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Aerovoyce Launched: How to Get Free Aerovoyce Sim Card in India


Hello Guys, Do you remember all those days when you were using a totally free service of Internet, Voice Calls & SMS by Reliance Jio? Then, this news will bring a smile in your face because those days will be back with Aerovoyce which is launched in India and offering you free 4G Internet Data to you without any restrictions. This will be a very Good News for those Students who can’t afford 4G Data because of the High Price. Though after Reliance Jio come into the Market, the Prices of 4G Internet Data become much cheaper. But still you can’t disagree to the fact that in this Country when the majority of the people living below poverty level feeling it tough to afford even Jio Internet Connection. So they will feel good to have a SIM from Aerovoyce that will Provide them Free Internet to everyone.

Aerovoyce Offers

Aerovoyce Launch Date:

If you search for the “Aerovoyce SIM card” in Google, you will come up with the official Aerovoyce website which is not a fake website. If you open the official Aerovoyce website, then you will see that they have announced the launching date on 17th December 2017 and after registering for the Free Aerovoyce Sim Card, you will get free voice calls means you can call any network in India for absolutely free and not only that you will also get free 4G Data in your mobile phone, just like Reliance Jio used to give us at the time of launching. So Aerovoyce will give Reliance Jio a Tough Competition with their Free Internet Offers. And not only Reliance Jio but all other Telecom Network Operators got a Chance to get worried about.

How to Get Aerovoyce SIM Card:

But the Aerovoyce SIM card offer is for limited time and Limited users so you have to grab it early as possible. It is mentioned in the website that you can contact them on their mobile number for free sim card or they have mentioned there customer care number also in their website so if you get any problem with your Registration of Free Aerovoyce Sim Card, you can contact the customer care support for advice. And alternatively, you can also email them and they will reply back to your email address. But Aerovoyce has just started the Service in India not it will be understandable that you will not receive your reply just like Instantly. It will take time to get a Reply back of your Email after some times.

Aerovoyce Customer Care:

Free SIM Card of Aerovoyce Support: +91-9385009900

Customer Care Number of Aerovoyce: +91-9025866000

Email Address of Aerovoyce: [email protected]

Aerovoyce Website:

There is nothing much in their website, the terms and condition of using the Free Aerovoyce SIM card is mentioned in the official website of Aerovoyce so you can go through the terms and conditions of using the Free SIM card in India.

Aerovoyce Free Internet

I have also noticed that Aerovoyce Sim Card is launched only in few of the districts in Tamilnadu so if you are living in Tamil Nadu then you can grab this opportunity to have free voice calls and free internet using Aerovoyce SIM Cards. Aerovoyce Sim Card is not yet launched in all over India but eventually it will be launched in the other states of India as well. Aerovoyce is working on MVNO Technology which is meant for Mobile Virtual Network Operator Technology so don’t worry it will be there in your state very soon. Meanwhile you can share this information with your friends that another free internet and free voice calling option is coming to your location after Reliance Jio.

Aerovoyce Offers:

Another thing is to be noticed that there is No Limitation of using the Free Voice Calls or Free 4G Data Connection of Aerovoyce. You know that Reliance Jio has Limited that uses of the Free Voice Calls or Free Internet in their recent Jio Prime Packages but if you are in Tamil Nadu and have Aerovoyce Connection then as per the website showing us that you will get Unlimited Internet Connection and Unlimited Voice Calls and SMS using the Aerovoyce SIM Card. And you can also make International Calls as well. So this is a good thing that Aerovoyce is giving us the opportunity to call even internationally using and the Free Voice Call Option which was not present at the time of Reliance Jio Free Sim Card Offers. Reliance Jio was Offering just Nationally but if you are planning to Grab that Aerovoyce Sim Card then you can also make International Calls as well for Free of Cost. So if you have someone in Abroad then you will save a lot of money when calling them. Unlike Reliance Jio that never offer us for Free International Calls from India, You will finally get it from Aerovoyce.

Aerovoyce Free Internet:

So if Aerovoyce will be launched in all over India then it will be a much shock for Reliance Jio and not only Reliance Jio, all other Telecom Operators will get Surprised to have a competitor like Aerovoyce which is giving all the services like Voice Calls, Internet, SMS and even International Calls for Free of Cost. And I have to Mention that the Free 4G Data you will get with Aerovoyce will be very Fast. Means you can get 10 Mbps Download Speed when using Aerovoyce SIM Inter Connection. So you can Imagine that the popularity of this Aerovoyce Connection will be very high.

Aerovoyce Free Sim

So the Highlight of this Post are:

  • Aerovoyce has so far launched in South India and eventually it will also launch in all over India because it will give them much support and profit if they launch their services in all over India. So don’t worry about the service availability in your area because you will get a Aerovoyce Sim Card in your area very soon.
  • Another thing is that, it is working on the MVNO Technology. MVNO Technology means Mobile Virtual Network Operator. And Aerovoyce has a tie up with BSNL. You already know the coverage of BSNL in India. Now using the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Technology, it will use the Features of BSNL and Spread across the Country within a very short time. And it will also help them in terms of investment, because if they will use the features and support of BSNL, then the overall investment of Aerovoyce company will be very less and within a very short time, they can reach to all the people in India.
  • And the Final Conclusion is that Aerovoyce is offering you almost all the Services provided by a Telecom Network for Absolutely Free of Cost. And already know those time when Jio has launched and People just gone Crazy to Grab Jio SIMs Cards for them. So this time also when Aerovoyce will launch across the Country and more people will know about this new Offer, those Crowd and Queues will be back again. So you have to get your SIM Connection of Aerovoyce as early as possible.

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  1. Network with talk time limit and low data.pack with higher cost 250 rs u get 1.5 GB for 28 days…with 40 SmS limit only…jio offering 149 1.5 same……
    This is not fair although the network is a 3g


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