack. Means you have to Recharge with Rs. 38 Every Month in order to Continue getting your Incoming Calls. Actually, after arriving Jio, both the Companies have lost Big Amount of Money so this is the way they are charging it from it’s remaining Subscribers. But I think this Month Recharge Pack would have to take down by them very soon. Because after this Decision, their Customers are leaving them 3x Faster from last December. So very soon, they will realize that they can’t charge their Customers for Monthly Validity, else their Business will crash very soon. Until that, you have to bear this thing and you have to Recharge for that Monthly Pack. No other Options. Still, it is a good deal of spending Rs. 38 to get some reliability that you are always reachable to your Lovable ones wherever you are going, is not it?

Wrapping up:

So here I’m Wrapping up this Post. I’ve Cleared my View about Porting from Airtel to Jio. Or if you have Vodafone, then Porting from Vodafone to Jio. There are advantages Porting your Number to Jio, but there are Disadvantages also. So finally it’s your Decision now. If you think you can Recharge the Monthly Pack but you want Reliability to get Reachable all the time then Go for Airtel and Vodafone. But if you think it’s a hectic to Recharge for Monthly Packs and you want to enjoy Unlimited Calling and Internet on your Primary SIM Connection, keeping in mind that if you travel to a remote location and facing Problems with Jio Network still that doesn’t get you in trouble, then you can Choose to Port to Reliance Jio. If you have any doubts, then you can comment and I will try to reply you as early possible. Thanks.

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